Apple Music Android Tablet Support

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Apple Music App in a tablet and an Apple watch on top of a iPhone.

Apple launched Apple Music for Android in 2015; the app suffered a redesign last year.

However, there isn’t probably that many people that both subscribe to Apple Music and use Android devices.

Moreover, it is a nice gesture from Apple to provide the option. The Android version of Apple Music is getting support for tablets.

There was also another recent news in which Amazon announced Apple music support on all its echo smart speakers.

We can see that Apple is pushing hard to make Apple music accessible to a broader audience.

A few months back, there was also some great news for Windows 10 users; they could download iTunes on the Microsoft Store.

Apple is rethinking the market and removing limitations for new subscribers.

Someone is holding an iPhone in front of a wall with graffiti art.

Apple has found a great way to open a new market for people who don’t have an iPhone.

But are interested in Apple’s premium music subscription service.

Apple Music Android Tablet Support

Apple music for android is getting a more optimized and intuitive interface for choosing tunes.

However, the current stable release available on the Google Play Store is version 2.6.1, which still features the classic “hamburger” menu.

Apple even removed the classic “hamburger” menu in favor of a bottom navigation bar, improving accessibility and speed to most common features.

If you want to give your tablet support a try, you will need to be part of the Google Groups Beta test program.

Fantastic move from Apple!

By making Apple music available anywhere, so people can use it everywhere if they own an iPhone or Android tablet.

Let’s hope that other brands look at Apple and also start playing nice with third-party hardware.

Apple Music Experience Coming to Android

Apple Music expands the Android ecosystem.

iTunes was formerly considered impossible on a PC.

Today Apple has a different perspective of growth under the leadership of Tim Cook.

Apple Music released yesterday an update to the app that provides support for tablets for Android users.

Version 2.7.0 is now available to everyone on the Google

Play Store for Apple Music

A beta version of the app has been tested in December and showed the new tablet interface for large-screen devices.

The tablet-oriented interface enables users to scan playlists, videos, and music on the same screen.

The new interface also has a new navigation bar, which allows you to save to popular categories without opening the menu.

It was in August 2018 that the last major update of Apple Music for Android, based on Android Auto.

Apple’s primary focus for Apple Music is its ecosystem.

So it’s no wonder that Android users have functionality months after their system debut.

Android App is Available

But the fact that an Android app is available tells us how much Apple has changed.

Apple announced that it could show iTunes and Apple TV as apps for specific models of Samsung TV earlier this year.

It was the first time that Apple TV appeared on hardware not directly developed by you.

Compared to competitors like Amazon and Google, Apple’s HomePod fights for the smart ecosystem.

Perhaps by allowing Siri inclusion on third-party devices, Apple will become a serious, smart home market competitor.

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