June 21, 2020

Top 33 Best Apps for Your Smartphone

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Grab the Top 33 Best Apps for Your Smartphone.

We've assembled a list of some of the best smartphone apps that can improve starter packs or offer functionality missing from standard versions.

Ever find yourself stuck in the airport for a long layover, wishing you had something to do?

Or maybe your best friend is visiting and you want to show them around town.

The thing is, your phone has nearly every possible app installed but still doesn't have what you need to make it work.

So whether it's an app for photography, city guides, or even just checking out local events on Instagram- we're sure there will be one (or more!) perfect for you!


Android / iOS (Free)

Citymapper is a fantastic app that allows you to navigate around any city.

You will never get lost again with the CityMapper!

This app is excellent for those living in big cities such as London and Manchester and is a great way to get started.

It has detailed maps, schedules for trains and buses, bike routes, and a list of routes to get to in advance.

CityMapper will help you get from point A to point B with no problems at all.

You can use the map function or type in your destination into the search bar; it's easy to use the map function to find your destination.



Android / iOS (Free)

Get a better night's sleep with the help of your phone.

The app will identify when you are in the proper stages of your sleep so that it can wake you up at just the right time and give you an energized start to your day!

This app has the power to improve your morning mood!

Set your phone's alarm for a snooze, download this free app, and it can wake you up at a time that is best suited for how well-rested you are feeling this morning.

It uses your microphone and accelerometer (found on all phones) to track how fast or slow you're sleeping.

So whether you're in deep sleep mode or REM stage 1 dreamland, there are options perfect just for YOU!.



Android / iOS (£3.99)

Dark Sky is not just another app.

It's a lifesaver!

The latest weather updates are always available.

You can help us find out what the forecast holds for your current location.

You'll never be caught off guard by rain or snow again with this handy tool.

Dark Sky is the ultimate weather app for anyone looking to live an active lifestyle.

You can get forecasts on your exact location for the next hour or even days to see when it will rain, snow, be cloudy, etc. and see if the weather is good for you.

Dark Sky also knows what other people are saying on any given day.

Whenever someone mentions skiing on Saturday, Dark Sky knows it won't rain on the Saturday before the event.

The app keeps an eye on changing conditions 24/7, thanks to its satellite imaging technology, which covers over 100 million square kilometers every day.



Android / iOS (Free)

DASHLANE is a free app for Android and iOS that offers password management and encryption for your mobile devices.

With Dashlane, you can generate secure passwords, so you don't have to memorize them all-you.

I need a master password manager!

Even if your phone slips out of your pocket or bag, it will still be protected since it is encrypted rather than vulnerable.

A lockdown feature prevents malicious access if there are too many log-ins without setting a time limit beforehand.

Dashlane is an app that helps you manage your passwords.

With Free, Dashlane will be able to generate secure passwords for you to log in next time!

So take a break from working out all of those pesky accounts and log-in codes by using the easy-to-use dash locker today!



Android / iOS (Free)

Clue is a handy app for tracking periods of ovulation.

The program's design makes it easy to use and maintain.

Women have turned instead to third-party apps like Clue since Apple discontinued period tracking in 2015, something some users have described as a "mistake."

In 2015, Apple controversially decided not to include a period-tracking app in iOS, leading women to turn to third-party apps like Clue, which tracks their progress on the web.

With just the input of data, it's an easy tool for tracking periods of ovulation.


Microsoft outlook
Microsoft outlook

Android / iOS (Free)

One of the most successful email programs has been Microsoft's Outlook.

The software runs on both iOS and Android, making it a great way to stay in touch with friends and family while you're away from home.

Outlook has been well-received by users of its iOS app on the App Store, Google Play, and Apple's store.

According to the company, in 2016, Microsoft's most popular mobile app, Forerunner, was downloaded more than 100 million times.

The revamped Outlook app blends beautifully with Gmail and Yahoo Mail, among other services.

It offers an elegant experience not found in most other email clients.



Android / iOS (Free)

It's a new era for photography, and you can be part of it with the VSCO app that allows you to take pictures of the scene.

These latest features include skin tone tweaking, brightness adjustment, lens filter types (e.g., Lomo), photo album organization, and so much more!

The photo editing app that we all need is VSCO.

It's not just for taking pictures but also for sharing and editing them to produce incredible images!

VSCO is one of the best photo editing apps on your phone.

A free version lets you use dozens of features and filters to enhance or clean up your photos, such as cropping out people in a group picture.

For just $20 per year (or less if you pay monthly), VSCO will allow unlimited use on up to five phones!



Android / iOS (Free)

Google's Waze is an excellent alternative to Google Maps and Apple Maps.

It draws on live traffic data, providing tips for the best possible journey while also being free to use for your daily commute.

Waze is an app for Android or iOS that allows users to navigate their way home, work, and any other destination by inputting a location.

Unlike Google Maps or Apple Maps, Waze draws from real-time traffic data to suggest the quickest route from point A to point B.

Waze is an app that doesn't require a smartwatch extension as it offers live traffic updates and has voice-guided navigation.

The input tone of the passage should be joyous like one would sound when they're excited about finding another great way to use their phone in everyday life!



Android / iOS (Free)

QUIP is a Fun and Efficient Productivity App for Creating New Content!

Quip is an easy-to-use productivity app that lets you create new content with quick and easy-to-use features.

It can do more than just word processing.

It also does spreadsheets and task management with chat features to keep your colleagues from getting mixed up in their work.

Quip is an excellent note-taker, too - perfect for individuals who need help organizing their thoughts and thoughts on the topic.

Quip is an app available for Android and iOS that makes it easy to create new content.

It can do word processing, spreadsheets, task management - all with chat features built-in to avoid confusion amongst coworkers.

Quip's also great as a note-taker for individuals because of its simplicity of use!



Android / iOS (Free)

You can't make a good movie without having to use the video editor on your phone.

Magisto is an app that helps you edit your videos; it's better than any other brand!

Magisto is an app that helps you edit your videos to make them look like real life.

You can choose what to add, and it does the rest for you, so all of your hard work doesn't go unnoticed!

Magisto also lets you share photos with family members on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram straight from the app itself.



Android / iOS (Free)

There is a new app called Google Photos, which lets you store all of your pictures in the cloud and share them with your friends and family.

The best part about this app is that you can not only edit them but also create albums with ease.

Most people with phones or tablets think they have to store their photos on a computer.

What if you could do this in the cloud?

Google Photos is an excellent place to do that!

You will save all your photos, and you can share them with others too.



Android / iOS (Free)

TODOIST is an app for your phone that helps you keep track of everything on your to-do list.

It's a popular choice because it has many different features and provides good reminders of the things you need to know.

You cannot only share tasks with people who use TODOIST, but if they're having any problems with their lists or have any questions about it, we can help them out!

Todoist is a great to-do list app with many different features.

Task management options include:

  • Divide tasks into subgroups.
  • Labeling them "Red" or "Blue."
  • Receive reminders when a specific deadline has passed.

What's more, Todoist syncs across all devices, so it feels just like home!



iOS (£9.99)

PCalc is the best calculator for people who want to pay less than a dollar for a single transaction.

This app performs Excel calculations on the go, and it now also supports Apple Watch, so you don't have to check your phone/tablet to see if you have a new one.


Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger

Android / iOS (Free)

The Telegram app is one you should download if you're looking for a different messaging service to handle your daily calls and messages.

It offers encryption as well, and in some cases better than WhatsApp's -- but Facebook, like Messenger or Snapchat, doesn't own it, so your data is yours to keep!

Telegram Messenger's best feature is that it offers the same level of encryption as WhatsApp without being owned by Facebook.

It's an easy way to stay in contact with friends without worrying about them spying or snooping on you.

Download now so you can send texts and photos no one will be able to see through this app (unless they have access).



Android / iOS (£3.99)

If you love listening to podcasts, Apple and Google both have apps that do that.

But suppose your phone isn't an iPhone or Android device, and you're not using it.

In that case, there's still hope: The Pocket Cast app is an excellent option for iOS users.

In contrast, Pocket Casts will work best on Android devices - making podcasting accessible to everyone who wants it (including my mom!).

Podcasts are all the rage right now, but who wants to carry around their phone everywhere they go?

Apple and Google both have apps for that.

You can also use Overcast if you don't have a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android device with Pocket Casts.



iOS (Free)

If you have trouble knowing the difference between "less" and "fewer," or even "your" and "your," Grammarly is here to help.

You can correct your spelling! It does this by finding any grammar mistakes that you might have missed.

Grammarly is a free iOS app that will help you fix your grammar and spelling mistakes.

The keyboard changes the words on-screen to spell and correct any grammatical errors in the sentence correctly.

Download it now so you can be an even better writer!



Android / iOS (Free)

IFTTT is an app for your phone that links up with other apps to allow you to make them function better.

The latest update allows the IFTTT App to work with smart speakers such as Echo and Google Home so that you can control anything from lights or heating to your smartphone!

IFTTT allows users to link their devices and apps so that they work together to create a unified user experience.

One such app is Instagram, which will automatically save your shared photo to Dropbox for easy access on any device or computer with a web browser.

When you miss a call or receive a text message while at home but not near your phone, IFTTT sends alert emails to the user's inbox immediately!

When you reach home during rush hour traffic, turn on all the lights and heaters before entering through the front door eagerly waiting for its master.



iOS (£4.99)

Apple's app Voice Memos, which has been around since 2013, isn't the type of thing that Apple typically advertises as a "voice service" for its iPhone and iPad.

It's primarily a tool for journalists and musicians to record interviews or make rough sketches of their work in the digital age.

It's become a unique personal audio recorder now that it has iPhone X compatibility.

The app is one of the hidden gems that Apple has in its mobile arsenal, but it's not the only one. It's simple to use and can record high-quality sound without any fuss or muss - all you have to do is press record!

Sounds interesting, right?

Just press record.

This app is perfect for those moments when you have a song stuck in your head or need to remember a significant phone number that just slipped through your memory.

Start recording and get an impromptu demo of Voice Memos, the app that's been around since 2017!

It's not just a voice recorder - it also has transcription features to help convert your recordings into text.

Apple Watch users have even more options with their devices, thanks to the ability to use them.



Android / iOS (Free)

Google Duo is an easy-to-use, free video chat app that offers a smooth and well-performing experience with excellent audio quality and an intuitive user interface.

It's pretty good; it's slower than FaceTime but still better than Skype.

It's the best video-messaging app!

Some people use Google Duo because their internet connection is terrible, but that doesn't matter.

It drops down to audio-only calls if your internet connection is slow.

It performs some of the best on any device with an average or good connection between them.



Android / iOS (Free)

If you want to keep track of your daily steps, PACER is an excellent choice.

It's not as comprehensive as Apple Health or Google Fit, but you can share your stats on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

PACER is an app for people looking to track their fitness levels.

It's great because you can use it with other apps, so you don't have to log everything into the same place every time you use it.

CodeCheck: Nutrition, Beauty Products


Codecheck (iOS / Android).

"Codecheck" gives us an idea of the additives contained in these products and whether they are potentially questionable ingredients.

Legislators discussed the need for a food traffic light, as well as its implementation.

All you need to do is take your smartphone out of your pocket when you are shopping.

Your application loads the information onto the screen using a barcode scanner and then uses a keyboard to scan the data.

"Codecheck" provides answers to a variety of questions, including more than just food-related items, but also questions about how to use them.

There is also information on beauty products available on the website.

User feedback on specific products can also be helpful.

You want to eat more consciously rather than buying pork.

So give Codecheck a try:

Today, it is one of the best applications available in this segment of the market.

Duolingo: Learning a Foreign Language

Duolingo (iOS / Android)

At some point, there will be headphones or implants that can translate a foreign language in real-time, and the technology is already in place.

This possibility already exists in some places, but it is far from perfect.

That means that you will have to learn a language the way you used to.

Enjoy the Duolingo app, available for free download here.

What language should you be learning?

With Duolingo, you have a variety of options, including the following:

You can learn English, French, or Spanish online.

Explore Duolingo and learn the language you love the most.

Start with a lesson every day to quickly improve your skills, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

A wide variety of lessons ensures varied and fun learning.

You can tailor the app learning levels individually.


Photomath: Scan, Correct, Learn Online

Photomath (iOS / Android)

There are no teachers in heaven!

Mathematics is a matter in which even the spirits are divided.

With Photomath, you can scan a picture like Codecheck to find out the next move and complete a challenging task.

Do you have a mathematical problem?

Use the PhotoMath camera app to offer this solution.

This application is specifically for complicated equations that are difficult to enter into the calculator.

WeTransfer: Send Large Quantities of Data

WeTransfer (iOS / Android)

WeTransfer has become a reference among the existing applications on the market, guaranteeing you the ability to share your data without losing quality.

Many messaging programs, including WhatsApp, compress your downloaded images and videos much more intensively.

Therefore, files are not necessarily suitable for sharing.

Some email programs do not let you share files if they exceed the maximum allowed size for a given email address.

For sending large volumes of data, please turn to WeTransfer.io and follow the instructions on this page.

After loading the file into the application, WeTransfer creates a link that you can send to the target recipient.

The application automatically saves this as an email address.

The receiver can download the file by following the link provided.

For this purpose, WeTransfer provides a data protection guarantee.

For us, WeTransfer should never be missing from the list of the best applications available on the market.

Usage Time – App Usage Manager

"Usage Time – App Usage Manager" (iOS / Android)

Learn more about your mobile phone usage habits

Approximately 66% of adults believe that children spend a lot of time on their mobile phones and that this is the case for most adults.

If you ask the children that question, the opposite is true.

One study found that parents spend a significant amount of time on their cell phones to monitor their children's behavior.

Therefore, we recommend monitoring the time of use of mobile phones to ensure they have managed appropriately.

We use our smartphones all the time, and occasionally we check our behavior!

Your usage time starts here, whenever you want to show your children and grown-ups proper use of their time.

Using this application, you can see how much time you spend in front of the screen.

Plus, you can see which app is the most time-consuming.

Get this excellent tool to control your mobile phone usage.

Adobe Apps are the Best Apps for your Smartphone.

The Adobe application suite is one of the most powerful on the market.

Adobe fills niches not supplied by other third-party apps or software vendors.

Adobe apps also serve to improve productivity.

You can download all Adobe apps for free.

Some may require a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud to unlock full functionality.

Typically, their applications include apps like photo editing and utilities like the Google Photos app.

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF reader)
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Photo Express (photo editing)
  • Illustrator Draw (drawing)
  • Scan (document scanner)
  • Premiere Clip (video editing)

Netflix Mobile App

Mobile device users can access the Netflix mobile app on Android, Apple, and Windows 7 devices from the Netflix app store.

For now, Netflix only supports streaming on some Android systems.

Hulu, Netflix's competitor, has launched a similar application for its 'Plus' subscribers.

You won't find a better app to watch movies with a Netflix streaming price (currently only $7.99 per month).

The company is also working quickly to bring video streaming to more mobile devices.

However, the lack of standard streaming playback features on Android devices is an obstacle to the company's success.

The app is free if you are already a Netflix subscriber and have a subscription to the service.

You and a subscriber can use the app at no additional cost, including a subscription fee.

The app is free, but you will need to have a phone or tablet to use it.

Recently, the app has been the target of criticism from some users, complaining about its limited streaming on Android phones and tablets.

You can download the app for free without being a subscriber, but without a subscription, it is useless.

Suppose you have a Netflix subscription that includes the most comprehensive features.

In that case, you can stream Netflix on up to four mobile devices simultaneously.

Only one or two Netflix Mobile App Features are allowed for a full subscription.

Hulu Mobile App

Hulu launched a new app called "Hulu with Live TV" as part of its live TV service.

The app features Hulu's new user interface, accompanied by a live TV release of the new streaming service.

It is available for Hulu on Xbox One, the Apple TV (F4th Generation), and Android mobile devices.

Sports fans, including the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, MLS, and NHL, will follow their teams on the new Hulu app.

The app is offered to Hulu users for free on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and other mobile devices.

You can download the new app from the live television app here.

You can transfer all your on-demand programming from your old Hulu app to Hulu LiveTV.

The Live TV app has several customization tools to help you get started.

You can choose your favorite TV shows, videos, and even news channels, including the option to configure your user profile to be more like your favorite TV show.

Hulu has switched to a new app for children's programming.

Parents can find carefully selected Hulu programming for their children.


Inside Spotify, there's an offline mode, so you can listen to music even when you're away from your phone.

You can listen to music in offline mode by clicking on the music button.

There are up to 10,000 songs accessible from up to five different devices at a time.

You can choose from four different streaming options that are quality-based.

You can search by music type, as well as by playlist category.

Listen to your favorite music offline as you travel and save your mobile data.

You can play music from other services like Apple iPlayer and Spotify Music.

You can use Spotify Premium for up to 24 hours on songs that are available on the service, totaling approximately 1 GB of data usage.

Spotify is smart enough to find out what kind of music you like by proposing playlists that you can listen to on the go.

You don't have to use Facebook to connect to your Facebook account with Spotify.

Choose from your friends' playlists, and add them to your playlist.

You can find friends and follow them to see what they hear on Spotify.

You can listen to and share music with them through their playlists and other social media platforms.

Friends and artists can access playlists.


(iOS / Android)

"RadioPublic" is a fantastic podcast app for iOS and Android.

The app is free to use and requires no account or log-in to use it.

Episodes can be downloaded or streamed for listening offline, private RSS feeds added (all apps do), OPML imported and exported, and a ton more.

Your team is also very responsive to comments and feedback.


(iOS / Android)

One of "Stitcher's" strengths is his ability to look at entire podcast episodes.

"Stitcher" allows you to create playlists that match your favorite podcasts.

You can easily find podcasts and hear the news, in addition to other options.

It's a great option if you hate having to view ads.

"Stitcher's" app offers a premium subscription service of $4.99 / month, free of ads, with no additional fees.

"Open Camera" one of the Best Applications for your SmartPhone

"Open Camera" is a lightweight, intelligent camera application for Android.

Free, no shopping or advertising.

This Android Camera application supports a range of:

  • Models
  • Scene Modes
  • Self-Stabilizer
  • HD Video Recording
  • Image and Video Geotagging
  • External Microphone Support

However, the open-source nature of Open Camera, which many people love, is a significant competitor to the best Android camera app.

Furthermore, for left or right users, the GUI can be perfectly efficient.

This brilliant camera app features all these great features, making it one of Android's most useful camera apps.

Its often ineffective focus on objects is a small problem.

Camera for Google (GCam)

Google Camera (GCam), developed for Android, comes preinstalled on all mobile devices.

Because of the Android community's interest in the Android platform, many have developed apps allowing you to run the app on a variety of Android devices.

That means that you can use the iconic pixel portrait mode, HDR+, and more of the app's impressive features to create a truly immersive experience.

The developers also managed to port the Astrophotography feature to the Pixel 4 camera, allowing users to take extensive photos in the dark.

When looking for the best Android camera apps, you can't ignore Google Camera, a fantastic camera app.

As developers port third-party GCAM applications, you can expect some delays and bugs in the download package.

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