Making Money with Applications – Is It Possible?

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Make small amounts of money and raise your "pocket money.
Money with Applications

Surveys, doing micro-jobs, entering data:

Now, you can earn money through apps in several different ways.

Here’s how to do it fast.

Monetize Your Apps

Are you spending most of your free time on your smartphone?

Then spend your time either on the subway or on the couch making money from apps.

With a handful of sliding gestures and a bit of time, it doesn’t take so long to make small amounts of money and raise your "pocket money.

Here are some useful apps you can use to make money.

Earn Google Play Credit Using the Google Search Application

Are you interested in earning money with applications that are interested in your opinion?

It works!

By registering for the Google Search ( Android ) application, you are providing certain personal information and receive periodic searches.

If you reply, you can earn Google Play credits for up to 80 cents per search.

Monetize with i-Say Search Application

The Android I-Say ( iOS | Android ) operates on a similar principle. Although you cannot really earn money with the search app, you could still earn points for Amazon coupons instead.

Download, then register, and you are up and running for mobile surveys.Your answers will serve for market research for the companies involved.

Nevertheless, certain users declare in the rankings that they only receive a few requests to participate in surveys.

If you choose not to let this discourage you, you may earn some "money" from the i-Say app to use wisely in your next Amazon buy.

Marketing Representative – Market Research That’s Worth the Effort!

There’ s also some money to be made with the Marketagent app ( iOS | Android ).

Whenever you want to know more about a product or service, there is a new poll every day.

However, it would be best if you also were patient until you get some money out of it.

Making Money with the Locking Screen

One hit, and you have some extra money in your bank account
Make money with the app

One hit, and you have some extra money in your bank account?

That’ s the first step in applications like Slidejoy ( Android ).

It will show you ads or news on the block screen that you can view or slide.

The ads adapt to your interests.

With each of these shares, you collect reward points, which you can exchange through Slidejoy for company cash or vouchers.

Or donate to a charity of your choice.

Make money with the app and do something useful with it?

We love it!

Try the coupon apps if you want to get discounts without having to do anything for it.

The Collekt – Money for Tracking Data

Such applications are certainly not meant for everyone:

With applications like Collekt ( Android ), you can earn money without having to do anything.

But the big BUT:

Do you want to allow applications to gather your location data?

Such information may only be used in connection with research relating to the relevant market.

But if you’re cautious about data protection, these applications will be less suitable for making money.

You can also participate in research at Collekt.

You earn credits which you can convert into vouchers or cash prizes.

Earn money with micro employment applications such as Roamler

Application screenshots to make money.

Many applications offer so-called micro-jobs, such as the Roamler ( iOS | Android ).

Micro jobs are small jobs that you can do with your smartphone with little previous knowledge in a short period.

For instance, taking pictures of public places, verifying the availability of specific products in a store, and checking the proper working hours of a store.

The App shows you the current orders in your area, and you can decide which ones to accept.

You receive money or points for each task.

You can redeem the points for coupons or cash.

The application Streetbees ( iOS | Android ) operates on a similar principle.

Earn money through the CASH QUIZ Application

Do you want to monetize your general knowledge?

In this case, you should try the CASH QUIZ app ( iOS | Android )!

If you want to earn money with the app, you must duel against other players.

It shouldn’t be any other way:

You earn points for correct answers and, the best-case scenario is, you emerge as the winner of the duel.

In case you don’t win, you will receive loyalty points that you can still accumulate and exchange for vouchers or discounts in the future.

You can even get a Google Play credit like this.

You can now qualify without know-how by searching around.

Earn money yes, Get rich no

Earn money with apps that seem tempting, but it doesn’t make you rich.

The values you get for searches, ads display, and small tasks are too small.

On the other hand, bear in mind that you may not have access to surveys regularly and that you may have to share micro-jobs with other individuals.

But a little additional income is added, and these applications also help you fight boredom.

Please keep in mind that it will take time to make enough money.

Regardless of whether you ask for installment or exchange for cash, you may need to take a break from your activity.

Application audits regularly declare that the amounts presented arrive late than expected.

Anyway, when you have enough money, you can finally buy another mobile phone.

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