Pollen Score Applications: Perfect for Allergy Sufferers

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Using a pollen radar through the smartphone & tablet application, you’re better prepared for the allergy season.

Non-Allergic Applications for Android and iOS for smartphones and tablets.
Pollenflug-Apps II

As beautiful as they are, birch, alder, poplar, herbs, and bushes:

They can literally make people who are allergic to cry.

In any case, the pollen season occurs when the air is saturated with pollen.

Medications provide relief, but it would be even better if you, as an allergic person, could adapt to them in time.

Know exactly when and where the pollen concentrations are highest.

Fortunately, today there is a suitable application for almost every situation in life.

Now the small expert helpers also offer their services in the area of pollen prediction.

To help you pass the next allergy season as symptom-free as possible, we would like to present below some of the best pollen concentration prediction applications for smartphones and tablets.

Non-Allergic Applications for Android and iOS

Of course, even the best allergy predictions cannot directly relieve symptoms.

However, they do help to avoid high concentrations of pollen as much as possible or at least to prepare appropriately.

The information transmitted by this pollen radar indirectly helps reduce the nervous factor in your allergy.

Most pollen counting applications are also available free of charge.

Here are our current favorites:

Pollen Forecast

The free “Pollen Flight Forecast” application ( iOS | Android ) provides updated and specific forecasts on the “pollen flight plan” of 15 allergy-causing plants, from ambrosia and marsh to banana and willow.

The pollen radar data are updated three times a day.

You can even activate push notifications that inform when their pollen is approaching.

Get a 7-day forecast on clear maps of both Germany and the federal states.

Customize your ad at any time by choosing your own locations and allergens.

Through location and postal code search or alternative location detection (GPS), you can control the pollen forecast accurately.

Direct Pollen Alarm from Livocab

This free pollen counting application ( iOS | Android ) also keeps you up-to-date with the latest information on 14 types of pollen in Germany.

Location detection works by GPS or manually by postal code and location.

Custom pollen alarm and 7-day forecast are also on board. An additional handy feature is a search for pharmacies with opening hours and route planner.

Besides, the allergy application has compiled several consultative articles on hay fever, household dust, and animal hair allergy, as well as cross allergies and treatment options.

It’s worth trying!

The allergy application Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is developed in cooperation with the German Pollen Information Service Foundation and the University of Vienna.

The Pollenflug application ( iOS | Android ), you regularly monitor the 8 most common allergens (ambrosia, sagebrush, birch, alder, ash, grass, hazelnut, and rye).

As with the pollen radar applications mentioned above, the cough blossom has a pollen alarm with impulse function and a load prediction for several days.

Also included is a lexicon, which provides information on the most common allergens.

Besides a self-test for adults with allergic hay fever, the application offers advice on therapy and treatment methods.

The pollen radar is not a specific meteorological application, but shows a regional forecast of weather and pollen for 6 days, inclusive of wind strength and the likelihood of rain.

Generally, the pollen counting application ( iOS | Android ) is evident and easy to use.

So you get a quick overview and know what’s floating in the air with you.

Create your personal allergy profile

Personal allergy profile. Create your personal allergy profile for free.
personal allergy profile

Determine which of the 14 types of pollen registered by the application you want to get information for.

Plus, you get practical advice every day on pollen allergy and can even do a quick self-test if you want to know if you’re allergic.

Pollen Risk Index

This allergy prediction application ( iOS | Android ) of the German Meteorological Service offers data on 8 types of pollen.

The application has a simple and clear practical widget that shows the daily forecast for the selected region. Nevertheless, a real pollen alarm with push notifications is missing.

The pollen flight application ( iOS | Android ) under the simple name comes from the Austrian Pollen Advisory Service of the Medical University of Vienna.

The application uses data from local and international institutions for your allergy forecasts (up to 3 days).

That includes the German Weather Service and the German Pollen Information Services Foundation.

Forecasts apply to Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Great Britain, and South Tyrol.

Users can document allergy symptoms in a pollen diary.

A personalized load prediction is made on this basis.


With the right data, you can use the pollen flight application of your choice at any time.

In short, the most important things

Are you allergic?

Then Pollenflug applications provide essential information about the current level of contamination in your location, along with multi-day forecasts.

Due to allergy prediction, you can prepare in advance for days with high loads and, at best, avoid severely affected areas.

Depending on the application, you also receive comprehensive information on allergies and treatment options.

Some applications still offer short automated tests with which you can assess whether you are allergic.

However, the warranty only has the diagnosis of a specialist, and not even the best pollen counting applications can replace it.

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