WhatsApp Status – Habits and More

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how to create a status and some interesting phrases for your WhatsApp status.
WhatsApp Status – Habits and More

Making a WhatsApp status.

Considered to be an excellent form of entertainment for some people.

For others, it’s a real hobby:

A crazy GIF, a paradisiacal image or a proverb that makes you think:

You can configure your WhatsApp status in many different ways.

Not sure how to set the status of your WhatsApp?

Imagine it as an Instagram Stories:

You can find many photos, quotes, or news from your contacts.

We show you how to create a status as well as you can compile some interesting phrases for your WhatsApp status.

How does WhatsApp Status work?

If this is your first time using WhatsApp Status, we will demonstrate how you can create a WhatsApp status easily.

First, you need to click on "Status" in the general description of the open chat.

From here you can see all the latest messages from your contacts as well as from you.

Touch the pencil icon to enter a good proverb about the WhatsApp status.

Now you can add emojis or GIF, change the color and background source. Finally, you can click the send button.

If you want to impress your contacts using a photo, select the camera icon (under the pen) in the "Status" tab or press "My Status" at the top.

Then you can take a photo, record a video, or select media from your gallery.

Quickly send a text message, and publish it with the Send button.


It would be best if you didn’t worry, status is only visible for 24 hours, you can even exclude it in advance at any time.

So give it a shot.

Sayings for a reflective, cute or simply beautiful WhatsApp Status

A good one is, "Why is it Monday again?"

Or a "Finally weekend!" "Friday is here":

This is a little more creative!

So depending on whether you’re sad or would like to put a smile on your friends’ faces with a joke, check out some useful WhatsApp phrases to inspire you:

"The less you listen, the greater your willingness to agree."

"Stand up for what’s best for you. Even if it means being alone."

"Men also have feelings like a big appetite."

"Friendship is when madmen go mad."

"Today is the day to think. It’s a shame so few can celebrate that. "

To write your own WhatsApp jokes or dictations is not really a child’s game.

Instead, go around the world looking for unusual graffiti, either a sign or an ad in the street can be unintentionally fun.

Snap a picture and create a fun WhatsApp status!

WhatsApp Status – Hidden Features

Regardless of being a beginner or professional:

You probably don’t know all these things about WhatsApp Status Messages.

You can add whatever you want to your Status: Add another dictation, image, based on your previous Status. Each WhatsApp Status has its own validity period.

Select the "Status" tab to go to "Status Data Protection" at all three points:

Select the "Status Data Protection" option:

Here you can characterize which contacts can see your Status.

You can also set that you want to avoid seeing the status messages of individual contacts:

Press and hold down a contact’s status message and select "Quit."

You can move the WhatsApp status to another WhatsApp using the three dots next to the WhatsApp and/or Facebook or Instagram status message.

Here are the best WhatsApp status Tips

You can group any state you like:

Through the Status tab, with either text or image, or both.

The WhatsApp status becomes visible up to 24 hours.

Through personal reports like family vacation photos, you can set which contacts are allowed to see your status.

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