December 11, 2020

Pixel 4a Superior Design Over Premium Pixel 4

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 Image of Pixel 4a over a white desk, next to other devices.
Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a offers a superior design to the Premium Pixel 4 model.

Google launched a more affordable version of Pixel 3a in 2019.

The version looked like a cheaper version of Pixel 4.

In 2020, Google will launch the Pixel 4a.

Some juicy leaks of information about Google Pixel 4a have occurred.

Google’s Pixel 4a comes in black and blue, with 128 GB of internal storage space.

The scheduled delivery time is between next week and a half and July 2020.

There are no signs that Google will release Pixel 4a XL commercially.

Googles Pixel 3a takes advantage of the critical features of Pixel 3 but saves on all Premiums, allowing for significant price cuts.

We expect the smartphone to feature an OLED 5.81′′ display, equipped with a front view camera, in its upper left corner.

It also includes a single 12.2-megapixel camera and a 3080mAh battery inside.

Google has not yet clarified users’ ability to purchase and receive the newer models from these online stores.

Can Google Compromise Pixel 4a to Boost Pixel 4’s Attractiveness?

I’ve been looking for extra details about Pixel 4a for the last few days.

I’m worried that Google’s successor on Pixel 3a is going in the wrong direction.

We have to consider all the information with a grain of salt.

The information sources show the existence of the final product.

Therefore, I assume that Google’s approach will differ from its second low budget Pixel smartphone.

Expect Pixel 4a in May 2020

One-handed image of a Pixel 4a hold with a pink background
Pixel smartphone

So far, no one has manifested about the distribution of Pixel 4a.

Pixel 3a, however, was announced to the public on Google I/O in May 2019.

Therefore, it is likely that we will see a release similar to Google’s, maybe sooner.

Thanks to the success of 2019, the smartphone has become a viable bet.

There is no price point revealed yet.

However, Google has lowered prices on Pixel 4, making Pixel 4a cheaper than Pixel 3a.

Google Pixel 4a Design

Dimensions-144. 2x 69. 5x 8.2 mm. 

It was possible to see what the device would look like through some detailed renderings.

It doesn’t seem impressive to us.

However, I like to mention that the dimensions point to it being smaller than Pixel 3a.

I think it will probably have a bigger screen.

You can see that there is a fingerprint reader on the smartphone on the back.

However, the material used on the smartphone body is not yet known.

At first, it seemed to be polycarbonate, but like low-budget smartphones, glass is the norm, so we suspect the screen will be glass.

It is interesting to note that Google is trying to introduce a pronounced impact on camera design.

At least this gives a link to a design that is familiar to us with Pixel 4.

We expect the smartphone’s rendering feature to include a 3.

5 mm headset

A 5 mm headphone port is a significant addition currently absent in several of today’s smartphones.

Let’s not forget that Pixel 4a features a snap-in display, a rear camera block, and a slim bezel design.

There are many promising features in these renderers.

First, it is a sign that they will launch Pixel 4a on the market.

To ensure a more modern design, they are inspired by Pixel 3a, a prevalent model.

I Wonder If Pixel 4a Brings a Headphone Jack?

Despite being a mid-range model, this rendering shows what seems to be the most modern Google Pixel on the market.

Unlike the Galaxy S10e, the front looks like a Galaxy S10e with a slim structure with a full screen.

Pixel 4a, however, without the collection of sensors that fill the top structure of Pixel 4.

There is also a headphone jack and a capacities fingerprint reader mounted on the back instead of the fingerprint reader in most versions.

I expect the screen of Pixel 4a to be flat, with a thin structure and no notches.

There will be a hole for the front camera, something we have never seen in a Pixel.

The resolution of the Pixel 4a’ is unknown.

So far, there is nothing about the existence of a Pixel 4a XL that we believe can exist.

It will undoubtedly have a resolution of 1080p, reaching perhaps about 6.2 inches (ca. 16 cm) (ca.16 cm) for the larger device.

Although viewing technology lacks detail, we think its technology is OLED.

Google Pixel 4 Hardware Features

Regarding the hardware, there are no details.

We expect it to have a 700 series Snapdragon.

If Google wants to use 5G, then it must be a Qualcomm 765 Snapdragon.

That is why we don’t see it as a technology priority for Google.

The same applies to other key hardware specifications: 

We don’t know the RAM or the storage capacity, but Pixel 3a had a 4/64 GB configuration in its release version.

What Cool Things Can You Do With Google’s Pixel 4 Camera?

One-handed image of a Pixel 4a hold with a pink background
Google”s Pixel Camera

Expect both an LED light and a single camera, which can be seen in the images.

It is possible to assume with reasonable certainty that this is the same camera unit as Pixel 4.

Ultimately, the goal is to give you access to these camera features at an affordable price.

Therefore, you can expect to find a 1.4μm 12.2-megapixel sensor with a 1.7-megapixel lens and an optical image stabilizer.

All the features of Pixel 4 AI, including Night Sight

The front viewfinder camera will undoubtedly be a 1.22 mm 8-megapixel sensor with an f/2.0 lens and some bokeh features.

Pixel 4a Leaks: How Can I Buy a Pixel 4a From Google?

The most remarkable upgrade compared to the first Pixel Xa-, Pixel 3a and 3a XL series will be a more compact and sober design.

However, I’m not a fan of camera coatings; Pixel 4a looks almost like a frameless canvas.

That is a good start.

For audio fans, there is also good news, as the headphone jack is still there.

However, we have a single speaker, similar to the Pixel 3a model.

Because of the minor changes made to make it more like the Pixel 4 model, its style looks more like the Pixel 3a model.

As beautiful as it is, the plastic has a greater thickness, making it even more resistant.

First, considering its unique lens camera and its uninspired look.

Google reports have not revealed whether the Pixel 3a model has solved some of the most common complaints.

It is not yet known whether the storage base itself is more extensive than 64 GB.

It is not known if Google has placed a larger battery inside a smaller chassis.

Also, there is no word on the processor or the presence or absence of any water-resistant material.

From Pixel 2 XL to Pixel 4 XL

We already regret the alarming lack of an ultra-angular camera in an era of cell phones with three cameras, practically in all market segments. 

Even if you are happy to accept only two lenses, having a single shutter button for Pixel 4a is no problem. 

Switching to a square module to add a second or third sensor is a bad idea. 

However, possibly Google wants to make Pixel 4 cheaper.

Pixel 3a Plus?

Pixel 4a looks a bit like Pixel 3a (Plus) and not a true successor of Pixel 3a.

Although Google makes adjustments under the hood, it is difficult not to feel that this is an iterative renewal of Pixel 3a.

That makes me wonder if Google is intentionally harming Pixel 4a to differentiate your favorite mobile devices further.

Everything shows that the volume of sales is historically low.

Differentiating further the two series, Google may try to make Pixel 4a the primary source of revenue.

Google is increasing the status of Pixel as your primary smartphone.

Maybe Google hopes to make its primary product look better compared to other competitor products.

Pixel 4 Lite

In theory, even if it appears to be significant, they could take this approach to the detriment of Pixel 4a itself.

Although I like the Pixel I currently use, the Pixel 3a XL was the phone of the year 2019. 

I actively took part in the vote for the Editor’s Choice Awards.

Was It an Exciting Smartphone?

Not really! 

However, it took little to make the Pixel 3 series fantastic, except for a headphone jack. 

Even low-cost mobile phones can be further equipped with 5000mAh batteries.

Therefore, it is not reasonable to believe that they serve between 2800mAh and 3700mAh on Pixel 4 and XL. 

Especially after Pixel 3 receiving such negative feedback from the customer. 

Schedule the release of Pixel 4a for a similar period. 

Information about Pixel from Google has remained quite intensive during the last year. 

Pixel 3a working prototypes were first fully photographed six months before release.

Google responded to the information leak about Pixel 4 to confirm it. 

Of course, we will know more about Pixel 4a before its launch. 

Google’s cheaper Pixel 4 looks better and more modern than the more expensive Pixel 4; the new sensors hardly work. 

The old “stalwarts” like the rear fingerprint reader and headphone socket will satisfy many people. 

This situation is disappointing when keeping up with the leading smartphones on the market.



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