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What weather application do I recommend?

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Top Weather Apps
Top Weather Apps

In fact, I could say that “bad weather does not exist, only bad weather applications.

“Especially those that rely exclusively on widgets preinstalled on Android and iOS are the ones that are most often wrong about the weather.

So we tested the best weather applications for Android and iOS.We have one thing to consider:

Many free weather applications for smartphones and tablets are downsized versions of premium versions subject to charges.

The best features are usually reserved for the premium version.

Depending on the application, paid versions to incur a single charge or monthly subscription fee.

Testing Criteria

In addition to design and functionality, reliability and accuracy of forecasts are among the most essential criteria for the quality of weather applications.

You can (usually) rely on the weather forecast for the day.

This seems to be a different situation in the case of applications where the weather accuracy model will improve.

The corresponding database also decides the accuracy of the forecast.


Meteorological results depend entirely on the meteorological model used.

If the developer of the application provides information about this, it is a good sign.
The best model depends a lot on the user’s location.

For Germany, for example, the ICON model provided by the German Weather Service (DWD) is more suitable than the standard US model (GFS).

The models and databases of the German model suit local conditions better.

Optimized Climate Application Forecasts

The reason why climate applications generally seem very optimistic for the future is that they include different (international) models in the calculation of the forecast.

They are literally suitable climate applications.

The free weather application services preinstalled on iOS and Android are also based only on the American model.

This information is consequently less accurate for German territory.

Application operators need to pay for the data provided by DWD, but you get the calculations from the US model.

At no charge.

WarnWetter – Weather application – Germany Only

The application is especially suitable for forecasts in Germany.

The WarnWetter application ( iOS | Android ) is provided by the German Weather Service.

Therefore, there is no doubt about the source and quality of the data.

The application is especially suitable for forecasts in Germany.

In our opinion, the data analysis was extremely efficient.

However, we recommend WarnWetter exclusively in its premium version for a one-time fee of EUR 1.99 as an excellent weather application.

The basic version only provides information about dangerous situations and severe weather warnings.
Functions included in the full package include weather forecast, rain, wind, etc.
This feature is only available in the premium version.

However, the functions of the full version are limited to Germany only.

AccuWeather: Plenty of FREE Features on Board

The power of this weather application:

AccuWeather ( iOS | Android ) offers many features, even without a single subscription or purchase.

Local weather and radar forecasts can be monitored in real-time, as well as hourly forecasts, snowfalls, weather alerts as well as adverse weather conditions.

The application is clear, easy to use, and visually very appealing.

However, the free version is not free of advertising.

If you wish to use the application completely without advertising, having even more detailed forecasts, you can invest a one-off fee of 4.49 euros.

Weather+ – The smartest weather application of all

Weather + image application keeps you updated on the current weather situation

ITWC’s “International Travel Weather Calculator Association” ( iOS )

Weather + image application keeps you updated on the current weather situation and provides forecasts for the next five days.

It has an estimate of the incidence of precipitation as well as the degree of cloudiness, the minimum and maximum temperatures for each day.

This stands out:

The application has a beautiful interface that could hardly be more beautiful with its dynamic background images, which always coincide with the current sky image.

However, we have assigned a negative point because the application does not provide any information in the database used.

The premium version without advertising is only available as a subscription for EUR 1.49 per month.

Still, Wetter + also offers all essential functions as a free climate application.


Wetter.comiOS | Android ) is a free weather forecast application with a rain radar.

Features an eight-day weather forecast, showing atmospheric temperatures plus pictograms for sun hours and the probability of precipitation.

In a more detailed view, amateur meteorologists also get satellite images and diagrams of minimum and maximum values, precipitation, sun, and wind.

For us, this climatic application is one of the best due to its variety of functions.

However, due to the many values and options, some people may find them overloaded.

WeatherPro – Top Weather Application for Little Money

This reliable WeatherPro time application ( iOS | Android ) has shown several times that it is the most accurate.

MeteoGroup’s weather radar is known for its excellent long term forecasts.

It provides a large amount of weather data for the next 14 days.

It covers the actual temperature and wind conditions, the direction and speed as well as the air pressure.

Numerous satellite images complete the application.

The multiple numbers and values in a compact space can overwhelm the user at first.

Still, they soon work due to the depth and accuracy of the data.

WeatherPro is only available as a paid version, but for only 0.99 euros.

Carrot time

Would you like something different?
So this weather application becomes an attractive competitor to the crowd:

Carrot Weather ( iOS | Android ) gives you information with sarcastic (but only in English) remarks about the current weather conditions.

So that weather no longer surprises you.
At best, the application also stirs up a laugh.
The basic version of Carrot Weather is free but comes with ads.
These can be disabled by purchase from the app.
In addition, it is possible to unlock a Dark Mode, plus a customizable widget to suit your needs.

To what extent can a climate application look into the future?

The results obtained in the application will become less reliable as the application tries to make advance forecasts.
From a weather point of view, forecasts reach their limits in three days.
So be sure to use the popular 14-day forecasts with caution.
They do not provide an accurate forecast but represent a general trend.

In summary: The Best Meteorological Applications

There are many weather applications for iOS and Android devices.

  • The optimal weather application for you depends on your taste on the one hand and complicated factors such as accuracy of the forecast, variety of functions and ease of use on the other.
  • Design and optics play an essential role in the latter.
  • Depending on the application and the features you want, you may need to purchase or subscribe to premium versions.
  • Pay special attention to the underlying weather model, if the application vendor provides information!
  • The corresponding model influences the accuracy of the forecasts, applying its relevance to its location.
  • Weather forecasts beyond three days should generally be considered a trend that can change at any time.
  • When it comes to choosing clothes and planning activities, it is best to use short-term forecasts from your favorite weather application.

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