Reviews for The Best Antivirus Software For 2020

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Reviews for The Best Antivirus Software

Maintain your computer protected with an antivirus solution.
For that reason, we have tested more than 42 antivirus software, so that you can select the best antivirus software in 2020.

An Encryption Virus Replicates in the Main Boot Record of a Hard Drive

Nowadays, Ransomware is all about making money, and there is no easy way to unlock your system once infected.

Ransomware and Trojans, that steal data, are much more common as the bots allow the administrator in charge of the robot to control your computer for nefarious purposes.

Modern antivirus engines have sophisticated systems to neutralize Trojansrootkits, spyware, and many other threats.

Our team at TrendingWoke has analyzed over 42 different commercial antivirus software utilities.

Not to mention the many free antivirus tools, enabling you to select the best software for your particular needs.

Looking for the Best antivirus software for 2020?

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Best antivirus software

Cyber-security is a major headache in today’s age, and with Internet-capable devices increasing in our lives, we need adequate protection against possible attacks.

Dishonest people produce viruses and malware to gain access to your PC and other Internet-enabled devices.

Fortunately, online Internet security firms are always investigating, updating, and improving their security software.

Antivirus Programs Seek a Specific Virus Code Pattern

The installation of security software is one of the most important measures to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities or performing data theft.

With this in mind, we have begun to analyze the 2020 security software packages on the market.

We’ve tried their technology prevention systems against Ransomware, phishing scams, viruses, and other types of malware.

Besides, of all the antivirus software we tested, what we think will perform best for you is Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020.

Bitdefender combines the set of excellent security features while not consuming a lot of computational resources.

It’s simple to use while offering exceptional value for the price; it will cost about $2/£2 per month.

Another viable option is to use free antivirus software.

However, you will need to be careful with these types of packages because some can do more harm than good.

Perhaps you can combine a free antivirus package with a separate application to protect your computer from other malware threats.

In this guide, we will point out the best antivirus software options on the market, the best features, the price point, etc.

This way, you can get the best deal for your money.

You will find online the best solution for your device’s security.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020

Image of Bitdefender Interface, saying that your device is protected.
Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020

A rock-solid performance with an extremely reliable online protection.

Positive features

  • It Has A Leading-Edge Detection Rate
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • The Secure Virus Detection System
  • Web Attack Prevention
  • It Possesses A Multi-Layered Anti-Ransomware

Negative traits

  • Can be a little taxing on resources

If you have tried other products from the Bit Defender family, you are familiar with their excellent level of features.

Besides, the company offers many benefits to its software packages.

Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020 offers advanced real-time protection against a variety of types of malware.

This software provides a multi-layered Ransomware Defense system.

Perfect for keeping your PC safe from real-time Ransomware attacks.

Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020 Advanced Threat Defense will continually monitor your software activities in real-time with advanced online threat protection functionality.

Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020 Advanced Threat Defense will notify you of any suspicious activity.

Another great feature of Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020 is the Web Attack Prevention program.

It automatically alerts you if any of your search results contain any malicious pages!

This great feature will prevent them from visiting a malicious website by accident.

There are also Anti-phishing and Anti-fraud features so that your personal information is always kept safe.

Another great feature is Social Network Protection, which will immediately identify malicious links on social networks.

Smaller image of Bitdefender logo in white letters over red background.
Bitdefender antivirus Plus

When you shop online, you will be well protected, because Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020 has a Secure Online Banking feature.

The feature is perfect for protecting your personal or banking information from malicious users.

Also, because your security is on our mind, we would like to mention that Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020 includes the Password Manager.

It is perfect for helping you store all your passwords, personal information, and other sensitive data.

It allows you to quickly access other websites without having to fill in data forms.

Bitdefender will protect your data so that other users cannot access it.

Bitdefender is a high-level security application used by over 500 million users worldwide.

Why do so many people use Bitdefender?

You need to look at the specifications of Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2020 and see that it has cutting-edge features and functionality, almost twice what the competition offers.

Plus, its ease of use, Bitdefender doesn’t bother you with alerts or bomb you with complicated configurations.

Bitdefender has a 99.9% protection rate, and you can see this in the AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection report.

Therefore, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are safe online.

Norton Antivirus Basic 2020

Image of Norton antivirus Basic Interface, saying that your device is protected.
Norton antivirus Basic

The Norton Security line of products offers one of the best protection against malware, without causing any significant impact on system performance during scans.

Positive Features

  • Excellent Malware Protection
  • Above-Average Accuracy
  • Excellent Scores in Independent Lab Tests
  • Password Manager
  • Lightweight Using System Resources
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Norton Power Eraser

Negative Traits

  • Few Extra Features
  • Slow Systems Scan
  • No Free VPN
  • Limited Protection for iOS
  • Tech-Support Limited to Self-Help

Symantec is a company that does not need an introduction; its Norton antivirus software shows an excellent score in neutralizing malware and blocking malicious URLs.

Hackers work hard to develop new ways to affect your computer with malware and viruses.

Symantec is working hard to ensure that Norton antivirus neutralizes any threat and keeps you one step ahead of malware.

Norton antivirus includes excellent protection and provides unique features such as spam filtering, password manager, and intrusion protection system, which outperforms most software on the market.

Norton Antivirus Windows 10

I believe the real question is whether you should protect your PC with the security and agility of the free antivirus version, or use the complete security package?

If you are only looking for an antivirus that works on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and even iOS systems, then you have found the perfect solution.

Smaller image of Norton antivirus Basic logo in white background.
Norton Antivirus Basic

Norton antivirus Basic 2020 not only delivers in what it promises but also offers some bonus features.

Increase protection against encrypted coin mining attacks, script-based attacks, and fake technology support schemes.

Norton Antivirus Basic is excellent software, lightweight, fast and flexible, with accurate results.

Besides, it will scan your files, comparing them to Symantec’s massive database of known and suitable data.

Quality comes at a cost!

Norton antivirus Basic 2020 may seem a bit more expensive than the other solutions, especially since it is a one-year license.

The license is for just one computer.

Even so, the price is comparable to the top competition, and you can benefit from discounts from Norton if you buy a different package.

For example, Norton Security Premium adds a firewall, parental controls, customer support, automatic backup, and covers up to ten devices.

It offers you cloud storage at a very reasonable price.

Not only does Norton antivirus provide excellent protection against online malware, but it also doesn’t slow your computer down in the process.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2020 Edition

Image of ESET NOD32 antivirus Interface, saying that your device is protected.
ESET NOD32 antivirus

Fantastic antivirus for the most experienced user, it only supports the Windows operating system and can be connected to a maximum of five devices.

Positive Features

  • Highly Customizable
  • Direct Device Access Control
  • Lightweight, It Does Not Cause Your Computer to Lag
  • Excellent Documentation, And Video Tutorials
  • Customizable File-Level Scans
  • Easy to Use
  • Many Protections Features

Negative Features

  • Little Pricey
  • Much Customization Options, Not Advisable for Beginners
  • Firewall Is Not Included
  • Password Manager Not Included
  • File Shredder Not Included
  • Confusing Knowledgeable Database

ESET NOD32 antivirus 2020 Edition blocked 99% of the 350+ malware samples we used to test the software.

The program was simple to install and use.

On a positive note, ESET NOD32 antivirus has extra layers to block exploits. ESET NOD32 is very useful in protecting you from Ransomware on your computer.

Simultaneously, it can detect attacks that are using PowerShell or other types of malicious JavaScript.

ESET NOD32 antivirus 2020 Edition has everything to meet your online needs.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Protects your Username and Passwords

You can adjust the way the antivirus software works with the help of over 150 profile settings.

The software does not have several features such as a firewall, a password manager, a vulnerability scan file destroyer, etc.

Or any other extras you may find in other software packages, this does not mean this package is not robust.

The product lacks all these other extra features because it focuses on where it matters the most.

ESET NOD32 antivirus 2020 Edition has your back covered with real-time malware protection.

An Anti-Ransomware layer, exploit protection, the ability to block malicious websites, and many other features that will help prevent malicious script attacks.

My favorite feature is the unified extensible firmware interface scanner, which allows the program to search your device before booting into your operating system.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus License 2020 is a Great Investment

Let’s say, for example, that you have a virus that doesn’t reside inside Windows, and the virus can take over the UEFI.

A virus that controls the UEFI creates a massive problem because even if you format the unit, you will still be infected.

With this startup scan, the antivirus looks for problems before the Windows loading process begins. Therefore, it can catch any deeply rooted malware.

I highly recommend this antivirus to technicians or to an experienced user who appreciates the level of advanced features while having a low-level of reconfigurability.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2020 Edition

Image of Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus Interface, saying that your device is protected.
Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus

Positive Features

  • Fast Scans
  • Accurate URL Blocking
  • Perfect Malware Protection Score
  • Excellent Anti-phishing Score
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Lots of Features

Negative Features

  • Limited Lab Tests Results
  • Don’t Provide A Bootable Rescue Cd
  • Limited Configuration
  • Learning Curve in Advance Features

Webroot is a company that has been developing security software since 1997.

Moreover, it offers a wide range of home and business Internet security packages.

The software has very sophisticated heuristic and behavior-based detection methods.

It is an excellent solution for neutralizing viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, and phishing schemes.

You can expect top performance from Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus 2020 Edition; the software is extremely lightweight.

Moreover, you can use a free trial that does not require you to put your credit card information.

The trial will function for fourteen days.

What surprised us was the fact that the package doesn’t even mind if you have another antivirus installed.

The program is very straightforward to use, and you can launch simple scans from the extensive and distinct scan of my computer button.

Incredibly, the program performs so well without needing to create a large installation in our hard drive.

Our Review Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Results

In our tests, the program worked very well and captured all the identified malware we use.

It also provided excellent Phishing protection. You will be perfectly safe with this cloud application.

Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus 2020 Edition will also remove any spyware on your computer.

While spyware may seem relatively benign, the truth is that spyware can get important information about you and send it to a third party.

There is even some spyware that can change your computer settings and slow your connection speed.

If you want compact, efficient software that gets the job done, then look no further.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2020 Edition

Image of Kaspersky antivirus Interface, saying that your device is protected.
Kaspersky antivirus

The application is exceptionally lightweight, accurate, and offers reliable protection against malware while being extremely easy to use.

Positive Features

  • Excellent Malware Protection
  • Customization Options
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Password Manager
  • Rich Parental Control

Negative Features

  • There Is No Possibility to Create Custom Scan Types
  • Lack of Extra Features

Kaspersky antivirus 2020 Edition is the latest security package from Kaspersky Lab’s; the software uses multiple techniques to protect your device online.

Also, Kaspersky is a firm with a strong tradition of designing security programs that provide excellent protection.

Kaspersky antivirus 2020 Edition doesn’t need too many computer resources to function correctly.

You can try the free version, which comes with some limited functionalities, offering just minimal malware protection while warning you about dangerous websites.

The Pro version allows you to protect three PCs while adding phishing and spyware protection.

You can quickly check the device for potential bugs and even use a gamer mode to eliminate computer interruptions.

The program is straightforward to use, and you have eight basic options:


  • Scan
  • Database Update
  • Safe Money
  • Password Manager
  • Privacy Protection
  • Backup and Restore
  • Parental Control
  • My Kaspersky

Of course, the essential feature is the scan option, which will give you all the options to secure your PC.

Smaller image of Kaspersky Server Antivirus logo in white background.
Kaspersky Server Antivirus

Another feature we like is Safe Money.

Safe Money provides an application that creates sandboxes to isolate your online financial activity from the rest of your system.

Thus, you can safely make purchases or complete your most sensitive actions online.

You can manage your passwords under a beautiful password manager UI, which is extremely easy to use and provides an encrypted database.

With its privacy protection feature, you’ll be safe from unauthorized people trying to access your devices like your Webcam.

Kaspersky Parental Controls is a great feature that will restrict web surfing so you can protect your children from unsafe websites.

You can also create a user profile where you can limit the browsing experience.

Kaspersky provides excellent antivirus protection that uses five signature scans to identify potential threats.

It uses a cloud-based analysis of suspicious software and has a behavioral system to detect the latest malware.

Kaspersky‘s ability to detect malware is an excellent addition to your life.

The software allows you to detect infections that only work in memory and don’t use the storage unit.

Kaspersky Antivirus Upgrade Policy Provides Protection and Performance

The software has an excellent performance; it was able to detect all the malware tests without causing any slowdown of the system.

If you want to improve the security and privacy of your PC them Kaspersky Internet Security, it’s a natural choice.

There is no doubt that Kaspersky delivers fantastic software that has all the features you need while performing well.

If you are in a tight budget, you might consider the free version, which will give you proper protection.

Of course, if you can buy the premium version, you’ll have a broader range of features to improve your online experience substantially.

Panda Antivirus Pro 2020 Edition

Image of Panda antivirus Pro Interface, saying that your device is protected.
Panda Antivirus Pro

It is a lightweight alternative to Windows Defender, has excellent malware detection capabilities, and is easy to use. Unfortunately, the interface needs some improvement and could evolve significantly.

Positive Features

  • Compact Feature Set
  • Good Malware Detection
  • Password Manager
  • Protection Component for Social Networks
  • Safety Component for Online Banking
  • Secure Web Browsing
  • Good Value

Negative Features

  • Terrible Interface
  • Limited URL Blocking
  • Affects System Performance
  • Several Problems Restoring Files from Quarantine

Panda Security is currently developed by a Spanish based company with a good track record of antivirus innovations.

It is a very simple antivirus to use; it offers excellent malware protection while giving you the basic file scanning options.

It also provides you with the browser extension for Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Panda Antivirus Pro 2020 Edition comes loaded with secondary tools such as a system screen monitoring programs running on your PC.

And flags immediately those that are not recognized or unsigned.

A great feature of the software is the ability to use a rescue kit page that lets you build a bootable USB flash drive.

You even have the option to download the software‘s portable version. It is excellent to neutralize rogue processes and access files you couldn’t have in the operating system.

The software comes with some standard features such as a built-in firewall and several secure browsing features that keep users safe when browsing online.

The Pro version offers antivirus protection with URL filtering; this way, you are protected from malicious links and websites.

You can define which programs can run on your PC by using an application control system.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the password manager or the file shredder feature that you can find in other packages.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security 2020 Edition

Image of Trend Micro Antivirus Interface, saying that your device is protected.
Trend Micro Antivirus

The software is easy to use, offers above-average protection with excellent extras.

Positive Features

  • Above Average Protection
  • Good URL Blocking
  • Good Price
  • Easy to Use
  • Excellent Support
  • Spam Filter
  • Great Anti-phishing Features
  • Multi-Faceted Ransomware Protection

Negative Features

  • Perform Poorly in Independent Lab Results
  • Ransomware Features are not Appropriate to PCs with Multiple Users

Sometimes the best antivirus solution is the one that is easy to use. Let’s face it; if you can’t understand the navigation to take advantage of the app’s features, then the program doesn’t have any use.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security 2020 Edition has one of the most original navigation sets we have ever seen in this type of program.

Trend Micro antivirus for Android

You can download Trend Micro from the Google Play store, with a 30-day trial with all the professional features.

You can upgrade to the professional edition by paying $29.99 online or through a year, an in-app purchase license device.

If you prefer, you can choose Trend Micro Maximum Security for $44.95 on Trend Micro mega-suite, priced from $89.95 for three licenses.

It is a great option that you can use to install security software on your Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

This review focuses on software version six, running on Amazon’s Samsung Galaxy S5Best Price.

Using a reference provided by the Windows Maximum Security application, I downloaded the program and entered with my license key. When installing from Amazon’s Symantec Norton Security Best Price link, you don’t need to enter a code. Researchers found in the latest round of AV-Test security testing that Trend Micro detected 100% of the several malware samples used in the assessment.

Notably, AV-Test does not report any false-positive Trend Micro alerts.

Trend Micro Mobile Protection & Antivirus

In my practical analysis, Trend Micro recorded the fastest Android search.

It only took Trend Micro two seconds to search all my devices. A full scan of the Device was just a little longer, averaging 3.67 seconds.

But if you don’t have Wi-Fi, it’s different.

With only a 3G link, a full system scan took 18 minutes to complete.

Since Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus, Trend Micro’s antivirus scanning is cloud-based, so you need a connection to the Internet.

Trend Micro will review Google Play applications before they are released.

So, the security company can see the encrypted HTTPS traffic from your Device.

Trend Micro Mobile Security & antivirus Features

A useful feature, however, only works with the Google Play store, where I usually route readers to safe applications.

Trend Micro should expand to include all APKs downloaded to phones.

I suspect that the mobile VPN scheme of Trend Micro was the cause; to me, it seems probable.

Trend Micro also examines applications that may leak your data or share excessive amounts of your personal information with advertisers, such as exploitable malware.

I’m concerned that most customers will be confused and ignore these apps.

A Safe Browsing feature that scans websites as they load for anything malicious, protecting you from suspicious phishing sites.

The application quickly blocked during my testing, the Anti-Malware Test Standards Organization test site that triggers phishing detection in security applications.

AVG Antivirus Free 2020 Edition

Image of AVG antivirus Free Interface, saying that your device is protected.
AVG Antivirus Free

AVG antivirus is free, and it is an excellent choice if you only need essential malware protection and don’t need any advanced features. It is an ultra-configurable antivirus so that you can customize your security solution.

Positive Features

  • Highly Configurable
  • Above-Average Protection Rate
  • AVG Antivirus is Free
  • Excellent Scores in Independent Lab Tests

Negative Features

  • Lacking Features
  • The Initial Scan is Slower than Average

Everyone needs antivirus protection.

By protection, I don’t mean the antivirus that Windows has built-in.

If you are looking for free malware protection that doesn’t use many of your PC’s resources, while allowing you to configure the program the way you want, then AVG antivirus Free is an excellent solution for you.

AVG antivirus has some great extra features like a game mode, a password manager, and many other features.

In our tests, it was able to scan and block potentially dangerous sites and files.

AVG Antivirus for Android 4.0 Free Download

It is a fantastic antivirus for your android devices that pack many features from the PC version.

The software was able to stop in quarantine malware files before they become embedded in our systems.

While antivirus software doesn’t use browser extensions, pop-up messages are used to let you know if the website you’re trying to access is malicious.

Also, if the software blocks and quarantines a file, you have the option to let the program know that the data is safe.

AVG Antivirus Free is a simple antivirus software stripped of many features that don’t directly affect its performance.

The software comes with some security features such as spam and email filter.

Now you will not have a password management system, a VPN, or a personal firewall with the program.

However, the truth is most basic antivirus programs don’t include those.

The program runs system performance checks, not only informing you if you’ve outdated software.

I also tell you if and how to boost a week password.

If you’re looking for a program that has a light impact on your system resources and is very customizable, AVG antivirus can read.

Avast Free Antivirus 2020 Edition

Image of Avast Free Antivirus Interface, saying that your device is protected.
Avast Free Antivirus

A versatile security suite that will keep you safe online and off-line.

Positive Features

  • Free
  • Lots of Features
  • Good Detection Rates
  • Password Manager
  • Network Scanner
  • Gaming Mode

Negative Features

  • Complex in Certain Situations
  • Massive Impact on System Performance

The installation is simple; the program interface is straightforward to use.

The software will start a quick check for malware, network vulnerabilities, junk files, weak passwords, and missing software updates immediately.

While Avast Free antivirus 2020 Edition is free, it does provide many features that you will find it in other security packages.

It works with all the recent Windows versions and gives you lots of customizable options.

It brings a network security scanner that will detect any router vulnerabilities that you might have.

Avast Free antivirus it’s a very capable antivirus that will provide you with all the core functionalities to keep your system safe.

Smaller image of Avast Antivirus logo in white background.
Avast Antivirus

Avast Free antivirus 2020 has real-time detection of any malware threats, analyzes unknown files, and filters dangerous websites.

It has a perfect Anti-phishing system.

And when the software detects a phishing page, the program displays a medium-sized window alerting you to the problem.

Avast Free antivirus 2020 also provides a gaming mode so that you could resume your activities without the software continually disturbing you.

The main problem we had with this program was in the performance area, although it provides excellent security when performing the tasks.

Avast Free antivirus packs lots of features, more than many commercial products.

It is a fantastic antivirus with rock-solid protection.

If you are an experienced user, you will be able to customize the software to work the way you want.

If you are a beginner, you should leave the settings alone.

Avira Free Antivirus 2020 Edition

Image of Avira Free Antivirus Interface, saying that your device is protected.
Avira Free Antivirus

The veteran malware hunter receives a new facelift – Reliable performance at a better price.

Positive Features

  • It’s Free
  • Decent Results from Testing’s
  • Good Customization Features
  • Firewall Manager

Negative Features

  • Mediocre Malware Protection
  • Massive Impact on System Resources
  • Limited Web Protection
  • Not that many Features

Avira free antivirus is a fantastic security software created by a German security giant that provides antivirus products for home users and business users.

Avira Free antivirus has a core engine that can detect and block malware in real-time.

The software uses multiple techniques to catch new online threats, including the capacity to upload files for further cloud analysis before executing them.

Smaller image of Avira Free logo in red background.
Avira Free Antivirus

The software uses parts of a new project that supplement checksum-based virus detection, which is much more effective due to pattern-based machine learning networks.

This type of architecture allows the antivirus to cut files for virus definition by 75%.

Which, in turn, speeds up the detection process while reducing the startup times and bandwidth required for updates.

The software runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 you will not have XP or Vista support.

Although Avira provides proper malware protection, it had a few misses in our tests. Not only that, but the scan had a massive impact on our system performance.

The software is capable of protecting you from the virus, spyware, dialers, adware, and many other types of malware.

Overall, Avira antivirus is the right product that offers an adequate protection result.

The antivirus has an advanced heuristic engine, which is not a very common addition in free antivirus tools.

However, it is preferable to buy the Pro version.

That will give you the missing features that you will need to have a safe Windows environment.

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