Samsung Smart Switch

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Samsung Smart Switch mobile application offers a functional data reallocation assistant.
Samsung Smart Switch

The Samsung Smart Switch mobile application offers a functional data reallocation assistant for changes to your phone.

Should you purchase a new Galaxy smartphone, the Smart Switch may be vital to you.

With Samsung, you can quickly transfer data between mobile phones, regardless of manufacturer and operating system.

It also supports iOS and Blackberry for Android.

Samsung aims to provide assistance and support for Windows Mobile users.

When transferring data from the old smartphone to the new, the mobile version is sufficient.

Compliance Note:

Samsung Smart-Switch-Mobile runs on Galaxy devices from Android 4.0 and Apple devices from iOS 5.0.

Should you purchase a new Galaxy smartphone, the Samsung Smart Switch may be vital to you.

The technology allows you to quickly transfer all data from your old phone directly to the new one.

Whether or not your old smartphone is a Samsung Android device, or if it is from another manufacturer.

Bring Your Data with You to the New Phone!

The Smart Switch allows you to quickly transfer your contacts, settings, applications, photos, and more to your new Galaxy.

No matter what the device, iOS, or Blackberry, you can switch between Android devices.

At Samsung, Windows Mobile users are also represented.

The Samsung Smart Switch is available as a desktop application, as well as a mobile app that allows you to use the Samsung Smart Switch on the go.

You may backup your data to a PC or Mac or to a micro SD card as well.

Should you want to transfer data from your old smartphone to the new Galaxy, the Smart Switch mobile application is sufficient.

Buying a new smartphone?

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With the Smart Switch, you can move your data in no time.


The Samsung Smart-Switch-Mobile works on Galaxy devices from Android 4.0 and Apple devices from iOS 5.0.

However, it is also possible to download the application directly from your Samsung Galaxy from the Galaxy App Store.

The Smart Switch Mobile app can be obtained from the Google Play Store.

Other compatible Samsung smartphones and Android phones made by different manufacturers can also be connected.

You can also download the application and desktop versions from the Samsung Smart Switch website.

That is how the Smart Switch Mobile application works

Using the application, you can transfer contact and calendar data, messages, files, applications, plus music and photos to your new Galaxy model.

Migrating data from iOS to Android can be a bit restricted.

A link is established between the old phone and the new phone via a USB cable (the OTG adapter is provided) or via a WLAN.

Of course, both devices must be connected to the same WLAN for wireless transmission.

With the Galaxy S7 (Edge), you can download without having to download the Samsung Switch.

The application is already integrated with the user interface here.

You will find it under Settings > Cloud and Accounts > Smart Switch.

Transferring data with the Smart Switch: Step by Step

For data migration with a USB cable :

Launch the Smart Switch on both devices and select the type of transmission.

A USB adapter comes with the new Galaxy.

Connect it to the new mobile phone and connect the old mobile phone via the USB cable.

Connect the Lightning cable to the USB adapter if you have an iPhone.

When the data has been checked, the information to be transferred is displayed, and you can select the data you want to transfer.

Please confirm your selection to start the transfer.

This process may take a few minutes, depending on the volume of data involved.

Remark on battery level :

When you synchronize with a cable, you must ensure that the battery has enough power.

  • During the transfer, it should consume 50% of its capacity.
  • Therefore, the data is migrated over Wi-Fi:
  • Please select WiFi as the transmission type.
  • Define the old phone as the sender and the new phone as the receiver in the Samsung Switch application.
  • Choose the operating system type in the pop-up window of your new Galaxy smartphone.
  • Select the operating system type in the pop-up window of your new Galaxy smartphone.
  • When transferring data from an iPhone, enter the iCloud access data so that the data stored there can be synchronized.
  • Choose from the list displayed all the data you wish to transmit via the Samsung Smart Switch.

Amazing SMART SWITCH features for iPhone

The Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Application allows perfect operation with an iPhone, without the need to install it beforehand.

Indeed, the application Samsung Switch is not even available for download from the App Store.

  • That’ s enough if the application is ready for use in your new Galaxy.
  • Before downloading Data over the USB cable, you must first check on your iPhone what data is stored in the cloud.
  • If your contacts reside in the iCloud, downloading to your new Samsung Galaxy via USB is not possible.

You should also check for a current backup before transferring data from your iPhone from iCloud.Applications cannot easily be transferred from iOS to Android.

  • The same applications supposedly differ because their versions are designed especially for iOS or Android.
  • You can create a list of iOS applications with the Samsung Smart Switch and then download them again if they are available for Android.

Obviously, you won’t find native Apple applications like “Calculator” on the Play Store.

The Smart Switch application shows alternatives for these and other iOS applications.

Summary of the Samsung Smart Switch

The Samsung Smart Switch mobile application and desktop version allow you to comfortably carry your data.

Including contacts, settings, apps, or photos, from your old phone to the new Samsung Galaxy.

  • Thanks to the desktop version of the Samsung Switch, you can make a complete backup of your data to your PC and/or Mac as well as to a microSD card.
  • Besides, you can use this software with other manufacturers’ devices such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.
  • Both USB and WLAN are available as streaming variants.

Besides contacts, calendar data, favorites, and other files, applications can also be transferred.

This only works from an Android phone to your new Samsung Galaxy, however.

Please note that the data you support on iCloud does not make it easy to move.

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