June 19, 2020

Ultimate List of the Best Currency Conversion Apps

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Currency conversion applications spare you the trouble of estimating currency values when traveling.
Currency Conversion Applications

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a business trip or traveling for pleasure.

You always have to pay with the country’s currency, be it euro, dollar or yen.

The main problem is that the exchange rate is always fluctuating.

An exchange rate application is the best calculator for all your exchange rate needs.

Currency conversion applications save you the trouble of estimating monetary values when you travel.

You can immediately convert foreign currencies to the currency that best suits your needs.

How much does it cost in euros?

Has the exchange agency offered you a fair rate?

With a currency conversion application, you can get immediate answers to these questions.

Currency conversion applications avoid complicated mental calculations.

They are accurate and continuously updated to the last decimal number.

A Digital Currency Converter displays the current exchange rate in a fraction of a second.

In virtually all applications, the calculator also works offline.

The secret is that you keep getting updates through your online smartphone.

Keep in mind that roaming charges may apply if there is no WLAN at the time of access.

The calculator uses reference rates, such as those of the European Central Bank.

“My Currency Converter” is A Great Currency Exchange App

Image of My Currency Converter App displaying currencies values for the day.
My Currency Converter

My Currency Converter” the exchange rate application is available free worldwide.

With this calculator, you can easily convert over 180 foreign currencies.

“My Currency Converter” supports virtual values and cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin.

Add to this the current values of gold and other precious metals.

Enter the desired value in the currency converter on the keyboard panel, and make a selection.

Immediately the most used values of foreign currencies appear, and all these features also work offline.

You can also use a graph to monitor the results.

The only nuisance is the number of ads shown during use.

“My Currency Converter” is one of the simplest currency converters to use.

Currently, the application supports over 150 currencies from around the world, from the US dollar to the Thai baht.

An incredibly simple graphical interface!

You can update the exchange rates by clicking the update button as many times as you like!

“My Currency Converter” converts instantly as you type.

Greater accuracy with three decimal points!

See what you are trading against the current exchange rate.

“Travel + Money” Currency App

The “Travel + Money” currency conversion application (iOS | Android) is free and easy to use.

You select the currencies you want and enter the amount to be converted, to see the result of the conversion.

It works with more than 160 official currencies.

The exchange rates are provided by the Bundesverband Deutscher Banken and V.

It is developed by the German Banking Association (Bundesverband Deutscher Banken e. V.).

The application presents the exchange data that are currently in use for conversion.

The "Travel + Money" currency conversion application (iOS Android) is free and easy to use.
Travel + Money

I think that’s a significant advantage in terms of transparency.

You can choose the percentage on one of the menu lists, so you know how much your bank will charge.

Self-registration of a Euro exchange rate and a comparison feature is also extremely practical.

Therefore, you can immediately view the favorable rate offered by an online payment provider or an exchange agency.

At the bottom, you see the date of the selected exchange rate, which allows you to check if it is currently up-to-date.

Would you like to find a good reason for a vacation or a shopping trip?

Then get daily updates on the exchange rate or wait until you have reached the desired exchange rate.

A table shows the exchange rate fluctuations for you at any time of day.

It has an unattractive and somewhat confusing design, thus constituting a negative point.

However, the free application does not require you to see the ads.

There are other essential features:

Financial information abroad

Comparison of taxis and food at the destination

Credit Card Blocking

“Finance100” – Real-Time Exchange Rates

The application is also able to evaluate current events occurring on the market.

“Finanz100″ (iOS | Android) allows you to choose from over 160 exchange rates.

The Data Panel is well-structured and easy to use.

You can easily choose the currency you want.

One of the advantages over other currencies is the presentation of the conversion table for values between 1 and 100 euros simultaneously.

The application is also able to evaluate current events occurring on the market.

Also, the application updates itself every hour, showing the date and time of the last update made.

The application, in turn, stands out through a state-of-the-art calculator.

It shows the country’s default percentage and converts it to euros.

“MyCurrency” – Currency Converter

The free "MyCurrency" exchange rate calculator, allows you to convert over 180 foreign currencies easily.

MyCurrency” (iOS Android) is a free currency converter with real-time exchange rates for over 180 currencies available worldwide.

The application allows you to convert over 180 foreign currencies easily.

The application also masters the concepts of virtual cryptographic values and currencies, such as Bitcoin.

Add to this the current values of gold and other precious metals.

Also, even those who want to see how much they would count in D-Mark will respond.

Access the currency converter without further delay, make a selection, and type the value over the keyboard panel.

Commonly used foreign currencies appear immediately, and all these features also work offline.

You can use a graph to monitor the output.

The only annoying thing is the numerous ads shown during use.

“XE Currency” Converter App

The application"s currency conversion is completely updated: its values are updated every minute.
XE Currency Converter

XE Currency” (iOS | Android) is a free application that allows the conversion of the most important currencies.

You can download the application directly from the developer’s website.

You don’t need an extra tool like Google Pay for this.

This tool works with currencies from around the world, even when you’re offline.

The application starts by asking you what you want to do.

“XE Currency” Converter values update every minute.

Once you can select a percentage and compare the values, you can take your bank’s exchange rate into account.

“XE Currency” Converter diagram shows the changes in the exchange rate.

The application shows many ads, and the purchase offers are annoying.

“ScreenCloud Currencies” Appenty of Customization Options

Image of ScreenCloud Currencies App displaying currencies values for the day.
ScreenCloud Currencies App

ScreenCloud Currencies” allows you to share the latest world exchange rates in an elegant and easy to use way.

Compare the exchange rate every minute on your electronic board.

Start by clicking the button below.

You can compare the latest exchange rates of the pound to the dollar, from the euro to the Chinese yuan, and more.

“ScreenCloud Currencies” offers many options to customize the settings you want.

If I’m offline, is the Currency’s application still working?


“ScreenCloud Currencies” has a 10-minute cache to the Currencies site.

The major currencies display the latest data (10 minutes) in case you are offline.

How many currencies can I display at one time?

There is a limit of 10 different currencies per screen in your display area.

If you select more than this number, your coins will appear on two or more pages.

“Valuta+” (Currency Converter)

Image of Valuta+ Currencies App displaying currencies values for the day.
Valuta+ App

Valuta+” is a fast, easy-to-use, and free currency converter, capable of providing the information you need to reflect the market accurately.

The application has a simple interface to operate and allows us to convert exchange rates anywhere in the world easily.

“Valuta+” supports over 170+ currencies, updated regularly.

Give “Valuta+” a test drive, and you will be a satisfied user.

You can select your favorite currencies so that you can find your favorites.

And another significant benefit is that the application works offline so that you are covered even when no internet connection is available.

“Valuta+” features

An elegant and simple design

A growing list of coins currently supporting over 170 coins

You can create a Favorites list of the most valuable currencies

The application works offline

“Valuta+” is continuously updating its data

Displays all the exchange rates you need

“Currency FX Exchange Rates”

Image of Currency FX App displaying currencies values for the day.
Currency FX

“Currency Exchange Rates” is an application that allows you to access up-to-date exchange rates and precious metal prices by pressing a button.

With “Currency FX Exchange Rates,” the conversion process is quick and easy.

The application has a clean and straightforward user interface.

You will have a lot of fun with the “Currency FX” application’s intuitive interface.

The interface will display all the information you need.

The “Currency FX” charts allow you to see the trends.

Also, the currency converter allows you to convert any exchange rate from dollars to euros.

It is also a possibility to create a list of all your favorite exchange rates.

The application has a news section.

Finally, you can use the quick search feature to find the desired currency through the currency code or country name.

“Foreign Currency Exchange Rates,” Best Features and Benefits:

Live currency exchange rates give you a view of over 150 world currencies.

Real-time exchange rates also provide vital information on five precious metals, including gold and silver.

The Favorite Currency List is a great resource to have. We can see all your preferred exchange rates against your selected base currency.

Often, the news feature keeps you up-to-date with the latest currency developments.

But it may be easier to choose a time interval for the Auto Update application, especially if you have Roaming Data limitations.

One of my favorite features is the Offline mode, which allows you to convert currencies without an internet connection.

“1 Currency” – Currency Converter plus widget

Image of 1 Currency App displaying currencies values for the day.
1 Currency

1 Current” is a currency conversion application that has an intuitive home screen widget.

Also, the application provides an analysis of historical charts.

You have a convenient price tag reader to facilitate your conversion rates.

There is also a conversion calculator that is perfect for your purchase needs.

If you are in an area without internet access, you have an offline mode.

Finally, the application allows you to have many customization options.

“Currency Converter.

Image of Currency Converter App displaying currencies values for the day.
Currency Converter

Currency converter

When considering the right application for you, you need to see if the app supports your device’s operating system.

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll love this easy-to-use currency converter.

With the “Currency Converter,” you can access all exchange rates in advance.

All you need to do is select your primary currency, and the application will download the current exchange rates for each country.

The Currency Converter is a great way to save time and money from traveling around the world.

“Currency Convert – Hearn Apps, LLC”

Image of Currency Convert App displaying currencies values for the day.
Currency Convert – Hearn Apps, LLC

Currency Convert

Are you traveling a lot?

Are you always confronted with business abroad?

If so, this may be the perfect tool for you.

The application can easily calculate any foreign currency calculation you might need.

Packed with great features and benefits, such as:

The app supports over 160 exchange rates for the major currencies on the market.

Possibility to operate offline.

Easy to use 1d, 5d, 1y, 2y, and 5y currency charts.

You can make calculations with multiple currencies.

Nice and clean interface.

“CalConvert – Free Calculator,” Currency Converter and Fantastic Units

Image of CalConvert App displaying currencies values for the day.

CalConvert” is the number one application, has an advanced scientific calculator, and all currencies and conversion units available for macOS.

The application currently supports all iPhone, iPhone X, Apple Watch, and iPad apps.

It has a simple and easy to use interface, perfect for any situation where you need a fast currency conversion rate.

You can solve complex mathematical equations, and determine how much you will pay for the transaction.

The application features all significant international currency exchange rates.

In conclusion, Currency Conversion Applications Offer Many Benefits

A currency exchange calculator is the best way to shop while you’re on the road.

What is your favorite method of money exchange?

Pay by credit card or withdraw from your ATM?

We want to share some tips on how to exchange money for foreign currency.

First, you should know:

Even the best foreign exchange conversion applications can’t protect you from being cheated.

In the case of credit card payments and withdrawals, the bank determines the amount of the conversion rate.

Typically, the bank charges a different allocation fee of 1-2 percent.

The critical point is that you will only see this amount later on in your bank statement.

Key points to keep in mind with currency conversion requests:

You should avoid paying in euros using a store machine or card reader!

Instead, select your source currency in your favorite application.

Also, the transaction option usually suggests the cheapest option in euros.

Keep in mind that euro transactions are a trap for paying more fees.

In some applications, it is impossible to deal with a lack of transparency.

Therefore, presenting the euro variant and a clean interface that allows us to see the value converted to euros is both practical and transparent.

It involves a comprehensive system that allows us to convert the currency into dollars, pounds sterling, Swiss francs, or any other currency.

To deal with this, several service providers and retailers prefer to use the Euro as their standard payment method.

They charge additional fees.

On the other hand, it is a little different from the official fee of your private bank.

If you are traveling abroad, we recommend that you have a currency calculator.

And if you are shopping online, for example, at a Chinese online store, eBay, Amazon, or any other international store.

You can use PayPal to convert your currency automatically, but you can also charge conversion fees.



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