Ultimate Currency Conversion Applications

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Currency conversion applications spare you the trouble of estimating currency values when traveling.
Currency Conversion Applications

Currency conversion applications spare you the trouble of estimating currency values when traveling.

Convert foreign currencies immediately into the currency that suits your needs.

What is the value in euros of the Souvenir?

Was it offered a fair fee by the exchange agency?

Currency conversion applications save cumbersome mental calculations during the holidays.

They are accurate and continuously updated to the last decimal number.

A Digital Exchange Calculator displays the current official exchange rate in a fraction of a second.

For most applications, the calculator works offline.

What is essential is to continue receiving updates via your smartphone online.

Please note that roaming charges may apply if there is currently no WLAN.

Calculations should be based on reference rates, such as the European Central Bank.

App Currency converter "Travel + Money"

The "Travel + Money" currency conversion application ( iOS | Android ) is free and easy to use.

Select the currencies you want and enter the sum to be converted to see the conversion result.

It works with over 160 official currencies.

The currency exchange rates are published by the Bundesverband Deutscher Banken and V.

The application, published and developed by the German Banking Association (Bundesverband Deutscher Banken e. V.).

It already presents in the store the data of the exchange rates that are being used for the conversion.

The "Travel + Money" currency conversion application (iOS Android) is free and easy to use.
Travel + Money

I think this is a great advantage in terms of transparency.

You can choose the percentage from one of the lists in the menu if you want to know how much your bank will charge.

Self-registration of an exchange rate for the Euro and a comparison feature are also extremely practical.

So you can immediately see the favorable rate that an online payment provider or an exchange agency offers.

At the bottom, you will see the date of the selected exchange rate, thus allowing you to check if it is current at the time.

Would you like to find a good reason for a holiday or a shopping trip?

Then get daily updates on the exchange rate or wait until you have reached your chosen exchange rate.

A table shows the exchange rate fluctuations for you at any time of the day.

Its design is unattractive and somewhat confusing, being a negative point.

However, the free app does not require ads.

There are other essential features:

Financial information abroad.

Taxi and food comparisons at the destination.

Blocking credit card numbers.

See exchange rates with Finance100

The application is also able to evaluate current events occurring on the market.

Finanz100" ( iOS | Android ) lets you choose from over 160 exchange rates.

The Data Panel is clearly structured and easy to use.

You can easily choose the currency you want.

Among the advantages over other currencies, conversion software is the presentation of the conversion table for values between 1 and 100 euros simultaneously.

The application is also able to evaluate current events occurring on the market.

Plus the application updates itself every hour, showing the date and time of the last update made.

The app, in turn, stands out through a state-of-the-art calculator.

It shows what the standard percentage of the country is and converts it to Euros.

MyCurrency is A Great Currency Exchange App

The free "MyCurrency" exchange rate calculator, allows you to convert over 180 foreign currencies easily.

The free "MyCurrency" exchange rate calculator, available worldwide ( iOS | Android ), allows you to convert over 180 foreign currencies easily.

The application also masters virtual values principles and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Add the current gold and other precious metals values to that.

Furthermore, even those who want to see how much they would count in D-Mark will get a response.

Access the currency converter without further ado, make a selection, and enter the value over the keyboard pane.

Foreign currencies commonly used appear immediately, and all these functionalities work offline too.

You can also use a graph for output monitoring.

The only annoying thing is the numerous ads shown during use.

XE Currency Converter App

The application"s currency conversion is completely updated: its values are updated every minute.
XE Currency Converter

The free "XE Currency Converter" application ( iOS | Android ) allows not only the conversion but also the download of the app.

You don’t need an extra tool like Google Pay.

It works with worldwide currencies, even when you are offline.

The application starts by asking you what you want to do.

The application’s currency conversion is completely updated: its values are updated every minute.

Because you can select a percentage and compare the values, you can take into account your bank’s exchange rate.

A diagram also shows the exchange rate changes here.

The application shows many commercials, and the purchase offers are annoying.

Pay Correctly with the Exchange Calculator

Do you prefer to exchange money for foreign currency, pay by credit card, or withdraw at the ATM?

One thing you should know: Even the best exchange conversion application doesn’t protect you from being cheated.

In the case of credit card payments and withdrawals, the conversion rate is determined by your private bank.

Generally, a 1 to 2 percent foreign allocation fee is also charged.

You will then only see the amount later on your bank statement.

However, remember one thing: Never pay in euros in the store machine or card reader! Select your currency of origin instead.

The transaction usually suggests that the cheapest option is to pay in euros.

In fact, this is a fee trap.

The presentation of the euro variant often shows the value converted into euros; this is practical and seems to be transparent.

However, leave the conversion to the currency conversion application and pay in dollars, pounds, Swiss francs, or whatever.

Several service providers and retailers are always on the way with the Euro payment method.

They charge additional fees since everyone wants a piece of the cake, and you definitely pay more.

In comparison, your private bank also diverges slightly from the official fee.

In this context, it is worth having a currency calculator at home.

Should you find something interesting, for example, in a Chinese online store, eBay, Amazon, or another international store.

You can generally only pay by PayPal and similar payment systems.

And once they convert to euros, they too charge high conversion fees.

In conclusion

Rigorous, up-to-date, and transparent:

Currency converters are super useful travel applications.

You can find out if you’re overpaying on your holidays, or shopping online, using an exchange calculator.

Excellent applications are available offline and are automatically updated.

Price comparisons, state-of-the-art calculators, and currency exchange charts are great features.

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