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Top 25 Best Guitar and Music Apps in 2022

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How many guitar and music apps do you have on your phone?
Chances are, if you’re an aspiring guitarist, the answer is “a lot.”
These days, it seems like there’s an app for everything.
In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 25 of the best guitar and music apps currently available on the market.
Whether you’re a beginner or already have years of experience under your belt, these apps will help take your skills to the next level!
There are dozens of guitar and music apps on the market.
Many of these apps teach you how to play the guitar, record songs, simulate amps, and more, all in one place.


AmpliTube 4

AmpliTube is the ultimate mobile music studio.

You can play, record, and process music with this powerful app, no matter where you live.

The app comes with an expandable library of gear, including famous Marshall amps, bass guitars like Fender(r), Ibanez(r), and Steve Vai’s Black Label series.

With AmpliTube, you can create your guitar sound by taking advantage of its powerful tools (including automatic level matching), editing features/presets, effects rack, and so on.

AmpliTube is a lot of fun to use! It has six stompbox effects, an amplifier, and up to two positionable microphones.

You’ll notice that both the sound quality and visuals are top-notch when you engage with AmpliTape for iOS.

You don’t have to have a high-end guitar or bass set-up to use this app-so download it now!

And how about those good looks?

IK Multimedia Production put a lot of effort into modeling everything to look and sound as good as accurate.

Virtual gear is a perfect example of that.

AmpliTube includes:

  • Eleven creative stompbox effects (delay, fuzz, overdrive, wah, envelope filter, chorus, flanger, phaser, octave, noise filter, and distortion).
  • Five amplifiers (clean, crunch, lead, metal, and bass).
  • Five speaker cabinets.
  • Two microphones (dynamic 87 and condenser 87).

$15.99 IK Multimedia Production

Getting Started in Guitar Lessons with Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks from Guitar Lessons is an app that will help you unlock your full potential as a guitar player.
Whether it’s teaching beginners how to play or helping advanced players perfect their technique, the Guitar Tricks app has got you covered!
With over 11,000 lessons on comprehensive styles like rock and blues music-including, including metal and country styles-there are tons of opportunities for anyone who wants to be able to pick up any instrument with ease.
What’s more?
You can also use the Artist Studies tool, which helps guide novice musicians into playing in-style while learning about some of history’s best performers along the way.
Learn without having access to one of those life-sized guitars lying around your house.
You got me for free.
If you want to pay for lessons, the app offers various options, including an in-app subscription or purchasing Full Access Memberships.
They provide a Core Learning System, Artist Studies classes, and Song Lessons that are rotated between classes so that there is always something new to learn!
In addition, they have a tablature that shows you how to play each string on your instrument, as well as other goodies available only to members who sign up.
But what can we say?
Free beats everything else, hands down.
You can purchase an in-app subscription to gain access to all 11,000+ lessons via the app or buy a Full Access Membership for $14.99 per month.
Artist studies, song lessons, the Core Learning System, tablature, and more will be available to Full Access members starting at the end of next week.
What stands out:
Guitar Tricks has spent years developing and learning guitar tricks, and it’s been doing so since 1998.
The Guitar Tricks “Core Learning System” keeps beginners on track while reinforcing lessons learned.
That’s why Guitar Tricks’ age always brings wisdom and experience in teaching.
Guitar Tricks Inc. is free to use.

Apple download
Android download

PocketAmp: Guitar Amp and Effects


As handy as all of the other musical apps, this app doesn’t require an amp-it’s specifically designed to simulate one.
This app is for people who have iPhones or iPads. You can use this app to make your phone into an amplifier.
Great news, if there ever was any, especially since it makes playing live much easier than before.
But what about how good all that sounds?
We are going to tell you something.
There is something very appealing here, so it is not surprising that people outside enjoy the music too when they listen through headphones or a speaker with wires.
Although plugging in headphones will give the listener a better experience, it will be even more immersive than watching without headphones.
These are perfect for people who want to learn to play guitar but don’t have any musical instruments yet!
The app has tutorials and song lessons that are very helpful.
Get your guitar fingers ready to rock with this pocket-sized amp!
PocketAmp provides the perfect accompaniment for any creative musical project.
There’s nothing more heartfelt than having a well-made amplifier and speaker set up, whether you’re a beginner or experienced musician.
Using this app, you’ll get authentic sound out of your virtual instruments:
Plug in your headphones or microphone, choose one of five amp presets, and turn on/off effects like reverb, chorus, distortion, and fades-its like playing by ear!
The best part?
You don’t even need internet access because everything runs off my iTunes library, so I’ll never waste any time.

Apple download

The Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD

The Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD

The Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD is a collection of high-quality guitar tabs made from the finest available guitars in the world.

Over 1 million tabs and chords are available for you to download!

The app includes a Guitar Tools pack with this tuner, metronome, and chord library that you can use to create your track on your phone or tablet’s microphone.

This app is suitable for both intermediate and advanced guitarists looking for new music, either as background noise or something interesting they want to learn themselves.

It also has lyrics if you want to sing along while playing some of their favorite songs too!

The app is so easy to use, and the scrolling feature automatically scrolls as you play.

Choose your desired speed from $5.99 a month up to $39 per year!

There are lifetime plans for just 99 bucks too!

Download it on Android now, or right here through iTunes-this excellent guitar tab site has something for everyone at an affordable price point with superb quality in mind!

What stands out the most:

The Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD App includes a ton of content as well as tools for guitarists.

The app also features chord diagrams that show you how to play the chords.

It offers multiple variations in case your first attempt at mastering some songs doesn’t go so smoothly.

Tabs must be accurate when playing on this application; if not, then what is the point?

This helpful tool allows you to search through over 100000 different tracks with ease!

The Price: $39.99.

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Songsterr Tabs & Chords


A new and innovative way to learn how to play your favorite songs!

Songsterr is a subscription-based tab app that contains over 90,000 of the most popular guitar tabs.

This easy-to use mobile application allows you to access any song with just one tap on their sleek interface for free without needing an internet connection or using data.

Songsterr has over 90,000 songs on your smartphone with Songsterr Tabs & Chords.

A slowdown feature and a “solo” mode for only hearing the guitar part of a song are included in the tab player.

Getting ready is easy with the countdown option.

Songsterr was created by music fans who wanted to have the tabs available anytime-not just when they were near their computer or tablet!

Songsterr is a revolutionary guitar app that performs the song’s tabs in real-time!

It allows you to play alongside your favorite songs more naturally.

Songster Tabs & Chords was included on The Wall Street Journal’s “Best Apps for Learning To Play Music” list and it also made Apple App of the Week when first released.

This dependable, frequently updated tabbing site has an extensive catalog with free tabs available for all musicians!

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FunkBox Drum Machine

FunkBox Drum Machine

Who needs a drummer when you have an app?
Musicians such as Gorillaz, Tom Middleton, Mark Lanegan, and Joan Osborne have used FunkBox to create their music.
You can use this drum machine to create music for almost any genre.
You can choose from 14 different classic boxes and 36 pre-programmed rhythms so that it sounds just like a vintage drum machine!
Even if all of these features aren’t enough, there’s more:
Adding your sounds to it makes it feel more authentic and features a ‘Create Your Box’ feature.
The mixer allows you to apply effects to each instrument or to set them all at once.
The ‘Record to WAV’ feature saves your composition as a wave file and shares it with anyone you want.
The app has various features that allow you to create your music and share it with the world.
Whether or not you’re an expert, this is perfect for anyone who wants their creative side to shine through!
It presents possibilities for new and experienced musicians, providing technology-driven tools that expand creativity beyond conventional instruments.
It features drums, bass lines, bass guitars, and other sound sources at one’s fingertips, no matter where they are.
Simulate Roland AIRA SH01AO Synthesizer Guitar Combo Amp Black with Orange Accents.

Synthetic Bits LLC costs $4.99

Apple download

Guitar World Lessons

Guitar World Lessons

Guitar World Lessons are perfect for on-the-go guitar instruction.
You have access to hundreds of lessons from the Guitar World catalog, all in the palm of your hand!
Lessons in blues, rock, metal, jazz, and more genres are also available.
This app is ideal for acoustic and electric guitar players alike.
Guitar World Lessons is the perfect place to start for any musician who has ever wanted to learn how to play like a legend!
Unlike other online lessons, Guitar World’s design makes it easy and straightforward no matter where you are.
The first lesson is completely free, so nothing stops you from learning your favorite artist or even just playing along with songs that inspire you.
Not only will these resources help you improve your guitar skills, but they will also expose you to new musical styles.
For those who are still unsure about learning the Guitar World Lessons app, you should know that it is free to download and takes only minutes.
If you want more lessons or would like a paid membership, then there’s no need for hesitation!
Prices on these programs are so low compared to other apps that offer similar services, making it easy to swallow.
Unsure of the course you’d like to take?
New Bay Media even offers an online video tour that goes over everything each lesson offers in detail if anything seems unclear just from looking at screenshots.

Apple download

iReal Pro

iReal Pro

iReal Pro is an app that simulates a real-sounding band playing alongside you.
You can also use iReal Pro to collect and create chord charts for your favorite songs on the website, which features 47 different accompaniment styles available for the show!
Each one comes with various instruments, such as acoustic guitars, electric basses, drums, and a vibraphone, making it simple to tailor them to your preferences.
Recording yourself in this virtual band couldn’t be easier-just download iReal PRO today!
The iReal Pro is an excellent app for any musician to have on their phone.
It’s packed with intuitive and easy-to-use features, so no matter what your level of experience, you will find something useful in the app.
There are 50 exercises for learning common chord progressions and fingerings and scale recommendations when working out chords.
Likewise, the sound quality has significantly improved since previous updates.
Listen carefully before upgrading, as this might be overkill if you’re not planning on using it on a live stage or recording professionally anytime soon.
The inputs will allow you to learn how to play chords in an easy, effective, and fun way.
The iReal Pro app includes 50 different exercises for practicing common chord progressions, which you can set up according to your skill level or desired difficulty.
If you’re too lazy to finger the fretboard, you can use it as an interactive fretboard diagram!

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OnSong Pro

OnSong is my favorite interactive chord chart management app.
Replace your paper chord chart binder with this digital and easy-to-use method of storing your songs!
OnSong for iPad or iPhone allows you to manage an extensive collection of chord charts and lyrics sheets that will enable you to create a whole song with ease.

You can change the order of the setlist, switch from one song to another, or import music online using services like Dropbox.
It has never been easier than now to keep track of previous sets because all information is in detail stored by dates right next to each other.
It doesn’t get any easier than this, so give it a shot today and see what others have discovered!
OnSong is an app that allows you to collaborate with bandmates with the click of a mouse!

The features of this app make OnSong excellent for those who enjoy gigs and need help collaborating.
Furthermore, the number of available functions in one program makes using this tool easy, too.
The app costs $19.99, but it’s worth it if you want to get better at playing and singing music.
But also learn new skills from other musicians around the world!

Apple download


You can get your groove on with AnyTune!
This app lets you play music by ear anywhere, anytime.
It’s so easy and enjoyable, no professional skills necessary, that you won’t need to reduce the speed or adjust the pitch when learning a song.
Choose any note which needs a little more work from our extensive collection, and use these slow notes to assist you!
Need just one last touch before performing?
With AnyTune, you’ll be able to get songs tuned up quickly without having to fiddle around with tuning knobs, as other apps do.
Playing guitar has never been easier with this app.
One of the perks of this app is that you can get it for free!
It comes with a basic version and in-app purchase features, which are available at no cost currently.
What stands out: I love how AnyTune has all these different options so that you can customize your experience just right.
Everyone gets what they want without paying too much or extra!
My favorite aspect about the download process was not paying at the beginning like we would if we were buying a song.
The other perk?
You can customize every item in each section, so it doesn’t cost as much as you expect.

Apple download



Autochords is a simple app that takes the hassle out of songwriting.
With just three swipes, you can create chord progressions that are more comfortable for you or anyone singing along with you.
Doing this allows Autochords to suggest alternative progressions and make other sections of your songs pop (such as bridges).
You can try new things and not be stuck on one particular sound!
Using Autochords, you can easily learn to play the guitar.
With intuitive navigation, you can change songs based on what you’re practicing for or your mood!
Have a jam session with friends by adding them as a guitarist in the room where they will share their screen to play together.
You could even use one phone per person if there isn’t enough space around the table.
Play any song from the iTunes library, even if it’s just solo practice–ideal for working out tricky solos before the gig!

Apple download

Songtree Recorder

Songtree - Music Maker

Songtree Recorder is a must-have app for music lovers who want to share their love of playing music with others.
It’s an easy, convenient way to record your songs and upload them right from the phone without having to worry about cables or studio equipment.
The site allows you to view members’ profiles, comment on their tracks/songs if they allow it (if they are able), and get in touch with each other through our shared passions!
I also had a short bio. Being recognized has never felt this good:)
And don’t forget: This isn’t just any ordinary recording software.
This one lets me record a full, realistic sound that you wouldn’t get from other apps.
Songtree is a collaborative online platform for music creation that allows creative and shared musical ideas with other people.
When you sign up, you walk through downloading the app, which offers metronome features and quality audio effects like reverb.
Make your tracks by jamming along with other users.
Before you start creating your tracks, use individual jams along with other sources of inspiration.
Songs on Songtree Records, such as song beats and hooks already created, can be used to help you make the next big hit with inspiration from yourself or others.
The more musicians collaborate, the better!
You can publish your recording results online once you have finished recording.
Songtree is available for free on iTunes and facilitates music collaboration to bring out different tones of voice in all those voices that would otherwise be unheard.
Song Tree is a social network specifically for people who are musicians:
Countless talented people have never had their shot at fame because they don’t know how to reach it alone.
But with Song Tree, now everybody can have this opportunity (and that means anybody from anywhere).

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Android download

Guitar Bandit

Guitar Bandit

Turn your guitar into a weapon with the Guitar Bandit App!

Guitar bandit is the zombie-killing, note practicing app for musicians.

With this interactive game, you can wield an ax to kill zombies while learning how to play guitar in minutes.

The sheriff himself will face off against you with his weapons, and it’s up to you whether or not he lives through the battle royale that ensues during these epic showdowns.

You should not worry if you are jumping from one battle to another.

It is entirely normal.

It would be best if you did not let clothes get in the way of your sound when you play music.

For electric guitar, an iRig or small microphone-capable amplifier would be an appropriate starting point.

Play in a quiet environment to avoid background noise interfering with gaming performance.

It was engineered by an independent guitar teacher, not by a giant corporation.

Few people know about this game.

It is not well-known because it is indie.

A guitarists’ favorite because of its realistic sounds and interface, it’s entertaining for mobile game enthusiasts since they don’t want to buy expensive equipment.

“It’s a video game where you use your guitar as a controller!” Philip exclaims excitedly.

This app has many games. It would be perfect for people who want to learn to play the guitar.

You can try out new songs and have fun while you are playing the game!

It turns practicing into something so much more exciting.

Apple download

Music Memos

Music Memos app

Music Memos is a revolutionary app available for iOS devices that makes recording music easy and fun.
With the touch of a button, you can record your guitar as high-quality audio with uncompressed quality on any device running iOS 8 or newer.
In addition, Music Memos indicates tempo (pitch), rhythmic feel, and chords automatically, helping you write down real-world ideas!
Garageband for iOS is an excellent way to record your ideas and quickly share them with other musicians.
The drums will instantly respond to any rhythm or chord changes on the guitar; this makes it easy to continue editing songs even when you are away from home!
This app costs nothing, so download Garageband today!

Apple download

Fretboard Hero – Guitario

Guitario - Guitar Notes Trainer

Learn how to play guitar with Fretboard Hero!

Fretboard Hero is a fun and educational game that will teach you the basics of playing your favorite songs on the go.

Beginners can improve their fretboard skills while having some good old-fashioned fun, picking up points along the way for new guitars to explore.

The app that allows you to see how fast your fingers are moving is also fun for all guitar players.

It appeals to people with different levels of difficulty.

As the game progresses, so does the speed at which it becomes more challenging.

The creator’s value user feedback greatly:

They encourage everyone who tries out this app to post on Reddit or other forums while providing an option to buy their product.

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Android download

iShred LIVE

iShred LIVE app

Are you a passionate musician with an iPhone or iPad?

If so, the iShred LIVE app is perfect for you!

This amp simulator and guitar interface will allow your audience to feel as if they’re performing alongside one another.

It also includes effects like delay, flanger, noise gate; all without having to rely on a keyboard.

Even better: it’s free in the Apple Store!

The iShred LIVE guitar is designed to work with the GuitarConnect interface cable as well as a number of other interfaces, including its own audio input.

The Guitar Connect features an 1/4 inch plug for your guitars and also has a stereo headphone jack that will give you on-the-go jamming options in all styles!

The Frontier Design Group is the developer of iShred Live, one of the most dependable amp simulation apps available for iOS.

The app has become increasingly popular in recent years as a tool for practicing guitar parts without access to an amplifier or live performance on-stage.

The app is free to use with some in-app purchases.

Apple download



Garageband is a piece of software that will change the way you make music.
You can play guitar and learn at your own pace with this app, as well as create professional-sounding tracks!
With GarageBand’s many virtual instruments and recording tools, it has never been easier to start making great-sounding music on any Apple device in just minutes.
Did you know GarageBand has a bunch of instruments?
Choose one and play it, or connect your guitar to the realistic amp.
You can even add a drummer who follows instructions and plays realistically with what you’re playing!
This software is perfect for making anyone sound like they are pros at their craft no matter what instrument they are using.
You can customize your music in whatever way that suits your mood.
You can also choose from nine different drummers.
This app is available for $4.99 on Apple devices, and it’s worth every penny!
I can’t believe I missed out on this!
There are nine drummers, each with its unique sound and style.
You could customize music in so many different ways, too; what a great idea for the creative musician who is always looking to try something new!
And it’s only five bucks at the Apple store.

Apple download


Riffstation app

Riffstation is an app that makes it easy for guitarists to jam out.

You can look up any song and see the chords of each track synced with a video, so you know what hand positioning works best during intense moments!

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then download Riffstation on your smartphone today.

This app is easy to use and essential for musicians who want to sound like their favorite bands.

This application allows you to have a lot of fun.

It also lets you switch between left-handed mode or right-hand mode anytime.

You can also use the tempo tool to change your song’s speed and turn it into a new experience.

Do you know that one classic tune you always sing at karaoke?

Get ready for an all-new sound!

Sound Ladder Ltd. Free

Riffstation: Beginners of all skill levels can enjoy this app.

It is an excellent choice for any musician who wants to sound great.

Apple download

GuitarTapp PRO

GuitarTapp PRO - Tabs & Chords

GuitarTapp PRO is a professional guitar app for professionals.
With over 500,000 tabs in its library, GuitarTapp Pro makes it simple to store and share all your favorite guitar tabs.
There are plenty of guitar tabs available, but this one is worth every penny!
The app has everything you’ll ever need to know about the guitar.
A giant onboard dictionary of over 300,000 songs with tabs is available that costs no more than $3 a month!
The best part?
Thanks to an automatic scroll feature, you don’t have to bother scrolling through the entire screen or typing text in–which is ideal for practicing.
I love the GuitarTapp app!
It’s so easy to use and free for everyone.
Not only that but there are always new tab updates available every single week with lessons on how to play your favorite songs.
It is worth its weight in gold if you’re a musician and want an easier way to learn chords or even if you just like listening to music.

Apple download
Android download

OneTrack: Backing Tracks for Pros

OneTrack is a professional music player that you can use during performances, recording sessions, or rehearsals.
One of the best features this app offers is when one track finishes abruptly and seamlessly transitions into the next song-ready for you and your band!
This app also offers many other options, such as navigation between playlist songs in seconds with only an easy swipe on their touch screen interface.
You can use this music to create the sound of a band.
You can change the tempo, and they will not stop playing any faster or slower, and they will not change keys either.
Imagine the sound of laughter from your favorite sitcom.
Now you can hear it: you’re sitting on the couch with everyone, laughing hysterically at something that just happened thanks to OneTrack’s immersive experience!
Autoplay allows you to loop over specific passages during your event.
Feel free to practice preparing for your live performance or add some extra excitement when your guests come home after work!
The Sean Bergin OneTrack is perfect for live performances and will even start playing your music right on cue.
You can use the count-in timer to talk to your audience in a lighthearted manner between songs or other activities without having the silence interrupt their experience.

Apple download

Guitar Jam Tracks

A guitar live jam session is always a great way to have fun and be creative.
This app will let you do just that, no matter your skill level!
Suppose you want to learn scales or new styles of playing.
In that case, this can help out tremendously because it has charts for everything–even if all the pieces are unfamiliar at first glance.
It’s also suitable for beginners who need guidance to get started on their journey as an aspiring musician.
This fantastic app allows everyone, from beginners who only know one chord to jazz experts, to find something they love about music to feel pressured.
There are many tracks available across many genres of music, so anyone should find something that suits them.
You can choose from over 200 different songs to learn and play with Guitar Jam Tracks!
That’s right, you heard me.
Do you want a song?
We’ve got it all: Taylor Swift, the Beatles, Metallica, and plenty of others.
You can learn all your favorite rock & roll songs on guitar or bass in any style you want!Try your hand at “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber after mastering our easy-to-read charts that show you exactly where every finger goes.
And when we talk about playing music just as well, if not better than what came out originally–we’re serious!
With over 10,000 positive reviews and recognition from more than 30 magazines, it’s hard to resist the urge to try this app out for yourself.
If you’re stuck in a creative rut or just looking for some new music that will make your playlist epic, then look no further because Ninebuzz is here!
Get the Ninebuzz Software LLC app today on iOS devices for only $4.99.

Apple download
Android download

JamUp Pro

JamUp Pro is a guitar simulation app that has been around for years.
You get six amps, 16 stompboxes, and premium-quality effects, together with 1 amp and six effects, which you can use to create your perfect sound! It’s one of the most reputable apps right now!
The newest versions of both Positive Grid apps are jam-packed with features.
The JamUp app now integrates seamlessly with the BIAS amp customization app to make guitarists sound their best, wherever they choose to play!
Currently, the company has integrated these two popular apps, making it easy for musicians to get ready wherever they practice!
The BIAS Amp Maker is a powerful app for guitarists who want to create their custom amps and effects.
You can build your amplifiers directly with the program, then send them straight into GarageBand on iOS, so you’ll be ready to rock all night long!
Furthermore, you’ll be able to toggle instantly between preset modes by switching to Live view.
At only $4.99, this tool will make anyone sound like they’re performing in front of thousands, no matter where they are!

Apple download


BIAS Amp is a phenomenal application that allows you to personalize your very own amp!
With 36 replicas of the most incredible vintage amps in rock history, it has never been easier to create and play.
You can customize anything from preamp tubes, transformers, tone stacks, cabinets, and more within this app-which even works well with GarageBand.
Want to be the master of your domain?
Make it happen with BIAS Amp.
You will have complete control over what gear will go in YOUR guitar rig, not some faceless corporation, with this amp simulator.
With a million custom combinations available at an unbeatable price point (only $4.99!
This app is perfect for those who are tired of being dictated by others on what their sound should look or feel like when they play live.

Apple download

Pro Band

The Pro Band App is an app that offers a variety of options for those looking to jam.
Users can share music with the community while also creating new tracks using effects apps on their phones.
With this application, you can play both collaboratively and competitively.
For all of those looking to show off their skills, this is a great app!
You can search for shared solos based on the popularity or date of the song you are playing.
What’s noteworthy is that you can remix and replay your solo in any key or tempo.
It’s so much easier to collaborate with musicians who have shared music before.
The best app for any musician is now available!
With over 100 tracks, there’s never a shortage of tunes.
You can download the music right away and start playing with ease, thanks to chord charts provided in conjunction with each track.
You can enjoy great music at no charge with the Pro Band of David J Chura!
Is there anything else you need to know?
Download this fantastic free tool today before your favorite song disappears forever!

Apple download
Android download


With Tuna Guitar, you’ll get professional-grade tuning accuracy.
GuitarTuna is an app that will tune your guitar in seconds with just one button.
This tuner uses the same algorithm as Yousician, meaning you know it’ll be accurate and quick!
Guitar Tuners are a great addition to any guitarist’s arsenal of tools.
GuitarTuna is a tuner app that will help you learn chords on your guitar in six different ways.
It also has four songs available to play with Guitar Tab!
This free app makes it easier than ever for beginners of all ages to start playing the instrument they’ve always wanted.
With Tuna Guitar, you enjoy late-night strumming sessions without getting the neighbors too mad about it.

Apple download
Android download


Yousician is an app that helps you play guitar.
It’s straightforward and fun to use!
It’s great to have feedback in real-time while you play, so if something sounds weird or needs improvement, you’ll be able to correct it immediately.
We will all be able to master guitar playing faster with this fantastic new tool and practice less every day.
The Acoustic Guitar app is the perfect way to learn how to play and practice guitar.
This easy-to-use application includes video tutorials that walk you through each lesson at your own pace, no matter where you are in the world!
Acoustic guitarists only (no electric guitars or basses) can enjoy over 1,500 songs on this free streaming service.
A guitar and microphone are all you need; the microphone hears what you’re doing as it plays it back, so you won’t mess up when practicing alone!
Yousician hosts weekly gameplay challenges in which you can compete against other users. They have a slightly higher fee than their competitors.
Still, with the technology used to enhance lessons, it is difficult not to impress what they offer for the price.
If you want to play the guitar alone, it costs $19.99 a month or $119.98 a year.

Want to learn how to play your favorite tunes on guitar?
Try Yousician out!
The app is designed for beginners and has been proven effective by helping hundreds of people find their passion.
It’s easy. You can do it at home or anywhere with an internet connection-no need for expensive lessons that are not always available when you want them most.
You can learn all you need to know about music from your couch using this virtual tutor.
Yousician is entirely free.

Apple download
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