Google has not Updated Android Panel but Pornhub Has

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Google hasn"t updated its Android panel but Pornhub has!
Google has not updated its Android panel but Pornhub has!

Google hasn’t updated its Android panel; however, Pornhub has!

After all, Pornhub displays Android statistics for 2019, information that Google hasn’t released yet.

Google hasn’t updated its Android distribution panel yet. But Pornhub has kept it updated.

Whether in the United States or around the world, to update an Android distribution, you need a lot of data about its use.

For example, users’ expectations may be unrealistic, so you can’t know the exact number of Android operating systems operating on each device.

So how do companies and organizations deal with this?

Solutions sometimes come from alternative sources, such as Pornhub.

Google hasn’t updated its Android panel but Pornhub has!

Google Android Panel, Google no longer updates the control panel for the Android distribution.
Google Android Panel

Recently, developers have been able to conveniently find up-to-date data about the percentage of Android devices running on each version of the operating system. 

Because Google no longer updates the control panel for the Android distribution, you will need to search for alternate sources such as Pornhub to get the information you require. 

Currently, the Android distribution system is no longer maintained regularly, but “in maintenance,” and only saw an update in 2019 during Google I/O.  

Since this update was performed a few months before the launch of Android 10, it is difficult to determine the number of devices that received the update in question. 

In summary: Google did not update its distribution panel, which lists the number of devices using Android devices since May. 

However, the statistics were revealed by an unlikely source, Pornhub. 

Google had updated its distribution panel for the Android platform on a monthly basis.  

We can see how quickly new versions of the operating system are being introduced.  

However, there was no update for about seven months.

Pornhub Published its 2019 Annual Review

Thanks to the launch of the Year in Pornhub annual magazine, we have a rough idea of the Android distribution numbers. 

As far as global concepts are concerned, this site is among the 50 best in the world, so the analysis is undoubtedly valid.

Note that Pornhub does not yet have detailed information on the exact number of devices running the various versions of Android. Still, the data remains available throughout the year. 

As people have noticed, Pornhub published its 2019 annual review.  

Of all the curious statistics, they probably never wanted to hear about Pornhub.

Visitors to Pornhub have a section on the devices they use. 

The first statistic worth mentioning that we share is that the use of Android has decreased.  

Meanwhile, iOS has grown to the most commonly used mobile operating system in the Pornhub platform.

A little further down the page, however, you will see that Pornhub has also taken on the task of providing an Android distribution chart.  

You will quickly notice that the statistics displayed on the Pornhub chart do not look like the official version of Google.  

All “active” Android devices appear on the official distribution panel.

The Pornhub chart measures, as you can expect, only the devices that have browsed your site. 

Android Pie occupies the most important part of the pizza diagram and works on 48% of measuring devices.  

Unfortunately, this year’s Android 10, referred to as “Q” in the chart, weighs only 2% of Pornhub Android visitors, or less than half of the Androids lollipops still in use.

Pornhub Android Panel is an Alternative to Google

Pornhub Android Panel, Android absorbed 48% of all network traffic.
Pornhub Android Panel

Compared to the 2018 Pornhub statistics, Android Pie, one year after its launch, had a significantly higher adoption than Android Oreo.  

Further proof of the success of the Treble Project and Google’s commitment to facilitating the development and deployment of the Android Update OEM.

Still, Android distribution is embarrassing compared to Apple’s success in getting the September 13th iOS update for 71 percent of devices. 

The most popular version of the Google operating system that Pornhub visited was Pie, which was released last year.  

Android absorbed 48 percent of all network traffic. In 2017, the second was Oreo, followed by Nougat.

Android 10, or Q, received only 2% of traffic.  

However, as the numbers are for the whole year and were not released until September, this low number is to be expected.

Especially since it only reached the Galaxy phones last month.

A Google source told the Android police that due to an unexpected loss of usage data source; the control panel was not updated.

These monthly updates should have returned on a regular schedule, “but we’re still waiting.

Until then, at least Pornhub offers a satisfactory alternative.

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