How to hide apps on iPhone?

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You could use an iPhone hide feature to prevent it from showing at home. With a single tap, you can remove an app from your iPhone. Maybe you’ve loaded something you’d instead not share with the public, such as a dating app. It’s pretty easy to hide an iOS device.

Hide Apps from IPhone Search & Smart Suggestions

If you’re looking to keep certain apps out of your phone’s search results, there are several ways to go about it.

  • One way is to use the “Search Safely” feature built into iOS 13.1 and later.

Despite not removing apps from your device, you can prevent them from appearing in searches.

Another method involves hiding apps from search results manually.

  • Tap Block Apps From Suggestions at the bottom of the list.

iPhone Folders for Hiding Apps

iPhone Folders for Hiding Apps
iPhone Folders for Hiding Apps

If you want to hide an iOS app from your iPhone’s home screen, follow these steps:

  1. You can wiggle the icons on your Home screen by pressing the “Home” button.
  2. Drag one of the apps on your home screen to the left edge of the screen to create a new folder.
  3. Drag the hidden icon into the newly created folder. You can delete the original icon by pressing it and holding it for two seconds.

Tap on the home icon on your iPhone. On older iPhones, you will need to press the Home button on the top of the phone. On newer iPhones, you can quickly tap the Home icon at the bottom of the phone.

To open an application, press and hold until a pop-up menu appears.

Then select. Edit Home Screen

Tap and then drag an app from one screen to another. On your iPhone’s home screen, you will see a second copy of the first app.

Now open the folder by tapping it on your phone’s screen.

To move an app from one location to another, drag the app to the desired location. When you drag the app to the right side of the screen, a new window will open for the app.

Tap anywhere on your screen, and you will see “Done.”

You can hide apps on your home screen using the “Hide Apps” app. However, you can also remove apps from your home screen altogether.

How to Hide an App on An IPhone: Hide the Whole Screen

  1. Tap and release the blank part of your exhibit. Your device will then enter edit mode, and the app icons in your web browser will begin to wiggle.
  2. You can return to the home screen of any application by swiping up from the bottom (or pressing the home button).
  3. You can now see small app previews on your device. Clicking on one of them will display a larger version of the app. To hide an app, click the X button next to the app.
  4. When you click Done at the top right of the screen, the screens or apps you deselected are made invisible.

If you want to make a window visible again, follow these steps and enable the “Show Window Contents” option on the “Window Settings” tab.

How Can I Hide Apps from My Home Screen Using the App Library?

To remove an app without deleting it, open the Home screen and then press and hold the app until a menu appears. From the menu, select the “Remove from home screen” option. You can delete the app from your phone by tapping “Delete.”

  1. Open the home screen on your iPhone.
  2. You can remove an app from the list by tapping and holding it.
  3. Then tap “Remove App.”
  4. Also, you can remove an app from the home screen of your iPhone. To do so, tap the icon with three dots (…) next to the app’s name and select “Delete from Home Screen.”
  5. A menu will appear if you press and hold the app on the Apps screen until it appears on the Home screen. Then select “Add to Home Screen.” To find an app on the Apps screen, press and hold the app and drag it to the Home screen.

And you can make an app even harder to find by making it invisible to searches on your phone.

Hiding IPhone App Purchase History

Any app you have downloaded can be found by a clever detective who hacks into your App Store purchase history. Therefore, we should hide our apps from your App Store purchase history.

  1. Open the App Store and tap the little blue avatar (or your photo) in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Purchased. You will see a list of the apps you have purchased.
  3. Find the app you want to hide, swipe left, and tap Hide.
  4. Remember, this action removes the app from your list of purchased apps.

To hide the app from your phone screen, follow the steps above.

There is a way to bypass this method:

Even if you have hidden an app from your purchase history, it will not be available for download when someone searches for it in the App Store (because it is already on the device).
Therefore, a careful observer could use this method to determine whether you own the app or not, even if it is hidden in your purchase history.

How To Hide a Single IPhone App from The Home Screen?

If you don’t like the apps preinstalled on your phone — or if you just want to make sure no one else does — you can quickly delete them. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Agree to confirm.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Go into the newly empty home screen and open the app drawer. You can now see all the apps installed on your phone.
  5. Tap and drag each app icon off the grid to delete it.
  6. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to delete any additional apps you don’t use.

Once you’re done deleting unwanted apps, go ahead and give yourself some space.

Now, you can customize your home screen once again.

Enjoy your freshly cleaned home screen.

How to hide a single app on iPhone

How to hide a single app on iPhone
How to hide a single app on iPhone
  1. Press and hold the app you want to hide. After a few seconds, you should see a menu with several options.
  2. Select “Remove app” from the drop-down menu. A new menu will appear; select “Remove from Home Screen.”
  3. The application will now be hidden and easily accessible in the library if needed.
    Swiping across your home screen will take you to the application library.
  4. To find a hidden application, use the search bar at the top of the screen.

Hide Apps on IPhone Using the Search Option

  1. Go to the settings on your iPhone by tapping the “Settings” icon.
  2. Select “Siri & Search” from the menu. You will see a list of all available applications on the page.
  3. Go to the “Apps” section and select the app you wish to hide.
  4. After clicking on the app, the phone will display some options.

Switch between these three options:

  • Learn with this application
  • Show in Search
  • Show Siri Suggestions

It’s done. Now we have hidden the apps.

Your iPhone will now act as if the hidden apps are not there, and you won’t be able to find them using the search function, and you won’t receive notifications about them.

Remember to repeat this process for each app that you want to hide.

How to hide an entire page of apps on The IPhone?

How to hide an entire page of apps on The IPhone
How to hide an entire page of apps on The IPhone?

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply hide an app. Maybe your screen is too cluttered, and you need more space to work efficiently. Perhaps you have sensitive information on your phone that you don’t want others to see. You can hide the app page in iOS 14’s App Library with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Tap the blank part of the screen on the page you want to hide.

Step 2: Tap on the small navigation dots at the bottom of the screen.

You will now see all the screens with small checkboxes under them.

Step 3: Uncheck the box for the page you want to hide and check the box for the page you want to show.

You can simply repeat the process if you change your mind after hiding pages in the app.

You can change your home screen by long pressing the screen, tapping on the dots, and choosing which screens to show or hide. 


In conclusion, if you have an iPhone, you might already know that Apple has made it possible to hide specific applications from being visible on your home screen. This feature was added to iOS 7, which means it’s available on any device running iOS 7. You can prevent people from seeing your apps and having more privacy.

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