SnapChats Helps McDonald’s With Job Applications

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Mcdonalds new initiative called "Apply Thru"
Mcdonald’s new initiative called “Apply Thru”

McDonald’s has announced a new initiative called “Apply Thru” in which owners of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant handsets can start applying using the standard “Alexa” and “Ok Google” voice commands.

The company sees this initiative as a way to give young people more opportunities to start careers in one of its restaurants, and extends to digital voice assistants with artificial intelligence.

SnapChats helps McDonald Job Applications!

As crazy as it may sound, the fast-food giant is asking applicants to send them ten seconds Snapchat video application.

McDonald´s what applicants to use a filter that shows them wearing a McDonald’s uniform.

Moreover, while this is a new social method for attracting workers, Mcdonald’s is innovating is recruitment methods by starting a campaign of “SnapChats Applications.”

The entire application process cannot be completed using Alexa or Google Assistant alone. ” When you start the Alexa or Google Assistant experience, you should answer a few basic questions aloud in your application.

The ten-second video application sent to McDonald’s works as a preliminary application.

If the person is indeed is selected, it will then get a link to the company’s career page where the person can choose if it wants to fill or not the application form.

Install Snapchat to start the application process for a job at McDonald’s

Social-Media-Generation McDonald’s will need an estimate of 250,000 workers
McDonald’s will need an estimate of 250,000 workers

Participants will receive a text, following their answers to these questions, with an access link to complete the online application process.

Very simple,” reports McDonald’s press release.

However, perhaps using your computer or phone to start the application process for a job at McDonald’s was a big obstacle, maybe we can apply through a hands-free voice request”.

Let’s not forget that McDonald’s will need an estimate of 250,000 workers to fill its ranks for the summer.

It is a great new way to attract young people into their workforce.

The majority of people hired at the company are between 16 to 24-year-old. And many of them are just doing summer gigs.

In our days fewer teenagers are working, for example, in the 1970s nearly 60% of teenagers were working while today statistics show that only about 35% of teenagers are working.

The Snapchat lens even lets applicants place visual name tags on their chests to digitally see what it might look like to be one of the company employees.

McDonald’s has made a growing number of technical efforts in recent years to create an ancient and modern brand.

The company has struggled over the past decade with the rise of fast and casual chains, healthier eating and dietary habits, as well as changes in gastronomic culture.

Changes that have resulted in fewer drive-thru night trips and more orders through mobile applications.


Snapchats-Application McDonald"s is Now Testing Even More Dramatic Measures
Snapchats-Application McDonald”s is Now Testing Even More Dramatic Measures

Thus, through the merger of AI, automation, and on-demand delivery, McDonald’s has adopted a bold future operation.


It also continues to foster the nostalgic notion that a McDonald’s show can become a pleasant entrance for young people.

Besides, it is not the kind of work that seems to be replaced by the very advances in software and robotics in which the company is betting on the future of its business.

As an example of McDonald’s most aggressive technological embrace, we can cite the massive partnership with Uber Eats.

The partnership includes the experimental delivery of drones, and now DoorDash, as well as the worldwide implementation of its self-order kiosks.

On the other hand, they are marketing expensive products such as the “Snaplications” partnership established with Snapchat two years ago and now Alexa and Google through Apply Thru.

McDonald’s is Now Testing Even More Dramatic Measures

At the same time, your transition to on-demand delivery and your migration to large-scale automation will continue to be the right driver for its business.

McDonald’s is now testing even more dramatic measures, which include real robots in the kitchen with motion systems.

This year the company made numerous acquisitions, including an initial business estimated at $300 million at Israel-based Dynamic Yield.

The company is aimed at further advancing and adapting the IA driving experience, as well as different in-store and online menus and many other aspects of the overall business.

Naturally, its goal is to reduce costs by ensuring that McDonald’s can process, organize, and deliver orders as efficiently as possible in densely populated cities and suburbs around the world.

That seems to be a difficulty to overcome.

However, likely, Apply Thru is not accepting applications for these company jobs.

Not only the app is top-rated, with more than 160 million active users around the world.

But it also allows users to share photos and videos with ease.

Moreover, here is a new and innovative way that McDonald’s used to find employees.

However, McDonald’s is going in the right direction to find those teenage workers whose preferred method of communication is social media.

One can even say that their phones are the center of their lives.

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