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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, but it also stinks because you can’t send images, videos, links, or anything else that would make your message more interesting. It’s free, easy to use, and highly effective, but not fun to mess with—especially if you don’t know how to use it.

WhatsApp was designed with privacy in mind and is the only messaging app that allows you to send messages without fear of government eavesdropping. There are numerous WhatsApp alternatives, but none are as powerful as WhatsApp. In this article, I will go over my top seven WhatsApp alternatives.

You can select from various simple or in-depth messaging apps with multiple features such as end-to-end encryption. Today we will discuss the Best WhatsApp Alternatives for the Web and why you should choose the right app for your needs.

Here are our top picks for privacy-protective messaging apps:



Spike is a dialog-based email app designed to help Web users communicate with one another. The basic version allows for up to ten different group chats and does not require a cell phone number. Voice and video calling will require cross-platform compatibility. All data is securely transmitted and stored using a pair of AES 256 keys.

An Israeli software company has turned the traditional email inbox into a modern conversation platform that does not use complicated things like subject lines or signatures. Spike is a WhatsApp alternative that doesn’t require a phone number because all you need to access your data is your email address. Nonetheless, it is a high-quality WhatsApp alternative due to its group-oriented chat feature.

The Spike is the lightest and quickest way to communicate in a group setting.
A small Israeli company manufactures Spike.
Because it is built-in right out of the box, the chat feature in this app eliminates the need for elaborate email signatures or subject lines!

Furthermore, unlike other WhatsApp alternatives, which require you to provide your phone number so that they know how to reach you when communicating via SMS text messages, Spike allows me to remain anonymous while still sharing with my friends via email, which serves as the only source of information.
Spike is a secure chat app that supports voice and video calls.

You can send audio messages to friends who would rather speak than type. Those who prefer audio messages can send the link to their friends so they can listen to the entire phone conversation.
The app uses public key exchange (PKE) and encrypted data to encrypt your chats using AES-256.
Spike is ideal for cross-platform collaboration.

Users can listen in on private and public chats without paying monthly fees or signing up for a subscription plan.
Personal users can access Spike.
Anyone who wishes to begin a professional career must pay a monthly subscription fee.



The app is run by the Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, who co-founded the social networking site. Telegram has the advantage of not having any advertising and is cloud-based and open-source. The disadvantages are the collected metadata, which stores information about users’ personal information.

Telegram is a messaging app that allows people to text and share photos and videos from their phones. It was created after Russia took control of its internet service and forced founder Pavel Durov out. It works on both phones and computers and has no limit on how much data they can send or receive.

Telegram is a new app that allows private user chats and encrypted messages. Your messages are encrypted from your phone to the server and from the server to the message receiver. WhatsApp allows people to send messages, but it limits the amount of data they can share and the size of their files.

You can only read a telegram message on the computer from which it was sent or received. It also does not have access to text messages stored on its servers. The only people aware of what is happening are those involved in the exchanges. You can use the hidden chat mode settings to have your messages disappear after a specific time.

As of the update, WhatsApp is now encrypted end-to-end and in real-time.

Each message is encrypted, so only the sender and recipient can read it—but this does not work in a cloud setting, so many users have migrated to other platforms such as Whatsapp or Skype.

Facebook and its apps, such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram, are cloud-based. As a result, switchers are vulnerable to attacks from people who wish to harm them.

For those who value their data, Telegram is not an ideal replacement for WhatsApp.

Unlike its competitors, it does not have a parent company that guarantees security standards or gives users confidence that their data is safe.

Telegram (iOS | Android)



Threema is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp and is primarily interested in protecting personal data from unauthorized access. It uses end-to-end encryption, which means that only the person who sent the message and someone who received it can see messages sent through Threema’s encrypted service.

According to the Center for Security Research, it is less vulnerable to data breaches than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It also has no ads, a voting feature, and encrypted phone calls, all of which can be used without giving out personal information like an address.

Threema, a Swiss messaging app, is an excellent choice for those looking to protect their data. This platform’s built-in encryption feature allows for encrypted phone conversations. The Threema app has unique features that make it one of the most user-friendly messaging apps available.

Threema is a messaging service that prioritizes data security over its competitors. The app will display your phone’s contacts and sync them with the Threema servers. You can keep an eye on your content while you’re on the go, and you don’t have to wait for the servers to accept it.

The app’s servers are in Switzerland, a country with strict privacy laws, so users’ data is better protected. It’s ideal for people who want to protect their data while having fun with the platform’s privacy features.
You can create your survey by voting on various options and answering any questions your friends throw at you!

To use the service, users must purchase one or more licenses.
You can purchase the Android edition from within the store using PayPal or Bitcoin.

Threema (iOS | Android)



The Signal app is a self-destructing, open-source messaging app that can be locked with a PIN and can encrypt phone calls. Contrary to its competitors, Signal stores extraordinarily little metadata. All messages are encrypted with code words that only the person who is supposed to get them can understand.

Signal lets you send and receive encrypted text messages without a password. It encrypts data sent back and forth on calls made over VoIP services like Skype, using tight authentication and public-key cryptography. You can call someone with an internet-connected smartphone and have private conversations without worrying about anyone listening.

End-to-end encryption is standard among WhatsApp, Telegram, and other companies, but not many of us know how to get access to them.

There are plenty of options, like Google Hangouts or Viber, where you do not need your phone number or email address to communicate. But what about those poor, lowly users of these apps? With their mobile data compromised, how can they use an app that does not communicate securely?

Messaging apps like Signal, Hangouts, and Viber allow for secure communication without giving out your phone number. Security providers ensure everyone’s communications are kept safe from hacks, but how do you get around it if you don’t have access to the internet?

Edward Snowden and the Open Whisper Systems team, led by Moxie Marlinspike, have used the encryption technology of Signal. Because this company does not depend on advertising like most others, safety is the most important thing.

The WhatsApp app is a convenient way to chat with friends, but it can get complicated when you want to add contacts not already on your phone.

Signal is a safe, private messaging app that does not support encrypted messages or have backup features. Signal lets you send your chats to a different computer, so there is a slight chance that a stranger could read them. The app is also available on Android and makes it easy to quickly and easily find new people in your area.

Signal (iOS | Android)



SIMSme is an encrypted messaging app that provides end-to-end encryption, verifies your contacts, and self-destructs messages. You can plan out the message you want to send before you send it so there are no miscommunications or misunderstandings. White-label SIM cards enable companies to brand a SIM card with preloaded content.

It is possible to lock your data by ensuring that people you do not know are who they say they are. SIMSme is a free, encrypted messaging app that allows you to send messages and files without ads.

Anyone can use the free app, but companies that want to take full advantage of it must purchase the paid version. Schedule the desired date ahead of time so the app will deliver any message that day at whatever designated hour you choose.

The software is available in two versions – free for personal use and paid for by businesses who want it on their computers or tablets.

One of its key features is the ability to stay up-to-date with news through content channels, which may help keep you informed about what’s happening in the news.

Wire App

Wire app
Wire app

The Wire app, which has been around for a while, is a new competitor to WhatsApp. It is cross-platform, has a contemporary design, and features group calls! Wire has the added benefit of being open-source, allowing any interested developer to use it on their project as they see fit.

The Wire is a secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption, remote voice calls, and video calls with up to 16 participants on a conference call. Even though the company does not say how many users it has, Wire has fewer users than Telegram and Threema. Their head office is in Berlin, and they have a Swiss developer on-site who sometimes helps with security features.

The Wire is the only WhatsApp app with end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls. When using Wire, you never have to worry about intercepting your messages, even when sending them across international borders. The Wire app was created by Janus Friis, a co-founder of Skype.

The Wire is a cross-platform secure messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption. When using Wire, be careful when using third-party features like YouTube or SoundCloud, as their privacy policies apply to data created through these ways of communicating with third parties. If you do not want your user behavior to be shown, do not use these features on the Wire.

Wire app (iOS)



The Hoccer app is based on anonymity and privacy, resembling Threema. It does not save any metadata. It is entirely private and encrypted, so you can share information with people nearby without worrying about being tracked. Its cheerful tone makes it easy to tell what kind of music is playing in the background.

Hoccer is like WhatsApp’s new German version that allows users to send and receive messages in various formats, including photos, videos, audio recordings, and location information. It is ideal for those who want to share anything without worrying about running out of space or other group chat users having more messages than you.

Because it is encrypted, you can use fake information to log in and not share personal information. I am not sure if this new messaging service would work as well if people wanted something other than what Hoccer offers, such as making calls through an app.

What do you do if you don’t want your social media accounts to be accessed by the person you are talking to, or if someone tries to access your account and it turns out to be a fake?

If someone tries to get into your Facebook account without permission, the app snaps a photo of them without revealing anything about who they are or where they live, all while sounding alarms from every angle. You can also send messages by voice tone, which is safer than typing because someone could look over your shoulder and read your typed words on a screen.

Hoccer is the first messaging service to offer a premium feature set. Because they provide all services from their German servers, they must follow strict data protection laws. They say they make money by offering high-end technical services while following German laws on data privacy. The main disadvantage, at least for the time being, is that Hoccer is not open source.

Hoccer (iOS | Android)


If you already use iMessage, there’s no need to start using WhatsApp. You don’t need to switch to another chat app just because you want to talk to someone else.

The iMessage app lets you send and receive messages from people using iOS, Android, or Windows Phones. Messages are encrypted end-to-end, so nobody can see what you say unless they have access to your device. The app includes group chats, photo sharing, stickers, animated emojis, and more.

Apple doesn’t allow third parties to build back doors into its system, so you can’t be spied on. They might be able to listen in if you enable “Call Screen,” which allows the police to hear incoming calls while you’re talking.

Even better, iMessage isn’t tied to specific phones. If you change phones, you can continue sending messages to old contacts without having to reenter your information.

And if you want to keep things simple, you can always use iMessage without paying anything extra. Make sure you’re signed up for the free iMessage service on both ends.

Google Messages

Google Messages is designed to work across multiple platforms, including desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, watches, and smart speakers. You’ll see a list of people who have recently messaged you in Messages. You can also add contacts to your phonebook and tap into your Gmail account to look up contact information. Google introduced Messages earlier this week, replacing both Hangouts and Allo.

Messages’ end-to-end encryption ensures third parties aren’t reading your messages, and it’s automatically enabled whenever you start chatting with someone else. There’s no chat history, though — just conversations with specific people. And while nothing is stopping you from sending text messages via Messages, it won’t integrate with the rest of Google’s messaging ecosystem.

You can also attach photos, videos, GIFs, documents, and audio recordings to messages. A “send later” button lets you schedule a message to go out at a later date.

Unlike iMessage, Google Messages doesn’t support group chats and doesn’t offer any way to call people over cellular networks. Instead, Google says it wants to focus on making texts feel less like emails.
You can reply directly from within a thread, but tapping on a person’s name opens up a menu with options to block them, report them, or mute them.

Ginlo – Formerly known as SIMSme


Ginlo Messenger is yet another “Made in Germany” messaging service, which allows users to send and receive messages via a mobile phone. All messages are encrypted using end-to-end encryption.

Unlike WhatsApp and other similar services on the market, all user data is only stored on German servers and fully complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law.

Ginlo (iOS | Android)



Viber is a free messenger for iOS, Android, and Windows. You can now share special moments with specific contacts and play Viber games using 30-second videos. With Viber, you can even use this WhatsApp alternative to make free internet calls to other Viber users worldwide.

Viber (iOS | Android)

Hike Messenger Limited

Hike Messenger Limited
Hike Messenger Limited

Messenger transmits all encrypted data, including WLAN, using 128-bit SSL encryption. Hike Messenger Limited runs on Android, iOS, and Windows compatible phones and tablets. The service is being developed by BSB Innovation India Private Limited Joint Venture (BSBIL).

Hike Messenger Limited (iOS | Android)



The program’s operator is Chinese, and WeChat confirms that the Chinese government has access to all user data. It also provides services in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK.

WeChat (iOS | Android)



WhatsApp’s reliance on the internet makes it difficult for users to send and receive messages outside a network-free zone. Offline messaging apps can benefit these circumstances as they do not require mobile or internet access. One such app, Bridgefy, allows you to set up a peer-to-peer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct mesh network on your phone to communicate with friends.
“Bridgefy” has become a global hub for protesters, providing a way to circumvent Internet censorship. It is the best offline WhatsApp alternative, and you can download and use it for free. Regarding other requests, it has become an excellent substitute for WhatsApp.

Bridgefy (iOS | Android)


Discord is a server-based messaging app with a private message function similar to Facebook Messenger. It started as a game chatting platform but has since evolved into something much better. Now, depending on your needs, it’s hailed as an alternative to Skype and WhatsApp.

Discord is a chat app for computer and mobile gamers that lets you communicate with each other, call groups, share pictures/videos, and more. You can send messages privately to people using their usernames or tags or add friends using the “friends” tab.


Keybase allows people to exchange information securely without relying on email addresses, phone numbers, or even passwords. Instead, Keybase relies on cryptographic keys — like those associated with Gmail accounts — to identify users. With Keybase, you can share sensitive information offline, without an internet connection.

For example, someone could encrypt a document and send it to a friend via Keybase; both parties would know that the file had been sent because each person would receive a unique link. Neither party needs to worry about being tricked into opening malicious attachments.


Kik is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. It allows people to send free SMS texts to others without having to give away their phone numbers. Instead, Kik uses your email address to identify you. This way, you do not lose out on messaging features while chatting with friends.

Kik is an instant messenger service that allows you to send and receive messages across multiple devices – a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. You can even hide your real identity behind a fake profile if you wish to remain anonymous. After registering, you can start sending and receiving messages via Kik on any central mobile platform, including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Android, and more.


Snapchat allows you to snap and send photos to friends quickly.

Snapchat is one of those apps that you either fall in love with immediately or hate instantly. You will adore this app if you like sending disappearing photos and videos. However, if you don’t want to see others’ naked pictures of themselves, you won’t enjoy this app very much.

Snapchat allows you to send images and videos that disappear within 10 seconds. This feature alone is enough to make Snapchat stand out from other similar apps. However, unlike many other messaging apps, Snapchat does not allow you to save or share these images or videos. It also cannot be viewed later unless you open the image/video again.

The app offers various ways to communicate with friends, including voice calls, video chats, location sharing, and even augmented reality.

One thing that sets Snapchat apart from other messaging apps is that you can add filters or emojis to enhance the quality of your photographs or videos. Your Snapchat posts are entirely under your control.


Skype is, without a doubt, one of the best business chat applications out there. With the power of Microsoft backing it up, Skype has left all other business chat apps in a distant second place. However, that progress has also worked against Skype regarding personal chats, as the name it has earned keeps most people away.

Skype is one of the best chatting applications, especially if you make many video and audio calls. I especially find Skype helpful in making international calls, as the sound and image quality on Skype is far superior to its competitors. I also really like Skype for its group video call feature.

With the power of Microsoft behind it, Skype has left all the other business chat applications in the dust. However, that progress has worked against Skype’s ability to offer personal chats, as the business moniker it has earned keeps normal users away. But let me tell you that Skype is one of the best chatting applications on the market, especially if you make many video and voice calls.

While most other apps don’t support group video calls, the ones that do often lag when you add more than three to four people. You should check out our Skype tricks article to learn how you can use this app to its fullest.

Are there any WhatsApp alternatives that can compete?

First-time Users experience an instant surge of excitement and energy, but are there other services that can compete with it? Switching from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp group chats is a conclusion.
If you have multiple instant messaging apps installed, there’s no need to worry about privacy – you can use them all simultaneously!

Downloading WhatsApp and other apps ensures your voice is heard across all platforms. Privacy and security should not be an issue. There’s no reason why you should limit yourself to just one instant messaging app.

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