April 10, 2021

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Top 5 Tips and Tricks

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How can I find out who visited my Facebook page?

Some people use Facebook to spy on others because it is their favorite pastime.

Also, some people like to see those who have viewed their Facebook page to boost their ego.

Everyone appreciates having privacy control over their Facebook account and profile, but how do we know if someone is stalking us?

Is it possible to identify the stalkers?

What is the best way to find out who has seen my Facebook profile?

Previously, there was no way to check whether someone had seen your Facebook profile.

However, after the Cambridge Analytica incident, Facebook added an option to see who visited your profile.

So now, you can easily find out who has been stalking you.

Read on to learn more about how to find out who has been visiting your Facebook profile.

What is Facebook stalking?

A stalker follows someone online repeatedly without their permission.

Its activities include viewing their profile, sending them messages, liking and commenting on their posts, and so on.

"Facebook stalking" is when someone looks at your timeline without your knowledge.

It can happen if someone clicks on a link in another person's post or if someone sees something on your timeline that piques their interest enough to visit your profile.

Stalkers frequently try to learn more about their targets by searching their newsfeed, browsing their photos, and reading their comments.

Is there a Facebook extension that lets me know who saw my profile?

Yes, Google Chrome users are in luck!

You can instantly view your Facebook profile visitors by installing and activating the Chrome extension.

Navigate to the social profile extension page.

In the drop-down menu, click "Add to Chrome."

When the download has finished, click the "Add extension" button.

The extension will now be installed in your Chrome browser.

Then go to www.facebook.com and log into your account using the same browser.

Facebook's time bar allows you to see your profile.

The option "visitor" is activated.

You will see who has viewed your profile here.

Since Facebook has only recently enabled this feature on the iOS app, Android users may experience some problems shortly. Try the third-party apps recommended in the article.

Be wary of fake apps and continue to report anything that seems to be wrong.

The Facebook Profile Source Code Method

Facebook Profile Source Code Method

Facebook Profile Source Code Method A feature on Facebook called InitialChatFriendsList would show you who has visited your profile. It's generally best to use Google Chrome to accomplish this. Other browsers may pose issues.

Follow these steps to proceed:

  • Let's start by logging in to your FB account.
  • Check out your profile page.
  • It is possible to access the page's source by right-clicking on the page and picking Show Page Source.
  • You have to press CTRL+U on Windows to see the page's source code, Command+Option+U on Mac.
  • The shortcut key to open a search field is Ctrl+F. In the search box for the account, enter InitialChatFriendsList.
  • A list of the most-visited users' profiles and their IDs will appear.
  • For example: "100004325035225-2".
  • "Please copy the Facebook profile ID without the extension "-2," for example, "100004325035225
  • Select the Facebook user's ID, and paste it into the new browser tab, www.Facebook.com/login/."
  • You can find the profile ID at facebook.com/profile-id (the number indicates copied profile version).
  • Here is a profile ID example, https://www.facebook.com/100006525035225.

Add Flatbook Chrome Extension To Your Browser

Install the "Flatbook" Chrome extension in your browser through the Chrome Web Store.

Many browsers can do this, but Chrome seems most straightforward to use.

Follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Install the Flatbook extension from Chrome’s Chrome Web Store (http://chrome.google.com/webstore/).
  • You can locate this extension by searching for it in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Clicking Add to Chrome will install the app within seconds.
  • Upon clicking the Add to Chrome tab, a pop-up window will provide instructions on installing the program.

You will be able to sign in to your FB account as soon as the installation is complete.

Atop the page, on the right-hand side of the web page, click the Flatbook extension icon on the web browser shortcut.

Go to the Profile Visitors drop-down menu and select the option on the drop-down menu.

You will receive a list of up to twenty people who were the most active on your profile.

In the same way, you can see who unfriended you on Facebook.

It is possible to see who has blocked you on FB.

Here's another approach you might like if the method above isn't your cup of tea.

The Super Viewer Extension For Facebook

Super Viewer Extension For Facebook

Super Viewer Extension For Facebook

Super Viewer is a browser extension for Facebook.

With this extension, you can find out whether your friends are interested in your profile.

If you use Google Chrome, you can install the Chrome extension.

Installing this package is as straightforward as installing the previous one.

Follow these simple steps to complete the process:

  • Download the Google Chrome web browser.
  • On the Google Chrome Extension page, search the super extension viewer.
  • Once you have clicked Chrome's icon, it will automatically add it to your browser.
  • The next step is to log in to Facebook using the credentials you used earlier.
  • There ought to be an option that lets you turn on the 'Visitor' box.
  • When you click the "View Profile" button, you can see who has viewed your profile.

Other Users Can See Your Facebook Status

Your profile will show you who has viewed your most interesting articles in the last 30 days.

The functionality is only available to iOS users, who can access it through their privacy settings.

Open the main drop-down menu to reach the list of who displayed your profile and scroll down to "Privacy Shortcuts."

You can find it underneath the current "Privacy Checkup" feature.

We asked Facebook for clarification and will update this article when we hear back.


Some sources suggest the feature will only be available on April 1.

Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile With a Facebook App

The Facebook App lets you see who has looked at your account in the past thirty days.

Users can see who has checked their profile since they used it.

Due to some rumors and security problems, this choice was impossible earlier.

Facebook now offers an alternative to its users that gives improvements and innovations to protect and enhance the user experience.

Reporting illegal apps will reduce the number of scam apps on Facebook.

Therefore, you should think twice before sharing your personal information with a stranger.

Please remember that you are putting yourself in danger by not reporting such scam services and apps to the appropriate authorities.

There are several Facebook scams that you should take seriously.

Can iOS users know if someone viewed their Facebook profile?


How Can IOS Users Know If Someone Viewed Their Facebook Profile?

How can iOS users know if someone viewed their Facebook profile?

IOS users can use the Who's Looking app.

Facebook's Who's Looking app, available on the App Store and Google Play, is not officially supported by Facebook.

Still, not over with the curiosity — how many people have viewed your Facebook profile?

Here is the last piece of advice to help you.

It's time for iOS users to rejoice over Android users!

Facebook has partnered with Apple, the most famous and widely used brand globally.

On the iPhone, Apple management did something never before done.

For years, Apple and Facebook have discussed this possibility.

The service is currently being tested on iOS devices, placing Android users in a precarious position.

If You Are An IOS User, Here'S How To See:

  • Click the Facebook icon on your phone's screen.
  • Please open the menu on Facebook.
  • A 'Settings & Privacy' option should be available if you scroll down to it.
  • In the privacy section, you will find a new Privacy Shortcuts feature.
  • Then, look for the option. Can I see who has viewed my Facebook Profile, and you have finished!

As far as I know, this is still in testing, and I hope it will be released soon for iPhone users.

I contacted Facebook regarding its launch.

However, they clarified that Facebook was not working on such a feature.

In line with its strict regulations and privacy policies, Facebook states that it does not permit users to use this feature.

Yes, you read it correctly.

We expect a release within the next few months.

Using The Following IOS Apps

With the above methods, you'll be able to see how many people have viewed your profile.

Are you having a problem with an iOS device?

Try this app.

Add-ons and other features may not work in some browsers.

IOS Developers made the "Social Fans" iOS app to remedy this problem.

The app provides detailed information about who has viewed your profile.

This app is available through the iTunes store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

With this application, you can find out who has viewed your profile so you can stay in touch with your friends.

The social media giant has also revealed recent news and information about another app.

Using this option instantly lets you know who has checked out your profile.

Previously, this option was not available due to some rumors and security issues.

Facebook is rolling out several security updates and improvements to the user interface.

Avoid Banned Malicious Apps From Malicious Users

Watch out for banned applications that claim to show you who viewed your Facebook profile.

According to Facebook's terms of service, this feature violates the platform's privacy policies.

Malicious users can even use their junk applications to find your physical address when tracking you down.

Ensure you follow Facebook's instructions for rescinding access to the app if you have fallen victim to a presumed stalker app.

It is essential to spot fake profiles and websites.

Users are most likely to experience this when using an app that claims to show who has viewed their profile.

In general, these apps tend to be spam or malware-based programs designed to steal your information and attack other users.

That is why it is important not to download every program to your device.

Some apps work by mining the relationship statuses of your friends.

Take Facebook Data Breach Seriously

Reporting such apps to Facebook will help Facebook take the appropriate action against them.

Whenever you use a third-party application to find out who has viewed your Facebook page, Facebook may be able to collect your data.

There is no reason to allow the owners of these third-party apps to use your passwords.

A data breach may lead to the theft of your personal information.

Although Facebook could have built this feature into its popular platform, it chose not to do so.

Facebook only allows you to become friends with someone once they accept your friend request or when you accept theirs.

You can only see a person's entire profile if they allow you to access it.

Friends are supposed to share their thoughts, photos, short stories, videos, and all sorts of stuff with each other.

Your friends are the only group members who can access your profile.

Anyone who is not on your friend list can't find your profile.

But people can see your personal information, such as your age, city, date of birth, relationship status, religious views, and many other things.

Generally speaking, companies use our data for various reasons, including selling your information to advertising companies.

Will Facebook offer the feature at any point in the future?

It looks like Facebook has had enough of the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and is now committed to letting its users know who's been viewing their profile.

They've added a new setting that allows you to see how many people have watched your story, video, or page to make things more transparent.

For a long time, a premium LinkedIn member can see all visitors to their profile if they have paid membership.

So this recent move from Facebook could be seen as somewhat competitive, but it is also a sign of the company's commitment to the platform.

A Facebook user can see how many people watch their Facebook profile, story, video, and page.

  • Facebook gives you multiple ways to see who has viewed your profile.
  • According to Facebook, there isn't a way to find out who is watching your profile.

Facebook has long blocked the ability to see who might be interested in your profile and how they might use it to track you.

Facebook's API doesn't provide users with this information, according to Technical Team Leader Reggie Azevedo of Social Reports.

LifeWire Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff says no official tool for such a task. That data could potentially be collected or resold by third-party app developers if used within their apps.

Third-party apps know your every move on Facebook;

Third Parties are always watching you and collecting data about what's of interest to you, who's in your social circle, where they live, the list goes on! But it gets worse:

That information is then sold to advertisers by these third parties, so not only do ads follow us around for our entire internet life, but we get stalked offline too.

Is It Possible To Know Who Viewed Your FB Profile?

It is no surprise that people worldwide use Facebook – it is one of the most popular platforms.

Originally designed to appeal to young people, Facebook has become a platform that appeals to users from all age groups.

The Internet and social media have enabled us to lead comfortable lives with convenience at every turn!

Andrew Selepak, Ph.D., an expert on social media transparency, says, "Just because you post something doesn't mean everyone else sees what you're posting."

"And he says that granting access to non-users of your page would create a PR nightmare."

How come Facebook doesn't let you know who's viewed your profile?

Facebook has been the key to socializing and connecting with friends and family.

Facebook's importance has grown tremendously over the last decade.

So it is common for people to stalk others on Facebook while also becoming more popular among digital marketing experts and why Facebook has become so popular among the public.

It's no surprise that people worldwide use Facebook; it's one of the most popular platforms.

Originally designed to appeal to young people, Facebook has become a platform that appeals to users from any age group, including those younger than 50.

The Internet and social media have enabled us to lead comfortable lives of convenience at every turn.

According to Andrew Selepak, Ph.D. author of A Graduate Program in Social Media for University of Florida students, "Just because you post something doesn't mean everyone sees it."

Who Is Viewing My FB Profile?

Who viewed my Facebook profile

Who viewed my Facebook profile?

Who is looking at my Facebook profile?

Most people wonder who is looking at their personal information on social media sites.

There are several ways to find out, and no one will blame you for being curious.

People put many things online, like their likes and dislikes, even if they don't mean to be rude.

Several third-party apps claim to offer this functionality in various ways.

However, due to their unauthorized nature, your data could potentially be stolen and used somewhere else.

Therefore, some apps claim to do just that, so we urge you to be cautious.

However, Facebook won't give its users access to all the information it collects and its messages.

  • Facebook is both a social platform and a surveillance tool.
  • Consequently, more users develop stalker habits to keep up with their friends.
  • Facebook does not want to release any data on its users.
  • Still, its social media platform is being used for research purposes.
  • Facebook does not publicize or provide access to the data it collects about its users.

Perhaps you heard that foreign countries were developing malicious software.

You must use your Facebook ID, and your password could pose a security threat.

One issue with unofficially supported apps is the developer having access to all your information on Facebook!

Unofficially supported apps have this problem regularly.

The days of using your personal information for free are over. A recent study has shown that the apps we use on our phones can be more dangerous than we thought.

Accessing your Facebook account through an app is hazardous since malicious people can control your phone from within the app and use it to steal your data.

They could even hack into any other website or service-connected by one touch from within the application- if they know-how!

Android's unofficially supported apps pose a security risk: you can't check their legitimacy before downloading them.

Once you do, you have a few recourses if something goes wrong.

Where Can I Find Out Who Seen My Facebook Stories?

Sharing your story is a new feature that allows users to share their stories, including texts, photos, and videos.

The stories will be active for 24 hours.

You can go back and edit them the next day after publishing.

In your story's information on the right side of the page, you may be able to see those who have already viewed your account.

The choice of whom to share one's stories with is entirely up to the users.

Many users frequently post their stories to track how many people watch their stories.

You can now see the status updates, photos, videos, and articles of people following you on Facebook.

The problem with Fake Ids On Facebook

We come across numerous fraud cases on Facebook by way of fake accounts all the time in our day-to-day lives.

Facebook's stalkers typically use a fake id to follow the profile of the person they are stalking.

Facebook's users who don't want to follow them use fake IDs every day.

All your information becomes visible to all members of these Facebook stalkers once you accept their friend requests.

Fake IDs may fall under the following categories:

  • The person you dated before.
  • People are looking more at your relationship statuses.
  • Parents who want to check up on what their children are up to on Facebook can subscribe to a Facebook surveillance fake ID.
  • Your boss or other employees at your company.
  • Other parties who wish to have access to your activities.

Your friends may be able to see your personal information like age, city, birth date, relationship status, religious views, and more.

Users wishing to share their details with outsiders and mark them public can see the data.

As before, it is up to them whether they want to share their information with whom they wish to.

Is it possible they have selected only to share their information with their friends?


Segmentation could show what kind of relationship the person has with your account.

Do you have access to their complete information?

Is it possible to see who is viewing your profile on Facebook?

You cannot.

There's no need to use an app instead of Facebook to find out who viewed your profile.

How to Avoid This Scam: Who Looked at Your Facebook Account?

Avoid this scam by keeping a watchful eye out for social-networking scams and using caution when using social media networks.

It is important not to click on these apps links, says Graham Cluley, a consultant with Sophos, a computer security company.

Facebook is warning users of these links' danger and is promising to remove them from the site.

Facebook does not allow users to see who has viewed their profile, nor enable applications to provide this information.

You may not know that someone on your friend list rejected your friend request because of a scam.

You can find information about this scam on Facebook.


Can I Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

It is not possible to track who visits your profile on Facebook.

Additionally, third-party applications cannot provide this functionality.

If you find an app that advertises it has this capability, please report the app.

The app developer will do this on behalf of the company's advertising platform.

Can Someone Tell If I Am Looking At Their Facebook Page A Lot?

A rumor has been going around that if you visited someone's profile on Facebook, you'd appear in the list of People You May Know.

Facebook has repeatedly stated that people cannot know who views their profile.

Users can sign up to or even purchase apps that let them see who's looking at their private profile.

With Facebook Stories, you can see who viewed your posts and who viewed your Facebook story.

On Android, How Do I Find Out Who Has Visited My Facebook Page?

Android users can download the Who Viewed My Facebook Profile app.

An app called Social Fans is available on the iTunes Store.

These apps will supposedly let you know who has recently visited your Facebook profile.

But keep in mind that malicious developers could put malware in those apps, failing to follow Facebook's terms of service.

You can use the above-given methods to answer your questions.

How Do I Know Who Visits My Facebook Profile Through My Mobile Device?

It is clear on Facebook that users can't see who has visited their profile.

Make sure you do not install a Facebook app that claims to show you who visited your profile.

Some of these apps use spam or malware as a way for cybercriminals to steal information and attack other users.

As of now, there is only one working method.

You need to analyze the source data of your Facebook profile.

You can not determine all visitors' identities. Therefore, any service or method claiming to do so is inaccurate or a scam.

Facebook's users have been the subject of a great deal of research.

There are several places where you can glean analytics information, including external data monitoring sites like Web trends.

What Are The Steps To Email Facebook?

There is no direct way to contact Facebook.

You can't call, text, email, or otherwise contact an employee, affiliate, or Facebook representative.

If you have a problem with your FB account and are unsure how to proceed, you can use Facebook's Help Center.

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