Beste kostenlose Portweiterleitungs-Software für Windows und Mac


February 10, 2021 in Apps

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What is the best free port forwarding software for Windows and Mac?

Can your router support port forwarding easily?

Those are critical questions to protect your online activities.

The following is a list of the best free port forwarding software for Windows.

You've probably heard about port forwarding.

If you've ever played online games, used Skype, or downloaded torrents.

When configuring a program that communicates with an external server, router configuration can cause several connectivity problems.

What does it mean to open a port on a router, and why is it necessary?

It's not easy to understand what router ports are and why they're essential to configure correctly.

Ultimately, it is a simple matter of opening or closing a door so that information can flow smoothly.

Each router has a different user interface and port opening method.

Port forwarding software needs a lot of time to work out.

Without guidance, it's hard to handle.

It was not easy for non-techies.

Software now makes the process easier and faster.

If you play online games, use Skype, or download torrents, you can run into trouble reaching the server.

You can run many of these services through your router, so you don't need to forward ports directly.

You can compare ports to house doors.

The router provides a connection to the Internet.

However, it's best to protect your home network from outside intrusion.

With Freeport forwarding software, you can create a port forward for Windows.

You can accomplish this quickly without having to change any router settings.

We found the best free tools for working with networking protocols.

Simple Port Forwarding

Simple Port Forwarding is a port forwarding software designed for the Windows system.

In addition to saving network configuration files for future use, it has a traffic analyzer that shows real-time traffic statistics.

With Simple Port Forwarding, you can forward your router's ports as quickly and efficiently as never before.

The software guides you step by step through the entire process, port by port.

It's easy to use, and it's free!

Simple Port Forwarding is a safe program to use and one of the best ways to manage your router's ports.

You can easily set up port forwarding with this software.

Using it, you don't need to open your router's web interface by typing IP addresses or URLs.

You can forward any port between 1 and 65535 using this software.

For those requiring a lengthier and more complex configuration requiring unlimited access, the paid version is full-featured and comes with a free trial.

For a straightforward approach to port forwarding, Simple Port Forwarding is the perfect app.

By simplifying the complex rules of traditional port forwarding, it can save you a lot of time.

The Pro version has more features than the free version. The free version has more limitations.

A range of options is available in Pro Mode to achieve the most effective port forwarding setup.

Extra features of the Pro version include running an application from anywhere on the Internet or setting up custom port forwarding rules.

Currently, this software supports over 2500 routers.

Another feature to consider is its ability to work in multiple languages.

There are more than 700 games available, as well as 50 languages supported.

Simple Port Forwarding allows users to configure port forwarding on more than one router while preserving Simple Port Forwarding settings.

Download here: Simple Port Forwarding


Let's say you need software that supports port forwarding.

If that's the case, you're good to go with PortMapper.

The program lets you forward any port to any IP address for free.

With TCP and UDP connections, you can monitor any port without exerting any effort.

This feature makes PortMapper even more powerful.

PortMapper does everything a port forwarding software should do.

The program is free and doesn't require any specific technical skills.

You will save money and time if you use this program instead of port forwarding services.

With the PortMapper Windows application, you can share connections more easily.

With both UDP and TCP connections, PortMapper can monitor any port without exerting any effort.

In other words, you don't have to do anything.

Run PortMapper to see which port you need.

The steps include choosing the port you wish to map and then entering the full URL.

PortMapper is an application that allows you to block an IP address.

The tool is useful if you have an FTP connection and don't know your IP or LAN.

It supports both interfaces and is compatible with Windows.

Follow a few steps to enjoy its services.

Steps include choosing the port to map and then entering the full URL.

You can also enter an IP address.

If you have a public FTP server, this software will block access from that IP address.

Another advantage of this software is that it works on all versions of Windows.

Users can run this software from Windows 95 to Windows 10.

Download here: PortMapper

UPnP PortMapper

UPnP PortMapper is a user-friendly tool for managing UPnP routers in your local network.

It uses the UPnP standard to display the status of the devices from routers that are UPnP enabled.

PortMapper is an easy-to-use cross-platform tool that monitors your UPnP-enabled router and issues automatic port forwarding rules.

You can use the UPnP Port Mapper software to port forward your local network to your home network.

UPnP PortMapper helps you set up port forwarding on your router.

The UPnP PortMapper software lets you add and remove ports remotely on your router.

The UPnP router is becoming more common, but you don't need to lock them down.

You can open dynamic ports, get notifications to upgrade servers that cause instability, and forward ports to a LAN IP address with port mapping.

UPnP PortMapper lets you see your UPnP devices' status and port forward them to your local network.

UPnP PortMapper makes it easier to create port mappings on a router.

It is possible to select an existing preset or create a new one, and then add a port mapping on your computer.

You can complete the process with one click.

With UPnP PortMapper, the user doesn't need to input IP addresses since it retrieves them automatically manually.

You can download UPnP PortMapper for free.

Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac

The Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac is the easiest way to handle port forwarding on your router.

You can use the software to detect and forward a range of network address (NAT) port combinations on your modem or router.

Mac OS X's Port Forwarding Wizard lets you forward ports to any application that requires them by default.

The app will work best with macOS versions (Snow Leopard, Lion, etc.).

The Port Forwarding Wizard will simplify the process of setting up your router to use your custom applications.

You only need to enter your router's information.

It gives you a list of services with the required ports and protocols to open. Click "Apply."

Then it would be best if you waited until Port Forwarding Wizard detects all services.

It has a page that lets you enter your router's IP address for automatic UPnP port forwarding.

When you click the Start button, the Port Forwarding Wizard will open a new page in your default browser.

You can use the Port Forwarding Wizard to forward a port to your home router for your favorite online games.

You can choose your router from our database by brand and model.

Choose Manual Entry, and we will guide you through the steps necessary to locate your router's default IP & other settings.

With port scanning, you can check what ports are open on your router and which ones need to play games online.

As soon as a port is detected, the wizard will automatically retrieve all required information from our database and display it to you.

Add additional ports by entering a known port or specifying an entire port range for detection purposes.

Download here: Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac


Are you a Windows user looking for Port forwarding software with a lot of features?

You should choose AUTAPF if that is the case.

AUTAPF is a port Forwarded software for Windows.

AUTAPF helps you create, save and manage all your port mappings.

It has all the tools you need.

AUTAPF is available for free.

AUTAPF is an open-source port forwarding tool for Windows.

Through the database or GUI interface, you can manage the database.

You can run it on any operating system, including Win XP, Win7, Win9x, and Win10.

The software offers many features that make it a great choice.

An AUTAPF GUI handles advanced TCP/IP services like port forwarding, DMZ, and transfer relays.

Its status page features some unique features:

Also, AUTAPF checks for available ports on the network interface.

If necessary, you can also add new ports, delete existing ones, or edit existing ones."

It's a cross-platform utility for port forwarding, DCP monitoring, and ScopelD compatibility.

Software such as AUTAPF uses advanced TCP/IP protocol state management to provide advanced port forwarding.

You can monitor the status of the network interface and activate ports when needed.

The easy-to-use interface is straightforward to set up and administer.

Users can create a port forwarding rule with AUTAPF within minutes, enhancing the router's functionality.

Download now, and let AUTAPF watch over your ports for you.

Download here: AUTAPF


PFConfig is a cross-platform application that configures network routers.

A router can be configured in several ways using PFConfig.

You can use it to set your network's parameters without having to visit forums and guides, thus saving time and effort.

PFConfig is a Windows application specifically designed to configure Linksys routers.

These routers are known for their poor configuration methods and poor security practices.

With PFConfig, you can easily configure the settings without visiting any forums or running into any issues.

Since PFConfig doesn't require any technical knowledge, a common man can configure his router with this fantastic tool.

It also works with Linksys, Cisco, D-Link, Belkin, NETGEAR, NETCONNECT, Cisco/Linksys E3000, and many more.

PFConfig is a cross-platform router configuration tool that uses UPnP.

It also allows users to reset their network connections, including Internet and wireless.

The software also has a minimalistic interface and supports multiple languages.

PFConfig configures your router automatically and efficiently.

Opening a port on a router is as simple as picking an app and deciding which router to configure, and that's it.

You don't need to edit any configuration files or install additional software using PFConfig.

If you're using PFConfig, it's as easy as opening any app in the App Store and choosing which router you want to manage remotely.

PFConfig is the simplest and fastest way to port forward your router for people who do not like complicated configurations.

PFConfig will help you quickly set up port forwarding on your router.

Download here: PFConfig

Albertino Port Mapper

Albertino Port Mapper is like the UPnP PortMapper, except it doesn't run Java.

You can get a list of all services running on the localhost or nearby hosts with Albertino Port Mapper.

It will work with UPnP enabled applications or manually configured ports.

You can use Albertino Port Mapper to see which services you can use on UPnP-enabled routers.

You can use Port Mapper to open ports on your router.

Add a port mapping by clicking the plus icon, entering local and public ports, selecting the protocol and entering a description.

Once you click the Add Mapping button, the port will begin forwarding immediately.

You can view all UPnP mapped ports by clicking the "All UPnP Mappings" button.

It is unclear whether the only feature is the numeric up- and down-spinner next to the "Start Listening" button.

Download here: Albertino Port Mapper

FAQ: Learn more about port forwarding software

Port forwarding: What does it do?

IP packets are forwarded from the Internet to specific computers on a private network using a type of network address translation called Port Forwarding.

Users can use it to gain access to local services such as games.


The port forwarding feature enables public access to private LAN computers without opening any firewall or router ports.

You can forward ports online using Simple Port Forwarding.

It is safe to use.

You can run it on different operating systems.

It makes port forwarding as simple as possible.

Computer users might only need to set up port forwarding once, and they don't need to maintain it continuously.

Some people use port forwarding software for their Xbox One or PlayStation.

Port forwarding may facilitate access to network services otherwise unavailable through a firewall.


It makes port forwarding simpler.

By using it, administrators can forward traffic from specific ports to specific hosts.

These programs may be useful when hosting multiplayer networks and servers, connecting via a remote desktop client such as LogMeIn.

Simple Port Forwarding reduces the need for e-mail support for common router issues.

Optimize online video, gaming, and voice communications.

It can boost gaming experiences.

Finally, let's sum it up.

The PC port forwarding market offers a variety of options.

But to find the best among them is quite a challenge.

The way you intend to use it for port forwarding is a matter of personal choice.

You can solve all your Internet connection problems with port forwarding software.

With this computer program, you can troubleshoot and diagnose port forwarding issues, as well as forward an e-mail to you.

Aside from fixing connection issues and enhancing your gameplay, other features are valuable.

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