December 9, 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy Note-20 and Galaxy Note-20 Plus Leaks

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There is a lot of information about Samsung’s Galaxy Note-20 and Galaxy Note-20 Plus.

But what do we know about Ultra Galaxy Note-20?

These are the most popular Android mobile devices on the market.

So we won’t wait much longer to see them.

Samsung is offering new large-screen smartphones with advanced 120Hz screens, enhanced cameras, and powerful features.

I hope we’ll see some improvements in Samsung S Pen 5 G connectivity standards.

The Galaxy Note-20 will face stiff competition this fall against the new 12-line iPhone.

Thanks to all the reports and disclosures we’ve seen.

Samsung has provided the best mobile devices so far.

All devices are ready to attend Samsung’s event next month.

I believe Note-20 will outperform the latest Apple devices.

For now, you can find all we know about Samsung’s Galaxy Note-20, Galaxy Note-20 Plus, and Galaxy Note-20 Ultra.

Launch Date, Price, Features, And Capabilities

We have obtained information about its potential launch date, price, features, and capabilities.

Render Image of a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus, over a gradiente background.
Galaxy Note 20 Plus

YouTuber “Jimmy-is-promo” presents the photos of Samsung Galaxy Note-20 Ultra.

The photos may be the first real glimpse of the new Samsung Note series.

Samsung generally announces the launch of the new Galaxy Note phones in August.

However, we cannot comment on the integrity of the photos.

They are presenting a device remarkably similar to what they revealed earlier this month on the Samsung website.

The device even includes a first view of the device’s front, showing a hole centered at the screen’s top.

You can also see how the ultra-volume 20 swing note looks.

Its main differences are the power button on the device’s right side, similar to the S20 model.

“Jimmy-is-promo” also states that the S Pen Place and the lower speaker moved to the left side of the Charging Port.

However, these changes appear to be small compared to last year.

Samsung Galaxy Events Revealed

The “Galaxy Unpacked” event will take place at 10 am EST on Wednesday, August 5.

Samsung plans to market its new line of Galaxy Note-20 devices.

Its first folding successor, the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung’s Teaser is very cryptic.

It is the main product of the line.

It was published accidentally on Samsung’s Russian website in early July this year.

Strange rumors are spreading about what to expect from Note-20 Ultra.

Ultra-Note-20 is expected to launch in around one month.

Assuming the alternative model has a triple rear camera with a periscope lens, the fourth sensor looks like a ToF 3D sensor and an autofocus laser.

Also, noteworthy is the Family Jump in Features, including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865.

Qualcomm Adds Snapdragon 865 Plus

According to the S20 line earlier this year, the new device standard will be 5 G plus a 120 Hz refresh rate indicator.

Of course, 20 will have an S-Pen, with one or two new tricks to be deployed.

Samsung will also have at least two Galaxy Note-20 models.

As for the smaller model, the Galaxy Note-20 and the Larger Note-20 Ultra give little detail about their differences.

Besides the Galaxy Fold called Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung has been part of the Galaxy Z Flip brand since the beginning of this year.

According to SamMobile, the internal 7.7-inch screen is more extensive, with a camera cut out, just like the other Samsung models.

Galaxy Note-20 Specifications Enhancements

The Z Flip 5 G galaxy model was presented at the event by the China-based TENAA Certification Centre.

Galaxy Note-20 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, which shows a slight decrease in total battery capacity from the previous version of the LTE device.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note-20 and Galaxy Note-20 Plus versions will provide more extensive S20 and S20 versions with additional S pen capabilities.

I predict that Mystic Bronze Color will reach both sides of your smartphone.

We don’t know if there’s going to be a Note-20 Ultra with a 108MP camera.

However, if the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2o is called the Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 G, it should be presented or announced separately.

It has been confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Note-20 and Note-20 Plus/Ultra will incorporate the latest Snapdragon 865 SoC with a 5G connection.

It’s the most powerful mobile chipset on the market, so there’s no alternative to Samsung’s most powerful devices.

Unfortunately, we believe that Samsung will follow its usual method of not including the SD865 in all models.

In particular markets, Samsung Exynos processors will not doubt the disappearance of Exynos 992.

The devices are expected to have an IP68 waterproof rating.

It includes at least 12 GB of RAM, at least 256 GB of internal storage, wireless upload, fingerprint reader, and a multi-sensor camera configuration.

Currently, only Note 10 Plus has an expandable storage capacity, so Samsung Galaxy Note-20 Plus/Ultra should be shown this year.

Note-20 Models Batteries

However, all Note-20 models are expected to have the same battery capacity.

According to the recent SamMobile report, the Samsung Galaxy Note-20 battery capacity is estimated at 4.300mAh.

The capacity would be higher than the standard 3.500mAh Galaxy Note 10 battery.

In this case, the Samsung Galaxy Note-20 Plus/Ultra is expected to have a battery capacity of 4.500mAh.

However, we expect to see a 5,000mAh function similar to that found on the S20 Ultra Galaxy.

However, Samsung removed the Jack headset from its primary devices, so don’t expect it to come back with the Note-20 Series.

Sergio Peixoto

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