Inspiring Google Doodles and Easter Eggs Cheerfully Celebrating the Holidays

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Google customizes its website to include a variety of Easter eggs with holiday themes
Google Christmas Logo

At this time of year! People from all over the world are searching the internet for last-minute gifts.

And amid all the confusion, you might have noticed the theme images on the Google homepage.

Go to on Monday, and you’ll see three bright candles.

The search results page will be customized to match the holiday you’re interested in. Plus, all the animations change daily.

Google is showing many scribbles and Easter eggs that are on vacation this week and wish you a happy holiday in 2019!

Whatever traditions are celebrated during the holidays, Google will certainly make you happy.

Google Hanukkah 2019

google search bar and hit enter on Monday, you"ll see a family of dreidels
Google Hanukkah 2019

Google Doodles and Easter Eggs are a great way to celebrate diversity.

For example, when you type Hanukkah 2019 in the google search bar, and press enter key on Monday, you’ll see a family of dreidels played on a Jewish holiday.

During the festivities, the little candles will change.

The eight nights of Hanukkah began on Sunday night, and the search on the Hanukkah 2019 desktop features a beautiful three-line family scene.

On closer inspection, the number of lit candles in the menorah changes during the celebration.

Several other holidays this season are dedicated to Christmas 2019, with an equally fun animated scene showing how a tree is decorated.

 Google has selectively modified its search logo to represent different cultures
Google”s Kwanzaa

Google’s Kwanzaa 2019 also features a family animation around a Kinara.

When you search for Festivus 2019, you can find an indispensable metal pin on the left side of the page.

To reflect special cultural events and birthdays over a decade, Google has selectively modified its search logo.

Visitors to will see new animations and programs known as Doodles on certain days, adding personality and character to the site.

Now the Festival, which is an alternative holiday on Monday, receives the same treatment in 2019.

So does Google, as in the last six years, and the seasonal pole of the Festival crosses the search results page.

For the 2019 holiday, Google has also redesigned its homepage with a doodle.

Google fans are now praying for a trio of lighted candles, surrounded by a bunch of hollies.

Merry holidays 2019! Happy Holidays 2019! Google Doodle

Google Doodles and Easter Eggs redesign their Doodle homepage to wish you happy holidays for the coming days
Google Doodles and Easter Eggs

Taking a closer look at the Google Doodle blog entries, you can see that the 2019 (day 1) parties are clearly labeled as the happy holidays.

With this name, we assume that Google can redesign their Doodle homepage to wish you happy holidays for the coming days, maybe even for the rest of the year.

However, if Google has any new Google Doodle holidays, then we will keep an eye out for them once they arrive.

Google Doodles and Easter Eggs Celebrating Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve at the moment, and Google has released its second part of the miniseries of their holidays in Doodles.

The latter replaces a rotating snow globe decorated for the holidays. With each rotation, the world scene changes from winter to summer and reflects north and south.

Besides, instead of Happy 2019, Google has updated the text search for the Doodle series! In addition, this article has been updated to reflect this.

Christmas Day is Finally Here!

Christmas Day is finally here, and finally, Google’s third Doodle holiday season was released.

There are two Google decorations on the Christmas Doodle with a corporate logo wrapped around the Christmas tree lights to celebrate Christmas.

So, do you remember what Vine was?


These are Google’s top searches every year for the last decade.

In search of Kwanzaa 2019, you can find an animated family event to celebrate a week-long celebration on African traditions and culture.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, this time of year is the most beautiful holiday season of the year!

According to Google, in a blog post.

Have a lovely holiday!

The search engine giant featured an element to celebrate the festivities, the yearly tradition that Seinfeld TV’s December holiday show made famous for consumption-weary people.

Holding an aluminum bar and issuing complaints on December 23 marks the holiday.

According to, in a statement, the search giant said that with Doodles, it was celebrating a diverse mix of themes reflecting the people at Google.

The mission of Google is to teach people something new and, above all, meaningful to local cultures.

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