Best Android Emulators for PCs and Macs

Do you want to play the latest Android games but don’t want to invest in new hardware?

Android emulator software may be the answer!

We’ve reviewed the best programs for both Windows and Mac users. Microsoft recently announced that Android apps will be available for Windows 10 Mobile devices, and users can download them directly from the Windows Store.

Take caution when using Windows 11 natively and not in an emulator, as some tools can install malware on your computer.

If you’re looking for the best Android emulators, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top picks:

  • Andy is a PC and Mac-compatible emulator that runs Android apps on your desktop or laptop. It’s free and easy to install.
  • AmiduOS is an emulator that’s best for gamers who want to play Android games on their PC. It’s available for $15 and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • BlueStacks is a popular emulator that allows you to play Android games on your computer. It’s free and works with Windows and Mac.

These Android emulators offer a great way to play the latest Android games on your computer without having to invest in new hardware. Click the link to learn more about what Android emulation can do for you.

Here are the best Android emulators for PC and Mac:

  • BlueStacks
  • GameLoop
  • MuMu
  • Remix OS Player
  • Android Studio
  • Genymotion
  • Nox
  • Xamarin
  • ARChon
  • LDPlayer
  • Phoenix OS
  • PrimeOS
  • Bliss OS
  • MeMU

There are three main uses for Android emulator software:

Software originally developed for another platform can be run using emulators. For example, an emulator allows users to play old video games on modern PCs. Emulators are now also used to run applications on cell phones.

Some people find them helpful in playing certain games, such as those that require special hardware that smartphones do not have. However, they are often considered a scam because they allow users to circumvent copyright restrictions. Development is the second most common application scenario.

Before releasing their applications, Android app developers like to test them on as many devices as possible. Fortunately, Android Studio includes an emulator called Android Virtual Device (AVD) that outperforms all other emulators in terms of performance and functionality (including Google’s official emulator). You should download the AVD image file if you are not developing for Android.

Games and development are the most common uses of emulators. The majority of PC platforms already have productivity tools.

Emulators are usually used for games and development. Most PCs are already equipped with productivity software. Productivity software is the most common type of terminal.

Chromebooks are less expensive, Android apps run better on devices other than phones, and most productivity tools are cross-platform. We recommend an inexpensive Chromebook laptop if you want to run your productivity apps on the go. It’s simply better.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that an app or game will work on all Android versions. We do our best to ensure everything works on as many devices as possible, but if something does not, please let us know!


Price: Free


Android Studio is the integrated development environment (IDE) for creating Android applications. It includes tools to help developers create platform-specific applications and games. It also includes an emulator that allows users to test new versions before release.

The emulator is often used to test new versions. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth a look if you are looking for something quick and easy. Download it from the Google Play Store, the emulator.

The premium version costs $24 per month. Why is the BlueStacks emulator used? Most games run on it without requiring much RAM.

It has an impressive performance ratio and offers custom key mapping so users can play mobile games with a keyboard. It is free, can run multiple games simultaneously, and has an elegant design and responsive interface.

Disadvantages: BlueStacks does not allow you to control the applications on your home screen. The features it does offer are grudgingly buggy.

Website: Bluestacks

It is the most potent open-source Android emulator for desktop games. It continues to grow with more than 20 million users in more than 200 countries and about 20 languages. Several optimized graphics are available in Bluestacks, which allows users to play free Android games.

The program is easy to install and fully supports a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad for playing mobile games. It allows the creation of a custom Android emulator or application distribution to meet business needs. It enables file sharing between the Android and Windows operating systems.

It supports custom key mapping, allowing users to play mobile games with a keyboard while maintaining an impressive performance ratio. It is the most potent open-source Android emulator for desktop games.

Android Studio Emulator

Price: Free

Android Studio Emulator Download

Android Studio is the standard development console for Android (integrated development environment, or IDE). It includes tools to help developers create Android-specific applications and games.

You can also use the integrated emulator to test your application or game. We occasionally use the emulator to test new versions of Android. It’s not for everyone, as it’s challenging to set up, but it’s by far the fastest and most feature-rich option on this list.

You can use vanilla Android, download apps from the Google Play Store, install custom launchers and keyboards, and emulate devices of any size and shape. You can even experiment with foldable devices.





ARChon is not your typical emulator. It is available as a Google Chrome extension. Chrome can now run Android apps and games (albeit with limited support).

It’s not easy to set up the emulator. You need to install the Chrome app first. Then you need to download and upload APKS.

You’ll also get access to our entire library of premium articles, which includes information on building a website, setting up a blog, and more! Plus, you’ll receive weekly updates on the latest guides, how-tos, and tips for growing your business.

Get it on GitHub

Bliss OS

Bliss OS

Bliss OS

Bliss OS

Donation: Free/Optional

Bliss is a powerful application for testing Android applications on Windows PCs. It can be installed directly on your hard drive and launched from the Windows Start menu. Once installed, Bliss will appear in the Android section of the Start menu under All Programs.

Installing a virtual machine is straightforward but time-consuming if you have never done it before. USB installation is more complex but allows your computer to run Android natively from the start. That is not a good option for the faint of heart.

If you can follow all the steps, Bliss stands out as a unique emulator! For it to work, you need to install a compatible version of Android on your computer. Otherwise, you may need to install one first.

Visit the developer forum for more information if you are looking for a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.





GameLoop is an Android emulator aimed at gaming performance. It runs on Android Nougat 7/7. 1 and includes all the standard gamer features, such as good keyboard mappings, multi-instance, macro support, high frame rates, and graphics support.

It works with games like Epic Seven, Clash of Clans, Arknites, and many more. One of the few emulators that are regularly updated to improve compatibility. The latest version includes optimizations for Free Fire and Mobile Legends and a fix for Moonlight Sculptor’s device limitation.

GameLoop is a fantastic emulator for TikTok and Instagram. It borrows some design elements from Bluestacks, which is not always bad. It is sufficient for most people.


Price: Free with paid options


This Android emulator is primarily intended for developers. It allows you to test your apps on different devices without owning them. Depending on your needs, you can configure the emulator for different devices with different Android versions. For example, you can run Android 4.2 on a Nexus One or Android 6.0 on a Nexus 6. You can quickly switch between virtual devices. Genymotion is not ideal for personal use, but it offers unrestricted services. The most helpful feature is available on your desktop and in the cloud. Genymotion’s servers can do everything for you if you do not have a powerful computer.

LD Player

LD Player

LDPlayer is a lightweight Android emulator

LD Player

Price: Free

LDPlayer is a lightweight Android emulator that prioritizes gaming performance. It runs on Android Nougat 7.1 and includes standard gamer features like good keyboard mapping controls, multi-instance, macros, high FPS, and graphical support. Many games are supported, including Epic Seven, Clash of Clans, Arknights, and many others. It is one of the few emulators on the list that receives regular updates to improve compatibility. In recent versions, LDPlayer has improved the smoothness of Free Fire and Mobile Legends and fixed the device limitation in Moonlight Sculptor.

Also, LDPlayer is a versatile emulator for TikTok, Instagram, and other popular apps. It borrows a bit from Bluestacks’ design, but that’s not bad. It’s a good all-rounder that should cover most areas.

MEmu emulator

MEmu emulator

MEmu is a fantastic Android emulator

MEmu emulator

Price: Free/monthly/$2.99/year.

MEmu is a fantastic Android emulator that can also play games. Its most notable feature is that it supports AMD (AMD) and Intel (Intel) chipsets. Most of it runs well on AMD processors, but it’s nice to see developers paying particular attention to the AMD platform, especially given Intel’s far superior performance.

The latest version of MEmu runs Android Nougat, significantly improving over the previous version that ran 4.3 Jelly Bean.



MuMu Emulator


MuMu, a new emulator from NetEase, has been released. It is another game emulator with many of the same features as its competitors. Like most competitors, the emulator runs on Android Nougat, although it has a slower startup time and fewer features.

A beta version for low-power devices is also available. We had no problems with the emulator and could download all the games we needed for testing. MeMU offers more features than BlueStacks and GameLoop, but both are updated regularly.

If neither option is for you, maybe this one is.

Nox Player Emulator

Nox Player Emulator


Nox Player Emulator

Nox, another Android emulator for Windows 10, is also available. It supports most of the features of the original Android emulator for PCs, such as crucial mapping and support for real drivers. You can also assign gestures to the keys.

NoX is updated regularly. It also supports Android 9 – an older version of most emulators that support Android 7. However, this emulator has multiple instances so that you can run multiple games simultaneously.

Script recording is also available. Nox started as a lightweight replacement for heavier emulators but has quickly gained value and sophistication.

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is a new Android emulator for PC

Phoenix OS is a new Android emulator for PC, which offers a gaming experience. Like most other emulators, it has a desktop-like user interface that makes it useful for productivity. It includes Google Play Services, although updating it can sometimes be tedious.

So you get everything from the Google Play Store and Android 7. 1 Nougat. To install Phoenix OS, go to the official website and download it.

You can find its forum on XDA Developers.



PrimeOS is a great choice


PrimeOS is a bit of an outlier among Android emulators. It’s not a simulator. It installs as a partition on your computer and runs Native Android.

It’s primarily a gaming experience for Android but can also be used entirely for productivity. PrimeOS has a Game Center, mouse and keyboard support, and access to most Android apps and games. It’s almost like Chrome OS without Chrome.

You can multitask as much as you want, watch videos, and play games. You don’t need a VM to run the latest version of Android (up to Android 11) on it. The official website isn’t the best, but luckily you won’t have to visit it very often unless you want to download Prime OS.

Remix OS Player

Price: Free

Jide’s Remix OS Player is an older Android emulator for the PC. It runs on Android Marshmallow, which is not the most recent version. Both installing and using the application is relatively simple.

It is primarily aimed at gamers. There are a few gaming-specific features and a toolbar that you can customize. It has features like the ability to play multiple games at once.

It is a pretty clean emulator that is also useful for productivity. The official website seems offline, and we believe Remix OS Player is no longer under active development. If you want something older, you can still get it from SourceForge, although it is no longer updated regularly.


Price: Free / Paid Options

Miguel de Icaza and his team at Mono Inc. developed Xamarin, a cross-platform framework for mobile applications. It was first released in 2011 under the name “Xamarin.

” Developers can write code once with Xamarin and deploy it on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Linux, and others. C#, F#, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript are all supported by Xamarin. Xamarin primarily creates native applications for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

Xamarin is free and open-source software distributed under the MIT license.

Ko Player

Ko Player

Ko Player

Ko Player

Ko Player is one of the most popular Android emulators that allow users to enjoy Android apps without owning a smartphone or tablet. You can download the ko player apk file from our site.

Users can enjoy high-quality gaming on the desktop with Ko Player, one of the best Android emulators. This robust and powerful emulator focuses on providing users with a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

If you don’t have an Android device yet, you can use it to enjoy the features of Android on the desktop. Using this emulator, you can run any Google Play Store app.


  • Supports almost all Android devices, including tablets, phones, phablets, etc.
  • Emulates the natural Android environment.
  • Runs fast and smoothly.
  • Supports multiple languages like English, French, German, Spanish, etc.
  • Provides high-resolution graphics.

Ko Player supports all peripherals such as keyboard, gamepad, mouse, microphone, and camera to enjoy mobile games on the desktop.

With the built-in video recording function, you can record any video and watch it later whenever you want.

It allows you to run all Android apps on a large desktop screen to enjoy a better gaming experience.

Make Your Own

Make Your Own

Start your creative process!

Price: Free

You can, as it turns out, create your virtual machine. Here is an example using a walnut shell. It would be best if you got VirtualBox (linked above).

Then download an image file from Then you need to find and follow the online instructions.

That is one of the more complex methods, but it’s not as time-consuming or difficult as installing a full IDE like Android Studio or Xamarin. We recommend starting with these steps if you want to use our emulator. They will help you get started and avoid problems.

However, you can skip these steps if you know what you are doing. If we missed any of the best Windows emulator apps, please let us know in the comments! You can also check out our lists of the latest Android apps and games by clicking here!

Here are some of the most popular apps:

Here are some of the most popular apps

Here are some of the most popular apps

Google bought Leapdroid, which has since ceased operations. AMIDuOS was officially discontinued on March 7, 2017. However, you can still use it if you want.

You can find download links on the official subreddit! Andy started using nefarious development practices, such as alleged crypto-mining without users’ consent. We will remove them from our list until we find out who is responsible for these actions.

Droid4x was removed because the emulator had not been updated for a long time. For gamers, KoPlayer is an excellent Android emulator. Unfortunately, the website seems to be down at the moment.

We believe that the development has been stopped. YouWave, a once popular app, has fallen out of favor due to its use of outdated software. You can still download it from the link, but it is no longer under active development and will not receive further updates.

Many other programs have not been updated or developed for several years, and they no longer work properly with new operating systems and hardware. Please let us know if we have missed anything. We thank you for your time!

Some additional resources you may find helpful: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iCloud, and Amazon Cloud Drive are among the best cloud storage solutions and apps for Android.

What Is Android

What Is Android?


Android is a Linux-based operating system (OS) that is free and open source and is widely used for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Android is a preferred OS due to the features like open source, large developer and community support, increased marketing, inter-app integration, reduced development costs, high success ratio, rich development environments, etc.

Why do we require Android emulators when we have Android phones?

Android phones are useful, portable, and creative, but they cannot match computers when it comes to regular use or long hour of use at a time. So here, the emulator comes into the picture as an emulator that allows us to create bridges between the user’s android phone and the computer’s strong resources. It helps reduce the lag of android games, allows users to get access to control of the computer, and mostly allows the users to use their phone features on the computer and a much bigger screen.

How does the Android emulator work?

An Android emulator runs the Android software on a virtual machine. This virtual machine simulates the hardware, including the processor, memory, display, storage, network connection, wireless adapter, etc., of the target device.

The Android emulator provides a window where you can run apps on a desktop computer without having to install the actual Android software on your computer. You can download the Android emulator from the Internet and install it on your computer. Once installed, the Android emulator lets you connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable and transfer files between the two.

You can also set up multiple instances of the Android emulator on your computer to simulate different versions of Android. For example, you could have one instance running the latest version of Android and another running an older version. Or you might want to test out some apps designed for a specific type of Android device.

How Do Android Emulators Work?

Android emulator is used to simulating real android phones and tablets. It emulates the physical environment of Android. If you are running Windows 10, you can use Oracle VirtualBox to run the Android emulator. You just need to download the Android SDK and install it. After installation, open the SDK folder and start the Avdmanager tool. Once you launch the tool, you will see multiple options listed, such as Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Pixel C, etc. Select one of those and click Next. This will help you configure the settings of the emulator.

After configuring the settings, you can now run the emulator. You will see the emulator launching. If you want to test the app, you can connect to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable.


In this article, we covered everything about Android Emulators. If you want to play games on your android phone without buying expensive smartphones, then it’s best to use an emulator. These emulators allow us to run Android apps on PC/Mac OS. They provide a similar feel to playing the game on the smartphone. So, let’s learn how to download and install Android emulators on Windows 10.

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