How Much Does Telegram Premium Cost & What Are Its Top Features?

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The Telegram Premium Pricing & Top Features: Do They Pay Off?

Telegram’s monetization has been rumored since 2020, and the new Telegram, Premium pricing model, will allow the platform to generate revenue for the first time in its history. Revenue-generating features are frequently a concern for existing platform users, but this article will discuss the pros and cons of the newly introduced premium pricing model.

Telegram will monetize one-to-many channels through an ad platform. The popular messaging app Telegram has a paid version called Telegram Premium. The company’s founder, Pavel Durov, announced that the company would start charging for features that businesses and power users would use.

Telegram has introduced a new pricing structure for its Telegram Premium service, which allows users to access extra features like stickers, voice calls, and video calls for a monthly subscription fee.

Durov has paid for most of the platform’s costs, but as traffic and server demand has grown, it needs a steady way to make money.

Pavel Durov confirmed that Telegram Premium would be available as a subscription plan. “We plan to make Telegram Premium available as a subscription plan so that anyone can access more features, speed, and resources,” Durov says these channels receive free traffic and make money by selling premium stickers.

Despite not disclosing the pricing of the premium tier, it appears to cost between $4.99 and $6.99 per month. As of 2022, the encrypted messaging platform had over 700 million monthly active users, placing it among the top five most downloaded apps worldwide.

Premium also offers double limits for captions, pinned chats, saved GIFs, saved stickers, public links, and chats for each folder.

Telegram users will enjoy faster downloads and access everything in their unlimited cloud storage without buffering on their fast network with Telegram Premium.

The download speed for Telegram will be limited for regular users.

The app gives you access to extra features that free users won’t see. However, the price increase may not be worth it for everyone. Are the premium features worth $1 per month?

Telegram Premium Offers Larger Files and More Features

There will be no external links in Telegram’s experimental ads, just a link to a specific chat. An app subscription service will cost $4.99 per month and include more features.

You can access a wide range of extra features with Telegram Premium—but only if you have the paid version of the app.

Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov, says the app would have had to be shut down if he hadn’t added all the features he wanted. Premium users can create and add icons to their home screens to match their personalities or favorites.

A new way for users to support Telegram is now available.

Over 700 Million Telegram Users

Telegram has struggled to stay afloat because it has been asked to add more features, and the company has never paid to promote its apps. After nine years as a free service, Telegram had to become a paid service, as founder Pavel Durov explains in his channel. Those who subscribe can access some extra features not available to free users.

Premium users can subscribe to up to 1,000 channels, create 20 chat folders with up to 200 conversations each, add a fourth account, pin ten conversations, and save up to ten favorite stickers. All premium users have a special badge next to their names in the chat list, chat headers, and group member lists.

Telegram was one of the world’s top five most downloaded apps in 2022. In Telegram’s new subscription service, which has over 700 million active users per month, subscribers can access extra features. Choose from premium stars, night skies, or turbo-planes to show your support for the service.

How Does Telegram Premium Work?

Telegram popular messaging app
Telegram is a popular messaging app

The cost of its paid version – which includes access to all its features – varies from $4 to $6 per month, depending on where you live and how much data you use.

Admins can contact new users and make sure they are a compatible fit. They can also schedule a welcome party for premium subscribers.

Users can tap Request to Join when they open the group, which adds their request to a list only administrators can view. For $4.99 a month, you can subscribe to Telegram Premium, which includes all main service features plus a 30-day free trial.

A new “join requests for public groups” lets group admins check out the latest members before allowing them to chat with them. There is no doubt that the premium plan is well worth it if you want exclusivity and an ad-free experience (no one loves ads) – especially if you’re looking for privacy and security.

How About Telegram Regular Users?

Free users can read large files or tap Premium reactions on pinned messages, while Premium users can see documents, reactions, and stickers.

Besides viewing and reacting to premium users’ documents, free users can also share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Telegram has been looking for a way to monetize its platform.

The company believes Telegram should be funded primarily by its users rather than advertisers. Even though it attempts to create privacy-focused advertisements on public channels, this still occurs. Free users can still view extra-large documents.

Besides downloading extra-large files, non-premium users can view premium users’ stickers and tap on premium reactions to increase their counters.

What Are the Benefits of Telegram Premium?

Telegram Premium has a 4 GB file upload size limit, roughly 4 hours of 1080p video. As part of these improvements, file upload limits have been increased to 4 GB. Limits on channels, links, pinned chats, GIFs, and more have been doubled, along with voice message transcriptions.

Messaging service Telegram has launched a new premium version of its app with the ability to change the default chat folder and add animated profile pictures. The app also includes tools that automatically archive and hide new chats and new stickers and reactions for users who sign up for the premium service.

Telegram’s increased upload limit is a godsend, and if you use the platform as your primary means of distributing media content, its faster download speeds may be worthwhile. How people react to Telegram’s premium features will be heavily influenced by what the platform asks you for in exchange.

Doubled Limits-Double the Fun

Telegram has doubled its limits.

A paid subscription will increase some app limits—typically, regular limits will double.

  • The number of chats in a folder (100 to 200)
  • Subscriptions have a channel and supergroup limit (500 to 1000)
  • The number of folders (10 to 20)
  • The number of pinned chats in the main tab (between 5 and 10) and within a folder (100 to 200)
  • The number of public links for your channels and supergroups (from 10 to 20)
  • Favorite stickers (5 to 10)
  • The number of saved GIFs (200 to 400)
  • Unique accounts associated with the application (3 to 4)

It is possible to download up to 4GB

  • Telegram Premium users can upload files up to 4 GB.
  • Those without a subscription can still send up to 2 GB of media.
  • For all Telegram users, the app’s storage is unlimited.

Speedy downloads

A higher priority allows paying subscribers to get the files they need to the application cache faster.

Text-To-Voice Conversion

Listening to voice messages is no longer necessary; you can convert an audio message to text with a single click.

Currently, there is no limit to the length of recognizable messages.


Sponsored posts will appear at the bottom of the feed after you’ve read all the basics. In large open channels, sponsored posts will no longer appear. You can only access this benefit if you subscribe to a premium channel. Currently, channel administrators cannot disable ads for everyone with paid tools.

Unique Reactions

Subscribed users have access to animated reactions that are not included in the default set (which now has 16 emojis).

Premium Stickers

The Sticker Store is updated monthly with new sets of full-screen exclusive stickers.

Only Telegram Premium users can send these stickers to chats.

Advanced Dialogue Management

You can also hide new incoming chats by automatically archiving them. Previously, this tool was only accessible to users whose accounts met specific criteria.

Profile Badge

You will stand out from the crowd with a distinctive star badge next to the subscriber’s name.

Animated Avatars

Without Telegram Premium, video avatars remain static in a pre-selected frame until expanded to full screen.

Additional Premium App Icons

The messaging app Telegram has grown in popularity over the past few years. You can access more unique Telegram app launcher icons when subscribing to Telegram Premium. With Telegram Premium, you can keep your conversations private or share some laughs with your friends. The app now has stickers, video calls, and voice notes.


What Is the New Premium Tier for Telegram?

The new tier includes additional features not available in the app’s free plan.

What is Telegram Premium?

Telegram Premium is a paid subscription to Telegram, the popular messaging app.

How Much Does Telegram Premium Cost?

Depending on where you live, you can pay £4.99, $4.99, or €5.99 for Telegram Premium.

What Are the Benefits of Telegram Premium?

These include a 4GB file upload limit and faster downloads. Limits on channels, links, pinned chats, GIFs, and other features have been doubled. Transcriptions of voice messages, more stickers and reactions, and New chat management features, such as the ability to change the default chat folder, Profile pictures that are animated, Premium awards, Additional app icon alternatives No ads. As you can see, all of the advantages of Telegram Premium are new or improved features.

What Is the Speed Limit for Telegram Downloads?

Telegram downloads will have a maximum speed limit for regular users.

What is the connection speed?

If you’re a premium subscriber, you’ll need a fast internet connection to take advantage of the speed boosts.

What Have Sponsored Messages?

Telegram Premium users will not see advertisements on public channels.

What is Telegram Premium?

After months of speculation, the secure messaging service has finally announced its plans to launch a subscription service.

What Is Voice-To-Text Conversion?

As the name implies, the feature generates transcripts for voice messages you send and receive.

How Accurate Is the Transcript?

It appears to be an excellent option for users, although the accuracy will depend on several factors, including their accent.

What Is the First Telegram Premium Perk?

Telegram Premium members can upload files up to four gigabytes in size.

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