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Language learning applications allow you to familiarise yourself with another dialect via your mobile phone
Language Applications

No time for a language course, but shouldn’t jargon stick?

Become a language proficient with these language applications!

Would you like to finally accomplish something more rewarding with your time than merely playing candy crush while you are in traffic for work?

Language learning applications allow you to familiarise yourself with another dialect via your mobile phone and improve your general knowledge.

Here are three top applications.


The Babbel foreign language application ( iOS | Android )  is one of the most popular language-learning applications in the world.

With it, you can learn 14 different dialects, including English, Spanish or Italian, but in addition to increasingly exciting classes such as Dutch or Indonesian.

It can also be used off-line.

To use the application effectively, you must register in the desired language.

The instruction material is divided into short units that can be effectively incorporated into an everyday routine.

Regardless of jargon and punctuation, you will also discover how to use the new dialect in language exchanges.

With language courses, you can choose from several subjects you want to learn, such as for your next holiday or during your trip to work.

You can even practice speaking, using voice recognition on your mobile phone.

To ensure that the jargon really suits you, the language application contains custom jargon that depends on your level of learning.

It reaffirms essential words, so you don’t have them just in your head.


Also known as the free Duolingo language application ( iOS | Android ), with which you can learn more than 23 languages.

It’s even been named "Best Application of the Year" by Apple.

Duolingo’s popularity is undoubtedly related to the fact that it’s free.

There’s also the Duolingo Plus payment option.

But above all, it offers additional features like advertising removal and an offline function.

At Duolingo, you playfully learn a new language. In minigames, you solve vocabulary or grammar tasks and can earn bonus points, lose heart, or unlock new levels.

Short exercises adapt to your type of learning.

If you already have previous knowledge of a language, you can skip tasks.


With the Busuu language application ( iOS | Android ), learn the new language in two ways.

First, there are regular vocabulary lessons, grammar, and language exercises through voice recognition.

Second, there is a community of over 90 million members from all over the world.

Non-native speakers can correct their writing and language exercises and can be helped by other members in learning German.

Busuu currently supports 12 languages.

With the subscription, you can also use the application in offline mode and purchase official certificates from the American educational publisher MacGraw-Hill Education.

What does language learning application deliver to me?

To learn a language using an application has many advantages.

The material is divided into small bites, and you can decide when and where to learn something new.

Either on the train or on the sofa at night.

Language apps are usually fun in nature.

For instance, you will need to find the right word for a picture.

It’s fun and motivating.

You cannot complain about apps in terms of price.

But remember, a language app has its limits, too.

Speaking freely with native speakers is particularly tricky, even if many applications are possible with the help of audio material and speech recognition.

Thus, language applications are better suited to acquiring the basic knowledge of a language.

Usually, they are not demanding enough for advanced users.

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