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Image of our office space in the begining of our journey.
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What matters is not the quest for perfection.

What matters is the constant effort that is needed to improve ourselves.

When you strive every day, that’s where the transformation happens.

Changes happen that way, and we improve the world around us.

The idea

TrendingWoke started with a direct objective.

We wanted to make the technological world easy to understand by empowering ordinary people to make the right choices and control their future.

The Beginning

It all started in 2018.

The world was different at the time we launch the blog.

We had no idea that technological awareness and product awareness would explode the way it has in the last decade.

Today, people are more aware of their choices, and the world is changing.

It seems like not a day goes by without a company launching its next product “Amazing” to solve a problem; or when someone comes up with the latest application on the market.

Our Mission

Given this renewed interest in the world of technology, it becomes more critical to have the right recommendations without the hype.

Countless people seek to make money quickly at the expense of providing incorrect information.

That’s why we wanted from the start to ensure that people could get the information they needed to make educated, research-based decisions.

We love everything about technology!

So we’ll say what you think in an unbiased way.

Our mission is to make fair, accurate, and honest reviews of the products we use every day.

We feel obliged to lead in maintaining our editorial independence.

The picture has changed a bit since the beginning. What began as a simple passion project has grown massively, all thanks to the support of our readers.

Our team here at TrendingWoke is continuously growing.

Recently, our website has expanded rapidly to offer our readers high-quality, research-based technical advice.

Our team of writers invites you to take a look around and see the site.

We are confident that you will enjoy what you find!

We strive to bring you exclusive content with the attention and thorough analysis.

We explain how the product works and whether or not you should buy it.

It All Starts With You

So it’s all up to you.

You can make an informed decision about the matter and leave a comment and opinion in the comments sections.

We want to keep in touch.

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Our Team

Sergio Peixoto, Editor in Chief

Sérgio began writing about technology to document his journey in programming.

He fell into some nasty programming habits and knew things had to change.

That’s why he started this site!

Sonia Peixoto, Writer

Sonia is a certified marketing coach.

With a strong background in design and UX, she has turned to technical writing to help others get into the right mindset and embrace a Woke lifestyle!

Luisa Fontes, Writer

Luisa is a freelance writer with a passion for new technologies.

When she’s not writing an article or trying out new Saas, you can catch her playing online, MMOs.

Lucas, Marketing and Social Outreach

Lucas acknowledges that he never paid much attention to the software he installed on his laptop until recently.

But working with the team has changed his perception of what is safe and productive and what is not.

Here at TrendingWoke, we’ve created a safe space with an emphasis on technology, trend news, and empowering women in the world of technology.

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